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Alien (1979)
18 October 2016
Alien is, by all means, one of the most important films in cinema history, as 2001, Star Wars, Citizen Kane. Because, like these three films - of course you can ad a few to the list - it changed our relationship with filmmaking. It pushed the envelop and opened new doors.

Beyond si-fi, horror or any genre, Alien belongs to the short list of masterpieces. After 40 years, the film not only holds, it's just fresh and as powerful as day one.

The mark of a masterpiece, immortality and eternal "youth".

For having made Alien - and Blade Runner - R. Scott can be forgiven for any other film you might not like or, to be honest, may have been major set back compare to these two masterpieces.
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Loaded with magic and si-fi references. Stylish and powerful.
11 October 2016
If you're a space buff - as I am - this is for you! This doc is out of this world. Super loaded with hidden references and wrapped with pure beauty. Not sure NASA realized what the filmmakers did - I guess it was approved - but the film breaks out from the formatted genre and takes it to a new level: complex and emotional narration, dimensional layers, both in storytelling and visually (the back and forth between Earth and Mars are stunning and so smartly executed).

The director definitely pushed the envelop. To a point that it's hard to call it a documentary. It's a movie, tracking with an impossible true-life road trip - and it's the first movie of this kind I see.

Watched it twice to make up my mind. First I was just got caught up, blending in the Arctic and other crazy shots (spectacular). Then got deeper into the reflection. Powerful. This film stays with you like a great wine.
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