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Trophy Kids (2013)
All About Money
1 December 2016
For me sport is fun, for me sport is about being competitive but after riding my bike it is about beating my previous PB or doing well, thats my achievement.

For my daughter in swimming and yes dancing it is great to see her happy winning a trophy or being in the swim team, I say to her, be the best you can then you can never say you never tried.

That is all we should ask of our kids but now the money is so much, any kid with a slight bit of talent is pushed and pushed. Very few make it and the stories of the failures (they are not to me) are common all over.

Money is driving parents to look at the $$ signs and not what is best for their kid. A talented and determined kid will always come through, a bullied kid will fail. I look at Andy Murray, for sure his parents and esp Mum pushed him but it is clear he is a normal functioning guy with normal emotions. It is clear he was never pushed beyond what he wanted to do and he won.

On this program these parents don't see beyond themselves and their own egos and wallets, That is all that matters to them, why have kids I ask ?
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The Missing (2014– )
British drama at it's very best
24 November 2016
People go on about US drama but whilst some is very good some is utter dross.

That is how TV is you will never be satisfied with it all but as I type this the UK is waiting to see what happened to Alice (this is no spoiler) and the nation wants to know.

That is not only top drama but drama which will last the years.

In both series 1 & 2 the story stands alone and all the actors are on opt form but it is Julien Baptiste that becomes the moral and physical centre of the story. A man who knows the truth is never easy but is determined to bury his daemons.

I have no idea what will happen, I will just go with the flow and like series 1 the ending will be the talking point.
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In times of climate deniers, hope
20 November 2016
Plant Earth 2 was everything you would expect and more.

Watched both the first two episodes this week after Trump election and his climate denial. I would make him sit down, watch this and series 1 and tell me what damage humans are doing to this beautiful planet.

Every scene, every vista shows that humans are the real parasites on this planet and the animals should rule us, not the other way round.

However it gives me hope, it says to me people will watch this, hear about it and see the folly of our actions at some time.

Hope is far better than despair.

Oh David Attenborough, you are the king of us all
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Anthropoid (2016)
Stunning film of our dark times
4 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
You have war films like Saving Private Ryan, all big bangs, a so called emotional heart to it but lacking in substance.

You have war films like Schindler's List, a film that is painful to watch yet at the heart of it is what humans should be and we see little of nowadays.

Then you have Anthropoid.

A film not released with a big flash but telling a vital single story of WW2. A story where one of the most evil men in history is killed and yet despite some attempts the real story of who did it has not been told.

This film places you there at the heart of it. It shows you the brutality of the Gestapo, it shows you what it as like to live under terror and the jack boot and shows what should be done to fight this.

The central tale is you should do what it takes, they knew the reprisals would be strong but what had to be done was right and proper, Heydrich had to be killed. These mean had all the moral courage to do this when so many sat back and did nothing.

A lesson for the times now.
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