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14 February 2020
Sonic definitely exceeded all my expectations. The film has excellent music, cinematography and acting, with an incredible battle between Dr. Eggman and Sonic. Jim Carrey is the king of comedy, he really made Dr. Eggman scary and dangerous. Don't listen to critics, it's great!
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Ghostbusters (2016)
The Bustin Feel Good Movie of 2016!
23 July 2016
The most unexpected Bustin feel good movie of 2016! I've been a loyal fan of GB since "The Spooktacular Show" at Universal Studios Orlando back in the early 90s! And I can a sure you the reboot will not crush your childhood in any way or in any ghost form! The reboot doesn't hurt men, pretty much everyone is a complete idiot in GB16, I mean everyone! This unpaid review is coming from a guy who fully hated the marketing! Terrible job from SONY! Literally TERRIBLE job with the marketing! Truly GB16 was a blast and it doesn't deserve the hate, it just doesn't, but I can understand why! The only thing I wish they could have fixed was the pointless MARVEL villain in the first two acts, still loved his ultimate form, it kinda reminded me of The Real Ghostbusters cartoon! Also the cameos didn't felt forced in my opinion, except for Murray's, he's still amazingly funny in his role, better than Rock the Kasbah, that's for sure!

Probably the best 3D experience in a while! Very different and unique!


Here's my GB Top List:

5) The Real Ghostbusters 4) GBII 3) GBIII The Video Game (2009) - This game needs a remaster! 2) GB16 1) GB84

Acceptable in my GB List: Extreme Ghostbusters (I used to own most of the action figures, including Eduardo Rivera!)

P.S. Holtzmann was awesome! "To the beat of the rhythm of the night! Dance until the morning light! Forget about the worries on your mind! We can leave them all behind!"

A review by Omar Antonio Figueroa
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