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Fun for locals - but just Redbox okay
9 August 2016
Hmmm, although I went to the same premier as the previous reviews, I must have seen a different movie. Don't get me wrong, this is an okay movie for maybe a Redbox rental, but it's pretty pedestrian and predictable in the storytelling. That does not take the away from the fact that the majority of the actors did a very commendable job with an average script, despite moments of overacting and unbelieveability from the lead character. However, it's obvious that the first-time producers did not demand too much of themselves or of the writers. This is evident in that the main selling point of the film is not the story but 'hey, we shot it local with local people and local locations". I will say that the mix of local actors and LA actors was nice, IF YOUR LOCAL!!! and like to see people from your church on the big screen with professional actors - and the performances of Lyndie Greenwood and Lance Henricksen stand out. So because of them I give it a solid 2. And the fact that Weaver tells the story using his hometown, with hometown actors is very commendable, but the performances don't elevate the story. This is just an okay plot, shot in an average way with nothing that leaves you wanting to see it again. (Ok, maybe Lyndie makes me want to see it again) Sorry to rain on the local,self-congratulatory moment, but take away the local angle, and it's very average - I would recommend seeing it if it comes to Redbox for $1.99 and Nazi Zombies was the only other movie available at the box, and you want to see your friends and local settings, but don't expect anything new. It feels like it was made so the people in the movie and on the crew could be 'real' movie makers and gather for a Q&A after the screening to take questions from their family members. They seemed to forget that actually telling a solid story still matters.
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