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Inside Peace (2014)
Uplifting and inspiring
15 April 2017
I went to see this with my adult daughter. We were both deeply touched and inspired by the humanity in this film. The film helps break down stereotypes and shows the reasons to have understanding and compassion even for those who have obviously transgressed the values of our communities. This is not just passive acceptance that is being promoted. This films documents a specific program, called Peace Education, that is rehabilitating prisoners in inspiring and heart warming ways. It gives hope and shows ways we are more similar than different. As a psychotherapist I found this a powerful look into the values of "criminals". As a human I found it helped me breathe with more ease. Go see it. The underlying message is universal.
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Life (I) (2017)
Why bother?
6 April 2017
This movie was a waste of money for me. Although it initially presents with the hope of some meaningful character development and an engaging plot, the audience is left with sketchy characters that act with simplistic explanations/motivations for their behavior. As well, although the crew is portrayed as close knit, their regard for each other is inconsistent.

The "science" in the movie is shallow and ignorant and casts a pall on the credibility of the entire plot. This is forgivable in a 1950's movie but in 2017, after all the technically savvy films we have been exposed to, most people will easily notice the lack of credibility in the technological specs. I found this annoyingly sloppy.

There are parts of the movie that are simply devoid of congruent development and are downright confusing in ways that left me wondering, "why did I come to this movie?"

Go see this movie if you want gratuitous gore, shallow, incomplete character development, and a plot that disregards even elementary scientific procedure.
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Riveted to my seat- but in a bad way
12 November 2016
There are some interesting character studies in this movie for both the female and male actors. They are not sketchy or superficial, however, the emphasis on darkness, unsettling uncertainty and scattered violence left me somewhat jarred and frozen in my seat. The disturbing danger and violence creeps up on you in almost unremarkable ways, so many times, unsure which turn the film would take- will we see evil or kindness, understanding or condemnation?, I was left hanging in until leaving, which would have been the sane thing to, was no longer an option because I felt so shaky. Unless your lifestyle has desensitized you to covert cruelty, deception, and violence - stay at home. At least I learned and vowed never again to "sit and see" when a film is too emotionally jarring for me. This was not entertainment but rather the antithesis of unwinding and enjoyably engaging in someone else's story for an evening .
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