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The Toybox (2018)
disappointing and misdirected
18 September 2018
Not only has a bad direction, the performance of the cast is bad, the plot could have been more entertaining if it had been directed correctly,it is the typical movie where the "house" has life and kill everyone, the movements of camera are flat, there are no perspectives, lacking lighting, has nothing, is not a movie I would recommend, there is not much to say about a film that is lacking in everything, I still do not understand how certain films get budget, and how directors so young can perform such a bad job.
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Fun comedy with asubtle criticism
23 July 2018
A comedy with a very subtle criticism. in moments the movie makes you think that an aggressive criticism will come and with the interest of denouncing the inequality of sex , in life and in church as well as the false devotion, but ends up being a critic as with fear, very limited and with that missing of go for the kill to give it a greater impact to the plot.

this film, with low budget and made by students of the ESCAC, in the technical film, is not all bad, there are very well lit scenes, subtle camera movements, in terms of production and post production we can say that the most successful in this film is the montage, there is no doubt that the music helps a lot to a movie and I can say that the film lack in direction power and satire in the denunciations and criticisms of certain current issues, but the music complements that gap a lot.

For those who are fans or followers of Spanish films, or in their case have participated in spain movies ,will enjoy the film.

As for the plot, it is interesting to see a perspective on the issue of equality of genre in religious live and in brotherhoods, without a doubt the locations and festivities of Malaga, Spain give that visual extra that every movie wants plus the gypsy and flamenco sounds.

A pity that worldwide this film does not have the diffusion that should have, instead of just stay at the local market.
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The Week Of (2018)
A waste of time , waste of money, DON´T WATCH THIS TRASH
8 July 2018
Its sad Netflix fall into the game of this, no script, no acting, no comedy, no quality, there's nothing even sometimes seems like a home movie whit a lame camera, , honestly if Netflix is going to produce/buy/ and sell us content like this movie we can say goodbye to Netflix, not always a famous actor means quality content, don't waste your time watching week of, one of the worst movies ever produce.
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Campeones (I) (2018)
Nice movie, nice crew & a good message
20 April 2018
In the ironic world in which we live today, where the rights for all should be something common and accepted, where discrimination should be a word forgotten by the past, we realize that for nothing sexual,gender rights or worst in basic human rights as being able to be treated the same regardless of physical aspects or medical differences, the human is still being unable to treat the others as he would like to be treated himself .

In this film we see this reality, but we also see how that assumption we always make in the face of what others can and can not do ends up being wrong.

The improvement and achievements that for some do not seem to be the great thing, for many is an epic achievement.

This film is not only well done in the film aspect, it also gave in the background aspect a lesson , that I hope many apply in their lives.

Not always the best movies have implicit the great effects, famous actors, and millionaire budgets, in this case the casting was perfect choice, the touch that the protagonists in real life are people with "mental disability", and I think they should be an example for many actors that today are more divas than what they act, the movie gave us also a script well taken, turns in to a comedy that takes you to the joy at times, (not simple laughs) and that true feeling sensation , and a very good direction that I think has merits that I hope the academy and the public in general can recognize.

For last ,remember we all are the same ............HUMANS, the movies should be this, something inclusive, as everything else should be

A movie that has to be seen by everyone, 100% enjoyable and to have a good time at the cinema

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Winchester (2018)
It's like seeing an alter version of Rose Red
18 April 2018
There is no doubt that terror is still a genre that we all like and that we all seek, something very curious that I found in the first moments of the film was that the main plot shares too many similarities with Rose Red the miniseries of 2002 by Stephen King's , A mansion that never ends to build and that has a familiar curse, being in Rose Red a self-construction on the part of the same mansion and in Winchester an interminable construction since each would have his room.

I can not say that it is a terrifying movie, but something that coincides with the others that have left a comment, is that it is indeed a horror genre movie that does not fall into the horror of comedy, quite enjoyable and with a continuous plot .

Something I can be a bit more critical of is lighting, where there are faults, because they try to bring an environmental lighting based on electric light and candles, and ends up being a flat and overhead lighting in almost the entire film , omitting totally the effect that a candle lighting generates.

The assembly itself is fine, the performances are corde to what the film required, and unfortunately the moments of attempted fright are too predictable.

In itself, totally recommendable and perfect for popcorns.
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Much Ado About Nothing /as spanish ppl says mucho ruido pocas nueces
8 February 2018
Although this movie has been a mediatic racket, I must say that they are more words than what the film really is, without a doubt Guillermo del Toro is not a bad director, but I think media and some nomination for some prices have made an ocean out of a glass of water.

The movie itself is not bad, it is somewhat slow, but had to be like that since it is more a romantic plot than nothing else, but it has good things of which we can talk.

Let's start asking ourselves: is it a movie to win the Oscar for the best movie?

the answer is a NO, and to give it would only confirm the little validity that the academy has to choose the winner, however I believe that this film deserves at least a nomination for photography, in terms of music, costumes, script, I do not think it deserves nomination since there was nothing special about these.

Let's talk about photography, Possible oscar

The photography is based on a hard lighting, based on making the environment and the shapes stand out, giving them the greatest visual importance, and that is this film, a visual guide in a time not so past, where the black and white issues, where the sexual taste were taboos, which shows you a perspective of an impossible romance.

Takes in its development good camera angles, although in some shots I think it took more movements with dolly, that would have given a better reach to the scene, open shots predominate, always guiding the viewer as we mentioned earlier that this will enter more in the environment than in the history of a romance. Even the lighting that is the same from beginning to end fits perfectly in each shot.

So you should watch the movie, Yes, you would love it, depends , if u like romance drama yes, if your more into a interesting story, the answer is no.
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A movie that has to be seen.
4 February 2018
There is no doubt that when a film has a script, costume, photography, makeup, direction more than good, and a plot that really immerses you in the story, it is something that has to be seen.

A script with a historical touch, since it focuses the plot during the Franco era, in the Spanish dictatorship, something very original to center the story in the life of a circus as well as its characters, playing from romance, jealousy, envy, hatred, resentment, loneliness, but above all the struggle for a revenge of a love that is unique as that of a father or a mother.

excellent direction of photography, good angles, lighting, movements, very good editing, music always ready with the scene, a good performance, but what it takes for me the best of the best is the costumes, and especially the characterization makeup-costumes of the protagonist the clown, javier. I can say that in the history of cinema, this clown in his whole (makeup, costumes, and acting), is one of the top 5 in the history of cinema.
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A failure!
4 February 2018
A film without grace and without a well-executed script, an unfortunate montage, a flat photography, nothing innovative, nothing fun and completely a waste in something that many of us who grew up watching the cartoon would have enjoyed if the right decisions had been made, starting with-how the movie was made, and having a better direction.

A plot forced to give a half message of father son relationship, with themes of divorce and young stepmother that nothing fits into a movie where the protagonist should be woody. But mistakenly they put him as a third actor, and focus more on the plot of the poor child with separated parents, and an absent father who seeks to recover the place with his son.

I think the correct line would have been pure animation, without the need to interact with the real human world, in this way they would have brought to the plot characters that complete woody like Buzz Buzzard, Wally walrus to name a few, and maybe in its second part and to have an interaction with humans, in the human world, as it was the new series.
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The Revenant (2015)
what the academy's saw? one of the most boring films ever
24 May 2016
The cinema has given us lessons on how to make boring movies, like Titanic, Gravity and now Revenant, But Iñarritu seems to dominate how kill a story in an ocean of boredom.

The photography is not bad, but wasn't the best,a photography without interesting perspectives, without interesting lighting, they didn't play with shadows, nothing interesting is a picture that you see in any documentary about nature with low budget, several documentaries achieve better images and they are not nominated to Oscars.

It remains in doubt the veracity that the academy has, to reward movies that don't deserve be projected, as it was this. The plot is predictable, repetitive and did not bring anything new to the industry, the performance is regrettable,

If you have sleep problems this could be the cure, you will fall sleep several times.

was more landscaper film than a survival story.

Don't waste your life time, life is to short to waste your time on earth watching this film.
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Total disappointment
22 May 2016
Having grown up with the original cartoon version (1967) was expecting something much better than what I saw years ago when I was a kid, this version leaves much to be desired, photography & Visual FX are horrible,they abused the overexposing of the image almost all the time trying get a high key but they fail badly,and even worse in dark scenes the lighting was so bad, they should play with a more real natural illumination instead the forced digital light they used all time, There is no real performance of the main character the child, expressionless and flat emotions throughout the development of the story. To sad they wasted the opportunity to have done something unique, Animation is another mistake of this production, they should follow the example of Life of Pi, since there was too much difference between the real person and everything else, there wasn't this neutrality the film need it, to immerse yourself in the plot. Some scenes look very forced and as pure filler to cover a time. Was a total disappointment
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