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Chesapeake Shores (2016– )
28 September 2016
Anyone who is familiar with the Eastern Shore knows that when you serve fresh crabs, they're not Alaskan King Crab legs! OK, I know that this is filmed in BC, Canada, but you should try to make it seem more like the Eastern Shore than the Pacific Northwest. There are no mountains around the Chesapeake, nor are there gigantic trees. The summers here are hot and humid, so you will find people wearing shorts and t-shirts, tank tops or sundresses, not sweaters, coats and jackets and you most certainly will not be building a fire in the fireplace until Fall. In the last episode, Diane Ladd's character was heading off to Ireland in a vintage fur-trimmed coat, hat & gloves! Seriously?

I was sorry to see Cedar Cove canceled, which had a lot of fascinating characters and several different story lines to keep it interesting. This series, is missing something; like substance. I keep watching to see if it will get better, but it keeps getting worse. If it comes back for a second season, I will not be watching.
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