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Dream Corp LLC (2016– )
Awesome show! It's Arrested Development with weird sci-fi twist
30 December 2016
I'm enthusiastically giving this show a 10/10.

I'm a big Rick & Morty fan, and someone suggested I should check out this new Adult Swim show called Dream Corp LLC. I was thinking "what a weird title", but decided to give it a try (thank you Adult Swim website for letting me watch all 6 episodes).

This show is very smart, very funny, and the characters are just top notch hilarious. I've probably watched every episode about 5 or 7 times. The jokes are fast just like Arrested Development, you have to re-watch the episodes to catch them all. It's just great fun all around.

I'm excited to see more of Dream Corp. I'm hoping they even make a movie at some point.

The show is only 10 min long, so give it a try. I did, and now I'm hooked.
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