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Bizim Aile (1975)
A movie with full of real kindness and understanding others
21 June 2017
It is a story which brings pure-hearten ones being sometime naive and kind but sometime frustrated to who are not known. The movie comes down from the golden age of Turkish cinematography by the purest and kindest generation ever. It reflects how a common-valued family can be formed of those who are respectful and kind. I believe this is a must epic which should be seen by those who care what makes a true human behavior with cherish to others. I recommend this movie to everyone who seek a peace even in the past. When I watched, I couldn't help watching again and again. Alongside this movie, there are some others in sequel, like 'Gulen Gozler' (Smiling Eyes), 'Neseli Gunler' (Joyful Days/time), which I strongly also recommend. All are best in the nation's best times of Turkish cinematography. The acting is superb. Such a skill I believe should be appreciated in full by any acting novices. Especially Munir Ozkul, Adile Nasit are superb and so devoted to masterpiece acting. Sener Sen is superb. He, whatever the movie he takes part, is such a huge actor. I believe he should be considered as a top all actors ever. Simply the movie portrays real good of being a 'one'. Enjoy!
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Best ever comedy
27 May 2017
The movie is about a simple office man named Mulayim who is short of money most time. He in fact also is taken advantage by others due to his good intention. Story of the movie simply begins when he learns that he has a short time to live ahead which results from mishandled test results and delivered to his doctor. Then he feels no point of caring much of what he does as he used to be and having to mind issues of any kind. As such, he wouldn't mind risking himself by holding a timed bomb while enjoying others scared and seeing them running away! Funnily, he approaches one of them and asks 'Recai, what is your time, it seems this bomb is incorrectly fixed. if you tell me your time then I can correct it' :), which is a real fun and laughter to watch. He also overrides his superiors in office even against a gang who extort the boss. The Russian roulette scene as a fun with the gang head is a real laughter:) Since he sees no meaning to wait to death, he hires an enigmatic but sharp-mannered killer to decease himself on such funny conditions like being killed with bullets clean, not being killed on rainy weather :). Then, the nurse who caused confusion in handling the test finds the cause and then is assigned to find Mulayim. She finds him but now they need to find the killer he hired and undo the job! but how. If you want to laugh to tears most ever in your life time, then you are at where you should stop by and watch! Enjoy:D
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