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Battlestar Galactica: Blood on the Scales (2009)
Season 4, Episode 14
One word: "AWESOME!"
7 March 2009
Who would have thought that another episode would come along that would be BETTER than "EXODUS Part 2"? My hat's off to the producers, writers, actors, sound engineers and all involved in creating such a phenomenal episode.

After 4 long years we finally witness Gaeta's character arc come full circle in this phenomenal episode as he deftly stages a military coup that does not turn out the way he had envisioned. Gaeta is not evil nor is he insane. But when he sees the Admiral and President side with the Cylons, he is then pushed beyond his breaking point. He is physically tired, mentally pushed to the limit and angry. And in the end, what he believes to be a valiant fight against Admiral Adama and President Roslin, is truly utter tragedy. It is he (Gaeta) that is standing on the wrong side of history and it is he whose demise is a sad ending.

This episode takes you on an action-packed emotional roller coaster ride right from the opening scene; where Cylon and human (rekindled best friends Tigh and Adama) hold their ground against a relentless Marine pursuit, to the wicked drum beats that accompany the scene where vipers doggedly pursue the President's escape raptor, to the defiant yell of President Roslin, to the suspense of hoping that Tyrol is not caught, to the incredibly touching scene of Dr. Baltar and Gaeta and finally, seeing the resolve and peace on Gaeta's face as his phantom leg troubles him no more. Yes, this episode is intense! So sit back, kill the lights and go along for an incredibly amazing ride!

Battlestar Galactica is hands-down the best dramatic episodic on TV at this time.

Nuff said!
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