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Rubbish but Lewell killed it really...
11 November 2016
The animation was awful, the actors could of been better (that bootleg Kate Winslet got on my nerves). Lang Lang was the highlight of the whole film (give him his own film..please). The voice over of Fred was ridiculous (huff). That Jane should of been at school, plus why was her mum American? The angles need to be worked ( more Lang Lang). Please don't make another one. Is Fred transgender? P.S The story didn't make sense. Lang Langs backstory was utterly heartbreaking was wasn't he the lead. Maybe more dialogue for Fred? Give Lang Lang an Oscar. Wasn't very realistic, even for a children's film.The audio at times was either too loud or quiet.The story was extremely hard to follow, had no clue what was going on.Not a recommended watch.
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