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Replicas (2018)
Great sci-fi - certainly worth watching
17 March 2019
It makes you wonder sometimes who the people are who review some of these movies. I know we all have different tastes and likes but when you see lots of bad reviews on a movie and avoid watching it like I did with this one and then find out that when you do decide to bite the bullet and watch that its an excellent movie it just makes you wonder.

Maybe its a dislike of the stars like Keanu Reeves who plays a brilliant part in this (and is a really decent bloke in real life giving LOADS to charity) of just someone who maybe does not like the science behind the movie I am not sure. But I do know I really enjoyed it and it kept me on the edge of my seat from the start. I actually started to watch it thinking it would be rubbish (from some reviews) thinking I would turn it off but no watched it right through and enjoyed all of it

Don't automatically believe ANY reviews on here (even mine) just give the movie a fair chance.... watch it and enjoy like I did
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Was suprised - better than I thought
2 February 2019
I read a few reviews on here and was in two minds about watching this but had a spare few hours so sat down with my wife and watched it thinking it might not be on long as we would switch if off if it was rubbish...

But Its actually a decent movie with some good tension and its a lot better than I thought it would be. I have seen some movies recently with loads of hype and great reviews that were terrible so it good to see a movie that is getting average reviews and I personally had not heard of being such a surprise.

I think Ema Horvath played a great part as Shell in the movie and the whole movie was certainly entertaining with a good ending and well worth watching. Don't believe reviews (even this one) just watch it yourself and see

You might be surprised....
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Widows (2018)
So Slooooow........
2 February 2019
I saw trailers of this and after seeing the reviews on here I thought this was certainly going to be a good movie... a good heist movie with the women in charge for once (I'm a man) so make a good change and look at the whole idea from a fresh angle.

The movie started with one of the most cringy kiss scenes I have seen (yuk) but then it just grind to a halt... the movie was so slow and so disjointed it was hard to work out what was what. I would only give it one star but I turned it off half way so thought two was better in case I missed some excitement.... doubt it
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Ghostbusters (2016)
A lot better than I expected
8 January 2019
I loved the original Ghost Busters and I was put of watching this for a long time due to peoples opinions and bad reviews. But it was on the TV so thought I would give it a go and I am pleased I did.

I loved the little throw backs to the original like when they tried to rent the fire station but could not afford the rent and of course all the cameo appearances from some of the original cast.

Yeah a re-make is never usually going to be better than the original and this was not it was different and a lot of fun. Don't watch it with any prejudice or comparison to the original and you'll enjoy it
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The Vanishing (2018)
8 January 2019
This film was so slow it was painful to watch I actually set the movie on 2X speed and it seemed better.

I was really looking forward to watching this with Gerald Butler (who actually acted well) and lovely scenery which is the reason I give two stars. But the movie itself was poor. The idea was good and had lots of promise but it just dragged along and seemed to give up with no clear ending... actually the ending was terrible

Just shows you cannot go off peoples opinions. How it got 6 stars is beyond me
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Radius (2017)
Not sure what to make of that.....
14 October 2018
I had high hopes when watching this as I loved the the lead actor Diego Klattenhoff in the blacklist and he did do a great job in this as did the stunning Charlotte Sullivan which is why I even gave this 4 stars just for their acting.

It started well and was very intriguing and kept me wanting more. This was only heightened as the movie went on and I thought I was in for a treat, But then it all seem to fall apart. Yeah there was a twist at the end which was excellent and I never saw it coming but the whole radius thing with people dying around him made NO SENSE at all. What was all that about... was it some alien thing or was he struck down by God or something it just was pointless.

I think if they did the same movie without the radius thing and had them in an accident and then loose their memory and the story goes from there with the same ending then it would have been great. It was like they had a movie planned out then someones kid came along and said.... Dad lets do this.... Yeah !!!

Not sure why this gets top reviews on here must be the same kid
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Could not stop watching
13 October 2018
I watched this not really expecting much although I did enjoy the first movie. This kind of movie, the way it is filmed might not be for everyone but I think its very cleverly done and really puts you right into the action front and center stage.

It catches you out in this movie how it all goes from innocent teenage fun to horror so quickly and I struggled to pause the movie to make a coffee as it really grabs your attention and won't let go.

This movie also highlights the dangers out there and because we all use the web we are also pulled in a lot closer and it seems a lot more feasible than a horror movie set on the moors or somewhere we are unlikely to venture. But this is in our own homes, homes which should be safe.

Certainly worth a watch and worth a LOT more praise than its getting
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Don't believe negative reviews - Watch it and judge for yourself
24 September 2018
I was going to watch this a while back but I read some negative reviews and thought I would give it a miss. Don't read the reviews and believe them on face value without watching the movie. I watched this without much expectation after reading the reviews but I was surprised. I am not sure what people are moaning about but I really enjoyed it. It has some great action scenes and some really good funny characters. In fact all the characters are well played and interesting and the story twists and turns keeping you interested. I was like ahhhh that's when they first met and ahh that when they got that etc... which leads into the other movies

Give it a go its a good movie and worth watching
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Extinction (2018)
Some nice twists and turns
3 September 2018
I was not sure what to expect with this movie and thought it would be another 'survival' movie at the end of the world with civilization crumbling and everyone living in caves but no this is nothing of the sort. Its a clever story that twists and turns a couple of times to keep you guessing and the result is certainly something different and interesting. I put the movie on late so was only going to watch half of it but I could not leave it and watched the whole movie so its certainly kept me gripped and entertained.

Acting was good and special effects were as good as any other sci-fi movie so do yourself a favor and watch this you wont be disappointed
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Ghost Stories (I) (2017)
Ignore the positive reviews
13 August 2018
Please ignore the positive reviews on here. I was fooled by them and the cast to thinking this was going to be a great movie about ghost stories. I feel was was misled and cheated.

The movie started well and I cannot fault the actors or even the scares (loved the face in the car window) but near the end it seemed like the plot got lazy and decided to just end the movie rather than make something goof out of it. Like when you were a kid writing a story at school and said "and they woke up and it was all a dream"

The ending was very poor and it seemed to me like they were trying to hard to justify it.

Do yourself a favor and give this one a miss
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Red Sparrow (2018)
Porn movie or spie movie ?
20 July 2018
I was not sure if this was supposed to be some kind of porn movie or spy movie. I only gave this one star as I like Jeniffer Lawrence but the movie is terrible its seemed to be all about sex and not in a good way.

Love spy movies this made little sense and always seemed to steer back to something about sex. If you want to see a good spy movie then look somewhere else as this is not it and I actually turned this off halfway through which is rare for me
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Really cool enjoyable movie
1 July 2018
I really enjoyed this movie. I must admit I was a little hesitant at first to watch it as I thought it would be to political and boring but it was anything but.

The idea of limiting the amount of children people can have is a clever idea and makes the movie more believable as you can imagine this happening in real life.

The movie was well acted and well directed with some good tense scenes like the characters going through check points etc and some clever plot tactics like sending you off in one direction while it goes another way making it hard to see the final plot. The effects were also excellent with great action scenes and some tense stand-offs

This has to be one of the better sci-fi movies I have seen in a while with a clever well written plot which is also original and great characters. There were some holes in the plot though which did leave me confused but a great movie and worth a watch
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Truth or Dare (I) (2018)
Give it a go - you might like it
31 May 2018
I read some bad reviews on here and other sites so thought this was a waste of time. Then I had some time to kill so thought I would give it a go and I actually quite enjoyed it. It had some decent parts in it and some cringe worthy parts to. I have seen many horror movies where someone or something does something nasty to some poor victim but in this they do it to themselves so its a good twist.

I have to say though that the ending was pretty poor. I see what they were trying to do but still it could have done with some more work.

So its no masterpiece but its also no stinker either
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Lost in Space (2018– )
Excellent thrilling series - can't wait for more
8 May 2018
Just seen the last episode of this series and its been a thrilling ride. Love the characters and the twists and turns which make it a joy to watch.

Always been a sci-fi fan and to be honest I did not have high hopes for this when I first heard about it. After all its not made by a big studio so it cannot be any good and the effects must be sub-standard. How very wrong I was, EXCELLENT effects throughout and Netflix are really turning the screw on the big studios and putting out some brilliant new shows like this with a great story and brilliant CGI and of course must importan brilliant acting.

For me the kids take most of the credit in this and love the quirkiness of Penny Robinson played by Mina Sundwall and for the adults the self absorbed Don West played by Ignacio Serricchio is a great character

So really looking forward to the next series of this. It should be quite a ride
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What a ride
24 February 2018
I had no idea what I was going to see when my wife picked this. In fact she never realized it was a musical until it started. But what a ride, right from the start the music was spell-bounding and just got better all the way through and with such a great background story to.

Its a while since I enjoyed a movie so much with me tapping my feet all the way through. In fact it was probably Mama Mia since I enjoyed any movie as much musical or not and I normally go for sci-fi / action movies.

Go watch this and enjoy you wont be disappointed I promise
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Flatliners (2017)
Worth watching
19 December 2017
I read reviews on this movie and nearly did not watch it as some were so bad. But I thought I would give it a go as its peoples opinion.

First off it had some great touches like Kiefer Sutherland being in there like the fist movie but this time not one of the main characters but one of the main Characters did use his line "Its a good day to die" which was a nice touch to

On the whole the movie was just what I expected and very similar to the first movie so if you have seen that one then you will like this. I have no idea what all the hate was about and I actually waited for it to go down hill halfway through as some said but it never did and built up the tension nicely and with a nice clear ending and no silly cheap shock gimmicks at the end like some movies like this love doing these days.

Give it a go and don't believe the reviews on here. Try for yourself you might just enjoy it as I did
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Better Watch Out (II) (2016)
Great twists and turns
9 December 2017
I watched this and thought I had an idea of what the story was about and also what to expect and I was totally wrong. It has some great twists and turns in it and keeps you guessing.

The lead role was brilliantly played and I wont mention who that is as that might spoil it but the main 'baddy' in this is fantastic and so unexpected to what you would normally have in these kind of movies. No sinister masks are used in this movie like scream etc and this kind of in your face evil makes it even more disturbing Another good point is that this movie has no real gore. There is no gore and guts added just for the sake of it and even times when they could have gone down that route it was avoided and that is a great subtle touch as in one scene your mind fills in the picture for you and no amount of CGI can compare with imagination.

On the whole a very enjoyable tense movie that has no real gore but loads of thrills and spills and really grabs you and wont let go until the end
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Wish Upon (2017)
Baby of final desintaion - But good fun
4 October 2017
I don't know what people want these days with movies but when I read reviews on this I was not sure even to watch it. I am pleased I did. Yes its a bit of a rip off of the final destination series but its still good fun and keeps you watching until the end and the end did still catch me off guard in a very final destination kind of way.

The acting is good the spookiness is good and the gore is controlled with just enough without going over the top like some movies.

Give it a go its not the best by any means but if you enjoyed final destination this is similar (although not as good) and its worth a nights viewing
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A LOT better than I expected from reviews on here
21 August 2017
Just goes to show what is someones trash is someones treasure and looking at reviews on here I nearly did not bother watching this and that would have been a shame as its a good movie and certainly as good as any other found footage movie out there and better than a lot of them to.

I started to watch this with a finger close to the stop button on the remote but I never stopped it. In fact I was riveted from beginning to end. I loved the way they blended real events and news reports with the fiction parts of the story which really grabbed you and the lead in with all the footage of the kids messing around made you want to watch until the end to see what happens.

Don't always believe the reviews on here and watch this movie you might be very surprised.... I was
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The Recall (2017)
What was that ??
19 August 2017
I love movies like this and although the reviews were mostly bad I thought I would give it a go as reviews are not always right and its personal opinion right....... wrong!! This movie is awful, sorry to all those involved and I know a LOT of work goes into a movie like this but it was truly awful. Even having Wesley Snipes in it could not save it (is he hard up for cash To be fair I thought the special effects of the ships were pretty good but that was about the only redeeming quality and things got even worse when we went aboard one of the ships and entered some surreal world with terrible props and an attempt at some kind of horror which was quite funny and I started to fast forward to movie at that point.

Don't wast your time with this
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Dunkirk (2017)
So disappointed - this movie had no soul
3 August 2017
I was so looking forward to this movie and knowing the history of Dunkirk I thought I was in for a really moving movie that would make us proud of the people that rallied together to get the solders home.

But my wife and I were very disappointed with Dunkirk. The sound throughout the movie was awful with repeating sounds repeating over and over for ages driving you mad. But if this was its only flaw it would not have been so bad but the movie was very disjointed flicking from one thing to another and it took me a while to work out that we sometimes were watching the same scene but from different perspectives.

The characters in the movie meant nothing to me and I did not care about them at all which is a tragedy for such a moving story as Dunkirk it was as if the movie had no soul.

I have heard of people being moved to tears watching this and the only tears we would shed was for the £20 admission fee.

Go watch a great war movie like Hacksaw Ridge which is in a whole different league to this
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Kill Command (2016)
How did I miss this great Sci-fi when first released
17 June 2017
I had never heard of this movie when it first came out and that is surprising as I love a good Sci-Fi and look out for stuff like this being released.

I actually bought this second hand from a CEX store and I am pleased I did as its really a damn good movie. The CGI is brilliantly done and the robots are up there with the best of them from other movies. I think the one thing that stands out for me in this was both the tension and the the part played by Mills (Vanessa Kirby) with her having a link to the robots just gave it another dimension for me and even her just looking around the woods built up a great foreboding feeling.

This is well worth a watch and its a shame it did not get more publicity when first released as it deserves to be watched and enjoyed
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Life (I) (2017)
Alien has a friend
4 June 2017
I never read any reviews before watching this so went with an open mind and what a surprise. It was a little slow before the main action started but that did give you time to see the life on board the ISS and lull you into a false sense of security.

When the action started it was.... eh....hmm..... "Shocking"

I don't think I have been more grossed out since watching the first Alien. With one scene in particular (I won't spoil it) really making me feel sick to my stomach. I was brilliantly acted and directed and not in some dimly lit corridor with flashing lights all over. This was in a bright lit lab so kind of made it more horrible.

After that it was pretty intense action and the same kind of "Where is the monster" suspense as other great movies again like Alien. Speaking of the monster I think it was a stroke of genius who designed it as it was nothing like you might imagine with big teeth etc and this made it all the more terrifying and probably more believable of what is out there and would make a good friend for the Alien monster. Speaking of which I think the director had borrowed the 'bone crushing' strength of this monster from the small 'proto' type alien in Prometheus I really enjoyed this movie and would put it up there with the Alien movies and don't underestimate the shock this movie might gave you it did me. I had said my 15 year old daughter could watch it but changed my mind after I watched it.
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Its a shame Vin Diesel is so hard up......
6 May 2017
I watched the other XXX films and really enjoyed them. Yes you know its going to be a 'daft' movie and not something to take seriously.. a bit of fun. Something to turn your brain off to watch.

With this movie you would need to remove your brain to watch. Its just to stupid for words. I have not seen this silly kind of kung-fu action in ages and its so dated now. Its something you would have watched back in the 80's and even then it was laughable.

We all know these action figures do the impossible and survive but these people can put super heroes to shame just like in the latest fast and the furious its gone to far and we now have superheros instead of just heroes. I think if this trend continues instead of Tom Cruise dangling from ropes in mission impossible he could just hover there instead.

Also what is with all the scantly dresses women all over the place and some parts I thought I was watching some soft porn movie rather than an action movie. I am a red blooded male and love women as much as any man but come on do we need it rammed down our throats all the time its cheesy, sleazy and not needed and getting very boring.

I could only think Vin Diesel who I enjoy watching in movies such as the first fast and furious movies (before they got silly) and stuff live pitch black has got desperate for some money to be in this.
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Inspiring and brilliant
4 March 2017
Just finished watching Hidden Figures and it was a roller coaster of emotions. I was appalled by the racism and sexism but then inspired and in awe at the true grit, determination and integrity not to mention intelligence of these women.

The movie showed the women rise and show their true talents and abilities in a world that wanted to stamp them down. But they did not give up and we also had some brilliant one liners and funny moments to and even a touch of romance thrown in. But this movie is all about the ability of these women and what they achieved against all odds and it should be a real inspiration for all women out there. No women today should say "I cannot do that" or "I would not be able to do that" after seeing the barriers these ladies had to overcome.

Brilliant movie and such a feel good move (apart from the racism and sexism that made me angry)
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