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Really well done
28 March 2014
For starters, as a lesbian themed movie, this one is excellent (not exactly hard to do considering the competition, but worth pointing out). As a movie in general, I think this is a nice character study. This movie has some great depth, and I've thought/discovered something new each time I've seen it. All of the leads do a great job. The actor who plays Greg is probably the weakest, but overall he is okay in his role.

The basic plot line is about a group of 4 people; Molly, Bridget, Trip, and Greg. Molly and Greg are a couple who have just moved to NYC together. They stumble across a bar The Four-Faced Liar one evening and meet Trip and Bridget. They become friends with them, and from there the film is basically a romantic drama. The main romantic tension is between Bridget and Molly. Bridget is an out lesbian who is basically a player. She and Molly develop a friendship, and from there something more grows. I think the film did a good job of building up this relationship. Molly did not seem immediately attracted to Bridget, but as their friendship grew her feelings did. Trip is also a great character. He is roommates and best friends with Bridget. He has a subplot with his girlfriend Chloe and develops a friendship with Greg.

Anyway, I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a lesbian themed film that is actually good. It is also just a good character study. It isn't perfect, but I think for what it was working with it's pretty good. I also think the music is a plus.
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Butter (2011)
Great Dark Comedy!
5 October 2012
I thought this movie was hilarious! It is a black comedy all the way though, so if you don't care for that style of humor you probably won't get this movie. Many of the characters are exaggerated and the plot line itself is a bit over the top, but that is the purpose of a dark comedy. All of the actors are great in this! Jennifer Garner really shines as the more villainous Laura Pickler, and it's nice to see her in a more against type role. Olivia Wilde also stood out as Brooke the local stipper. However, the biggest stand out was Yara Shahidi as 10 year old Destiny. She did an excellent job in the role and really brought heart to the movie. Overall I wouldn't recommend this to everyone, but if you enjoy black comedies this is one worth checking out.
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Even Stevens (2000–2003)
Great Disney Channel Show!
1 March 2007
I think this is one of the best Disney Channel shows ever aired. Every episode is funny and all the characters are different. There are plenty of characters you could relate to, and even characters you may know in real life (like Beans, the younger kid who always follows you around and wants to hang out with you). The acting is good all around, especially by Louis (Shia LaBeouf). The show also doesn't appeal to just one gender. The basis of the show is the Stevens family, so we get to look at the parents, Louis, Ren, and Donny, as well as Beans, the principal, Twitty, Tawny, Tom, Ruby, and many others. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone. It always keeps my attention, even when I'm watching episodes I've seen before.
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Aquamarine (2006)
Cute flick!
16 February 2007
I caught some of this on HBO the other day, and only saw the second half. At first I kept thinking it was not very good, but by the end I thought it was cute and it left me happy. Then later I watched the first half on youtube and it was then overall much better. The movie has a lot of funny moments, which had me re-watching the scene.

I liked their take on the characters too, by having more real girls instead of girls who are super popular, preppy, etc. Haley (Jojo Levesque) was the more tomboy girl who's mother is a marine biologist which makes them have to move around a lot. They showed she was girlie too by loving boys and looking through teen magazines. For once they didn't make it like the tomboy only likes to play sports, and she really didn't dress that tomboyish. Claire (Emma Roberts) was one of the girls from the town who never had many friends (although it didn't seem like there were any other people her and Haley's age anyway) and had a big fear of water. She has been very affected by her parent's deaths. Aquamarine (Sara Paxton) was probably the biggest comic character. Many of her lines and actions had me laughing out loud. She was the mermaid Haley and Claire found the night after a big storm. She gets them to help her find love in 3 days. But throughout the movie she learns and experiences a lot of things (causing many of the funny moments) and right away decides she wants Raymond to fall in love with her. It also has conflicts between parents, that could help kids to try and be nicer to their parents and understand what they are thinking as well.

Overall the movie is very cute and seems to have a lot of heart. It even shows depth in a character who Haley and Claire are continuously scared of, by his just wanting people to talk to him. I think this movie is very good for kids, preteens, and even teenagers (hey, I'm 15). Plus if you were an adult this movie would be fine to let your kids see, or if you had a really young daughter who wanted to watch this with you it probably wouldn't be as boring as some of the other kids movies (it didn't bore me, although I do think the main target age group is 10-12). Anyway I think the only people who wouldn't like this are serious moviegoers who look for all the flaws in a film. If you just want to smile and feel happy I'd say this is a good movie for that. It was very entertaining to me.

I would rate 'Aquamarine' around a 6.5 - 7. I liked it!
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Phil of the Future (2004–2006)
Awesome Disney Channel Show
17 June 2006
I love "Phil of the Future"! It is such a great Disney Channel Show. At first I was skeptical at the commercials thinking it would be just another dumb show, but I was really surprised. Once I started watching it I liked it more and more. It's pretty funny. I think it throws the jokes in at just the right time and I also think there are so many cute moments in this between Phil and Keely (I know, I'm a Pheely fan!). Pim is a really hilarious character and most of the words from her mouth are big laughs. I think all the acting is well done and that it is a good change from the usual shows because it's a completely different theme from everything else with the Diffy's coming from the future. This show seems to have a pretty good range in fans to. Older and younger kids can like this. Younger kids because it's funny and has all of these cool gadgets and older kids because of the great chemistry between Pheely and also the comedy. I'd definitely recommend this as I think it's the best show Disney Channel has right now (prefer this to Suite Life and Raven).
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Crimes of Fashion (2004 TV Movie)
16 June 2006
I thought this was a really cute ABC Family movie. Some of it was unrealistic or cheesy but I still loved it! I have to watch it every time it's on and I think the acting's great! It's a good story too, lets you escape from the realism of everyday life. Most everything in this doesn't happen in real life. But you could wish it did lol. All I have to say is just don't take the movie too seriously when watching it. Expecting an Oscar worthy movie will not make you like this. Just relax and take a break when you watch this. I'd totally recommend this to anyone!

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House Arrest (1996)
Good flick
24 April 2006
'House Arrest' is a really cute movie and hopefully will influence parents to think about things before just getting a divorce. This movie may not be the most realistic portrayal of how a kid would act when he found out his parents were thinking about splitting (ie locking your parents in the basement) but the reactions are pretty genuine in the fact that just about all kids have problems with their parents. Some things were def. over-exaggerated though, like when Grover (Kyle Howard) finds divorce papers in the mail and then 'flips' out by shoving a bunch of papers around and knocking stuff over. No kid, well usually, would be that mad about their parents divorcing (I'm sure they would be upset, maybe cry, but like wrecking stuff in some sort of manner, yea right). The acting wasn't bad, I thought it was pretty good all around. The story was funny and if your parents aren't like any of the ones in the movie, you probably will appreciate your own family more. I recommend seeing this if you can, it's on HBO a lot.
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As Told by Ginger (2000–2006)
Best thing out of Nick in awhile, IMO
17 April 2006
This show is pretty good and a lot better than shows like 'Zoey 101' and 'Romeo!', which are completely unrealistic. Although this is a cartoon I can still relate with stuff on it (I am still in school so I can def. relate) like having friends get jealous because your new boyfriend is taking all your time away from them, although these are usually the really attached ones. It's different than a lot of pre-teen/young teen shows because it actually deals with real things apart from school bullies and the same old clichés. Even though the main char. Ginger's best friend Dodie is really obsessed with becoming popular, I don't believe Ginger is. She is just an average girl whose everything gets mixed up because the most popular girl thinks she might be okay. If Ginger was so into becoming popular she would of immediately ditched her best pals and gone and become one of Courtney's clique. This show deals with real things, including death, first time using makeup or shaving legs (I know, not such a big deal as death, but the younger audience will still relate with these changes in themselves). I totally recommend this show for anyone that is open to watching pre-teenish shows, especially when they're good like 'As Told by Ginger'.
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Sleepover (2004)
Good for what it is
2 January 2006
I thought Sleepover was pretty good for what it is, a teen movie. Basically, the main character Julie (Alexa Vega) is not the most popular girl at school. She has a sleepover at her house with three of her friends. The popular girl Liz (Brie Larson) is also having a sleepover and to make things fun her and her friends come up with the idea of having a scavenger hunt (which isn't exactly typical) to find out which of the two groups gets the fountain lunch spot at High School next year (aka the popular lunch table as opposed to next to the dumpsters, where the unpopular people eat). This is especially important to Julie because her crush Steve (Sean Faris) sits at the fountain spot.

It's a fairly original plot, but it does have the clichéd unpopular girl trying to fit in and get her dream guy and some other overused situations. The acting was not bad at all; I actually think it was pretty good. The dialog may not be that great, nor the music, but it's good enough for this type of teen movie.

Probably more preteens and younger teens will watch this movie. If you're having a sleepover and you and your friends like teen movies, you might want to give this one a try because it is not the same story like in other teen movies and is a pretty new one. I recommend it for just relaxing and having fun without having to work your brain hard to figure out what's going on and who's who.
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1 September 2005
He Said, She Said is a great romantic comedy. I caught this on HBO and loved it. The chemistry between Dan(Bacon) and Lorie(Perkins) really jumps out at you. They are perfect for the part. I found the movie to also be quite funny. A lot of the humor was from Dan and Lorie's different point of views and how they saw everything the exact opposite from each other. There were also some hilarious parts involving one of Dan's old girlfriends Linda(Stone). I found this to be a very cute romantic comedy with plenty of laughs. I'd recommend you check this movie out if you like romantic stories.

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