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I don't know why the movie was even released.
23 April 2007
The only reason i can see for this movie to be released is because celebrities are in it. But, Halle Berry over-acts a choppy and shallowly developed character. I spent the whole movie waiting for the plot to really get going, but instead what i got was a whole bunch of disconnected plot points and irrelevant characters. It is supposed to be suspenseful, but mostly i just wanted it to be over. When the end came, yes, it was a surprise, but by that time I did not care about the story at all. And it was only "surprising" because the whole story is random events all loosely, very loosely connected to the end. It was almost...amateur. The story does not give enough background on most characters to evoke sympathy, emotion, or interest...ESPECIALLY Willis' character. It's a movie that is good in theory, but wasn't focused enough to be held in the same esteem as other psychological thrillers. The most developed and well acted character is really Ribisi's. His performance is noteworthy and enough to warrant the 3 out of 10.
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It's Too bad good shows don't get a chance
6 January 2007
The show focuses on 4 sisters of various ages and basically goes through all the thrills of sex, love, lies, and family. It did every thing a good show should; it didn't have cliché's, except all the ones we love, it didn't rush story lines and it had enough touching, yet not corny moments to keep it genuine. Plus, it was funny! Not stupid, but real life funny. This show was great in my opinion, but new shows on basic cable channels barely get more than a season's chance... it was excellent but it competed with the OC, so people, of course, paid no attention. Well, it probably is not coming back, but if it's on DVD I'd recommend u watch it.
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