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Sadistic violent pink.
20 January 2009
Those viewers familiar with Japanese director Koyu Ohara's zany sex farces of the early '70s are in for quite a shock if they see this appallingly misogynistic excursion into sexual sadism. A vicious rape-killer terrorizes a city, while pretty Tomoko (Erina Miyai) unwittingly derails the investigation by fingering the wrong suspect. The predictable plot line, however, is lowered into the dark recesses of Sadean cinema by some of the most grotesque murders this side of "Giallo a Venezia". One scene has the killer inserting a lightbulb into his female victim and kicking her stomach until it shatters inside her. This is the sort of material that gave extreme pinku eiga films their bad reputation, and while it would be nice to call it atypical, it was successful enough in Japan to result in half a dozen sequels including lovingly surreal "Zoom In: Rape Apartments" by Naosuke Kurosawa. I saw "Zoom Up: Rape Site" during its brief theatrical run in Osaka, in 1980. It certainly left the lasting impression on me.
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Satanic sperm.
20 November 2008
Ignacio F. Iquino's only horror film is as sleazy and gory as they get. It was barely distributed on VHS at all, which is a shame. Former mercenary Frederick falls in love with Helen but is blinded by his furious wife. Hoping to start a new family with Helen, Frederick calls on a fertility doctor to help them have children, unaware that he's a member of a Satanic sect who is going to use Helen to mother the Devil's son. Spanish sadistic re-vision of "Rosemary's Baby" contains plenty of gore and nudity. The eyes are gouged out, the fountain of blood is regurgitated and the unlucky woman is fertilized with the Devil-authored sperm. Wild and transgressive horror film from Spain which reminded me several Lucio Fulci's bloodbaths with its uncompromising gory mayhem. The constant sinister aura of "Secta Siniestra" is almost suffocating. A must-see for fans of Castilian crimson.
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Spicy sleaze Spanish style.
19 November 2008
Adriana Vega and Eva Lyberten, two starlets of Spanish sleaze and wonderful actresses both, are two hippie adolescents who, after car break down, go to the house of restless writer and seduce him, and immediately later force him undergo the majors barbarisms. The affection shown by the producer Manuel Esteba towards its feminine protagonists, the sleazy atmosphere and the declining and weak rate that is able to inoculate to all the development (deals with a erotic film half an hour with one first without a sex scene) turn the result into much more that a product of sexploitation to the use, far beyond the average of the production of then, and even over the previous accomplishment of Esteba, estimable but the less revealing rape and revenge flick "Sexual Trap". Priceless dialogue, delicious historic interpretations and a final scene that seems to predate "Thelma and Louise" are all mixed in lovingly erotic exploitation film with plenty of sex and full-frontal nudity.
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A cataclysmic orgasm of emptiness, suicide and depression.
18 November 2008
The daughter of rich and conservative parents (Elizabeth Stepanek) roams snowy Berlin in the search for men, in whom she sees the reembodiment of God or Christ. Poor angel is repeatedly placed in a psychiatric clinic, where she is treated with drugs. Based on a series of letters written by a schizophrenic woman named Rita G., "No Mercy No Future" is a cold and incredibly depressing drama about loneliness and harsh, merciless love. The film shows multiple, explicit scenes of sex and suicidal bloodletting that will no doubt upset some viewers. One erotic scene drenched in vaginal gore is touching and sickening at the same time. Our heroine strips naked and lies in the snow beside an army firing range; arterial blood from her slashed wrists is flowing freely, her various suicide attempts are like the spiritual journey to God and our savior Jesus Christ. Anorexia, psychosis, joyless sex, graphic abortion and self-mutilation are all mixed in this experimental doco-drama that pulls no punches in its utter coldness and dirt. An emotionally-exhausting experience.

"Blackness, stuffing, wood and nails - The stench in your coffin sums up your whole life" - Funeralium, "Nearly the End"
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Eden Lake (2008)
Remember Mary Flora Bell?
6 November 2008
She murdered two little boys in December 1968. Both victims - Martin Brown and Brian Howe - were strangled. Police reports concluded that Mary Bell had gone back after killing Brian to carve an "M" in his stomach with a razor, as well as use scissors to cut off bits of his hair and scrape part of his genitals. This sweet little girl had the words 'pure evil' written all over her pretty face. The same words, which connect to Brett and his fellow hoodies. 'Chav' is often used as a stereotype to refer to white, poorly educated, aggressive youths, but youth and aggression are not the defining attributes of a 'chav'. The term is similar to America's 'white trash' stereotype. A young pair of soon-to-be-married loving birds is terrorized, abused and tortured by a group of teenagers wielding knives. A bloody nightmare takes place in the woods near peaceful Eden Lake. A nightmare of cutting, hysterical fear and the stench of burning flesh. Just like in Spanish "Who Can Kill a Child?" (1976) the villains are just kids - kids from dysfunctional families with the senseless violence and vandalism on their minds. A moral bankruptcy of characters makes the crimes themselves as easily erasable as the videos depicting them. "Eden Lake" captures the true essence of abstract evil - it's savagely violent, disturbing and relentlessly tense assault on the viewer's mind. I see the growing amount of the children with emptiness inside everyday. The anger flows through their veins and is ready to explode in mind-shattering outburst of savage brutality. These children shed no tears - no tears for the crying victims, because they are victims themselves.

I am still waiting for "Let's Go Play at the Adams" film adaptation.
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Things (1989 Video)
A genuine brain-melting atrocity.
3 November 2008
Hello there. I'm a fat beer drinker from Japan. Beer is pronounced "bi-ru" in Japanese. Microbrewed beers are called ji-biru and are very popular. If I want to get drunk I am gonna buy some Asahi, Kirin, Suntory and Sapporo and get drunk as quickly as I can. You know, I'll get drunk with or without you, my Japanese babe. I'll drink beer till' my head explodes. Because drinking beer is better than having sex, I kid ya not. "Things" is a perfect film for dedicated beer lovers and booze enthusiasts. Grab some beer whilst watching this psychedelic piece of horror. Just beware: there 's still a couple of losers up there, don't let 'em drink all the beer. I'd love to drink some beer with Don Drake and Fred Horton from "Things" - these guys are beer-loving maniacs. There is not enough beer for 'em in the refrigerator. Hey sexy girl, may I ask for another Sapporo? You must see "Things" with me... I have seen "Horror of the Hungry Humongous Hungan", "Plutonium Baby", "Troll 2", "Night of Horror", "sLaughterhouse II", "Bloodsucking Kettle from the Alien Zone", "Raping My Pink Bunnies", "Sorority Girls and the Creature from Hell", "The Crawlers", "Porno Zombies", "Nightmare Weekend", "The Brain" and I must say to you, my lovable angel: "Things" tops them all. Chock full of blood and gore, farting ant-like creatures, bad acting, cheap hooker in the mask showing her snatch, chainsaw dismemberment and... beer. 9 out of 10 for thingies, who enjoy drinking booze. A beer smacking masterpiece of horrific horror. Biiru mo kudasai!
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Suspiria (1977)
Behold, I can speak all languages, for all languages are one within the domain of the heart.
27 October 2008
"Suspiria", how do I love thee? Melek-I-Taus a.k.a. Taus-Melek and Melek-Tawus, Peacock Angel - a Yezidic angel whose name is another word for the devil of Buddhism. When invoked during conjuring rituals he manifests as a peacock. He is also said to be "an angel or demiurge who created Eve from the body of Adam" in Forlong's Encyclopedia of Religions. According to the Kurdish Moslem sect of Yezidics in the Upper Mesopotamia (Iraq), Taus-Melek "is a fallen archangel, now pardoned, to whom God has committed the government of the world and the management of the transmigration of souls." Melek Tawus is an angel who has fallen from God's grace, and for his repentance, is restored to God's favor. While in hell, Melek Tawus, in seven thousand years filled seven jars with his tears of repentance which extinguished the fires of hell, or at the last judgment will be used to do so. Melek Tawus was banished from the sight of God because he refused to bow down, as asked, before God's creation, Adam. But Yezidis do not identify the fallen angel with a spirit of "evil." The act of disobedience has been forgiven by god as a father forgives a wayward son. During the climax of Dario Argento's "Suspiria" Suzy Banyon (Jessica Harper) is waiting for the awakening of Mater Suspiriorum (The Mother of Sights) from her ghastly slumber. She is standing near the figure of Melek Tawus, black Peacock Angel, Satan himself. "Suspiria" is so masterful in its submission of colors and so full of symbolism that its praising is a blasphemy. The fallic knife penetrating beating heart lingers fresh in my memory. It haunts me like the red blood dripping walls of Freiburg academy. An absolute opus magnum of Italian horror.
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The killing of dolls.
24 October 2008
The photographer enjoys naked beautiful bodies. He is a cold-blooded killer of dolls. Female dolls, who vomit torrents of gore from their slashed throats. Mannequins of soft flesh. His German language often accompanies scenes of carnal carnage. He is also the toughest cowboy since Clint Eastwood. He loves children. He takes care of the youngest with a long knife and a sharp razor. His sex life is rough, but full-filled. Dolls enjoy the company of such strong men like the photographer. But he wants the highest thrill of his life: the most controversial 'snuff' film ever made called "Nutbag", directed by decadent film maker Nick Palumbo with the vision of his own. Vision of sexual butchery. Beware: do not ever try to befriend this childkiller. "Murder-Set-Pieces" is produced by Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels and Herman Goering. I ain't kidding.

"Sacrosanct of another life leaving me Tombs gone rampant Abominate like plagues" - Winter "Into Darkness" (1990)
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Loft (1985)
The wonderful sight of dying.
20 October 2008
I remember seeing and loving Eckhart Schmidt's "Trance" few years ago, after useful recommendation from Issei Sagawa. It was a surprisingly tasteful cannibal flick with Desiree Nosbusch butchering her object of affection and eating his tender flesh. "Loft" is even more anarchic and pessimistic. Murder imitates art. Art imitates murder. A young couple visits a gallery of strange pictures hosted by a group of eccentric punks. The world is rotting and it's time to capture a pair of loving birds. Let the torture show begins! Very bleak, hopeless and nihilistic film with highly distorted punkish soundtrack perfectly capturing the aura of creeping despair. The scenes of violence are sparse, albeit hard-hitting. This is an ugly cinema in the purest sense. A perfect example of degrading art. A jaw-dropping atrocity exhibition.

"John, why are you doing this to me?" "I don't know" He was quiet a long moment. "We thought it'd be fun, I guess" "Is it fun, hurting people?"

Mendal W. Johnson "Let's Go Play at the Adams"
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Savage Water (1979)
Even better than "Deliverance".
13 October 2008
Paul Kener's nerve-wracking cinematic masterpiece "Savage Water" is a triumph of professional film-making. Through a carefully selected shot structure, well-developed characters of unlucky tourists and a script filled with jaw-dropping visuals Paul Kener develops a framework of how films of this particular genre should be constructed. Kener's careful direction along with his eerie musical score makes "Savage Water" one of the most important features of the horror genre, if not American film-making. Unfortunately being a sleaze-hound I'd love to see gore and graphic nudity, but even without erotic & bloody elements "Savage Water" manages to scare. I was shaken after watching this shocking tale of survival. Coming from a land of Gojira, Issei Sagawa, Genki-Genki productions, pinku eiga movies and suicide pacts I can say that none other film affected me as deeply as "Savage Water". It surely needs a proper DVD release with tons of extras. Where are you, Paul Kener?
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Bloody and nihilistic western.
3 July 2008
I'm a big fan of early 70's sadistic westerns and "The Hunting Party" has the special place in my grimy heart. It's among the nastiest, bloodiest and most misanthropic western movies ever made. Obviously influenced by Peckinpah's masterful "The Wild Bunch" it has its share of brutal violence and blown off heads. Even the cow gets its throat slit in the beginning of this nasty spectacle. Gene Hackman plays wealthy town owner filled with rage and misogynistic hatred. When the outlaw named Frank (Oliver Reed) kidnaps his wife (Candice Bergen) for teaching him to read, Hackman forms the hunting group. The bloodbath ensues... Highly cynical western, superbly acted and shot. The shocking finale filled my eyes with tears. A must-see.
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Rape galore!
25 June 2008
"Zoom In: Rape Apartments" plays like an unofficial sequel to Koyu Ohara's nasty and forgotten "Zoom Up: Rape Site". Its approach is more surrealistic, but not less sleazy and depraved. Sexy queen of violent pink Erina Miyai (fondly remembered from "Rape Site" and "Sex Hunter") plays a woman who was attacked by rapist few years ago. She recalls the man pretty well. Actually he lives in the same apartment building! When she witnesses him raping two sexy Japanese lads, she becomes sexually aroused by a brutal act of violation. The usual theme of woman's submission is taken to the extreme. The rape scenes will be tough to watch for unprepared viewers, but there is enough wall-to-wall sleaze to fill three separate exploitation movies. The film was released in Japan on DVD - great transfer, unfortunately no subs for English speaking audience. Pinku lovers, give it a look.
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Welcome to sexual hell.
23 May 2008
Hell yes. Shiko Shima - the man, the legend, the S&M trainer. Fans of ero-guro know this guy pretty well, a former newspaper editor who later opened his own members-only torture chamber, is Japan's king of S&M, claiming to have personally trained over 3,500 women. Impressive, very impressive! "Airline Stewardess Captured by a Sex-Sadist" is... well... about a lovely airline stewardess captured by a sexual maniac played with sadistic glee by Shima. She is subjected to rape and severe bondage discipline. This is seriously rough and messed up stuff with enough sexual nastiness and domination to give me a headache. Welcome to the dirty chamber of sadomasochistic torture, where the carnal pleasure equals submissive pain.
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The best western ever made.
19 May 2008
From the vicious opening sequence, in which a circle of laughing and cruel children poke at a scorpion writhing in a sea of ants to the infamous blood-spurting finale, Sam Peckinpah completely rewrites John Ford's Western mythology - by looking at the passing of the Old West from the point of view of the marginalized outlaws rather than the law-abiding settlers. Though he spares us none of the callousness and brutality of Holden and his gang, the director nevertheless presents their macho code of loyalty as a positive value in a world increasingly dominated by corrupt railroad magnates and their mercenary killers. "The Wild Bunch" is a savagely beautiful and nihilistic spectacle with Lucien Ballard's gorgeous cinematography oozing from the screen. An absolute must-see and perhaps the best western ever made.
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Animal Farm (1981 Video)
Infamous bestiality porno that shocked UK.
21 December 2007
This infamous underground beasty porno is actually one of the seediest flicks I have ever seen. It contains several rather graphic scenes of bestiality including sexual acts performed with pigs, horses and even chickens, as well as a scene in which a woman inserts live eels into her vagina, which predates Genki-Genki productions of Daikichi Amano. I can easily say that this one really made me queasy. During the scene with a pig I almost vomited all of my intestinal track. It is certainly possible that some of the material was taken from the notorious Alex De Renzy's 1971 cash-in feature "Animal Lover", which actually managed a brief cinema run in the liberal atmosphere of the San Francisco of the early seventies. So if you ever find this piece of utter filth collecting dust somewhere you can watch it. Or better - burn the videotape!
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Sleazy Italian possession flick.
3 December 2007
"La Bimba di Satana" by Mario Bianchi is actually a remake of Andrea Bianchi's supremely sleazy "Malabimba". It was shot as a hard core sex feature from the outset. There is plenty of explicit sex, perversity and full-frontal nudity in this lovely piece of Italian smut. The role of the innocent nun who is thrown into nightmare of possession plays again Mariangela Giordano, famous from "Burial Ground" and "Giallo a Venezia". There is also a little bit of zombie action, unfortunately the complete pornographic version of this piece of sleaze is probably lost forever. Still if you enjoyed "Malabimba" you can't go wrong with "La Bimba di Satana". The story of possessed Miria is just so wonderfully murky and sleazy that it truly has to be seen to be believed. She is apparently possessed by her dead mother, or her ghost, using the image of her daughter and is soon erotically enticing everyone in the castle and killing them off one by one.
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First Transmission (1982 Video)
Interesting and shocking.
9 October 2007
First of all I have been a fan of Psychic TV, Throbbing Gristle and Genesis P. Orridge for years. "First Transmission" was advertised in in the first edition of Thee Grey Book and it features TOPY spokesman, lengthy TOPY ritual involving bloody mutilation and enema, misdeeds of a San Diego medical detective, views of Gysin's Dreamachine, Jim Jones archive footage with various bodies lying on the ground of Jonestown, quasi-pornographic 'SXXX-80' made by Monte Cazazza, PTV interview on BBC2, ritual porn with Thee Temple and finally "(volume three, title unknown") which includes "TV Wipeout" (Doublevision Video, UK, 1983, includes "Terminus" video) and "Morgana-Flowers From The Underground" (Kartell Video, 1984, includes "Terminus"). I loved this shocking and grotesque spectacle of ritualistic mutilation, castration and sperm. Satanic rituals of Norwegian black metallers will never top the vicious audacity of Psychic TV's "First Transmission".

The closest thing to REAL snuff movie I have ever seen.
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Angst (I) (1983)
Extraordinary Austrian serial killer movie.
5 October 2006
"Angst" follows the murderous schizophrenic, just released from prison, who breaks into a huge villa of the family of three and savagely murders them. He strangles old woman, drowns her invalid son in the bathtub, butchers the daughter with a knife and rapes her bloody corpse. "Angst" is definitely the most realistic serial killer film I have ever seen. Nothing even comes close to the stunning greatness of Gerald Kargl's masterpiece. The murder sequences are truly disturbing and the film is filled with innovative visuals, in particular the floating camera shots. I can not think of another film that so effectively places its audience into the sustained mania of a serial killer's mind. See it and weep as hard as you can!

You who know all, great king of hidden things, The familiar healer of human sufferings,

O Satan, take pity on my long misery!

Charles Baudelaire
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Sperrgebiet Nr.1 (1992 Video)
Wanna see obnoxious scat filth? Here is the place to start.
26 April 2006
"Sperrgebiet" is a hugely popular scat porn series among the lovers of extreme pornography. As a lover and collector of such tasty filth I always find this series potentially arousing. We see beautiful models in hot pissing/scat action. "Sperrgebiet" movies contain a healthy dose of hardcore sex, public pissing, urine drinking, defecations and enema play. I have seen some Japanese and Brazilian scat, but nothing will beat "Sperrgebiet" films when it comes to filthy sickness. Of course for casual porn viewer scat stuff will be too much, however those of us who have a taste for more extreme side of porn (scat, animal, vomit) will find "Sperrgebiet" movies fascinating and refreshing. A must-see for curious porno enthusiasts.
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Celluloid Nightmares (1999 Video)
Pure filth. I love it!
24 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I agree with the previous reviewers that "Mu Zan E" is the nastiest and most disturbing piece of filth made by Japanese exploitation master Daisuke Yamanouchi. The film is often shot with hand-held camera that gives it a truly dirty and slimy look. Yuki Emoto plays a reporter in search of the snuff movies. During her investigation she meets a bunch of fetish/porno film-makers and finally she herself becomes a victim of merciless snuff gang. Plenty of sickening gore, sexual violence and menstrual sex for fans of such misanthropic sickness. Still the acting is fairly good and the climax is sadistically surprising. For fans of Japanese transgressions I'd also recommend "Flesh Meat Doll" series, "Niku Daruma", "Raping My Virgin Slave", "Death Woman", "Squirmfest" and some nasty Nikkatsu pinku eiga.
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