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Boogeyman (2005)
Statisticly bad, but individually great
26 August 2005
Great movie for those who were afraid of boogeymen and darkness in their childhood, just like I did. I give it 11+ of 10. The movie has HQ special effects and the idea: face your fears, that is the way to fight them. And this is the way I used in my childhood. I recommend this film for those who know how it feels to be afraid of darkness. The movie has many "fast" scary scenes, which made me remember my childhood fears and this is the main reason why I enjoyed watching it. There are many bad opinions about this film on IMDb, but I do not recommend you listening to them. There is a great statistic possibility of that you will not like this movie, but still i insist you watch it cause you might lose such pleaser as I experienced watching this great movie. Take a risk and give it a try and maybe you will be scary surprised. P.S. sorry for bad grammar of English:)
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