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1999 MTV Video Music Awards (1999 TV Special)
Pop Brings The Millennium To A Close
9 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Whether you love it, or you hate it, the music of 1999 revolutionized the scene and brought the entertainment industry to it's knees. Not since the 1980's has such a powerful explosion of variety and radio hits flooded the mainstream.

Hosted by Chris Rock, the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards served as the "Super Bowl" for MTV highlighting the year's best achievements. With a near-unending list of new artists, the greatest of the year gathered at the Metropoliton Opera House in New York City. Despite some rain, September 9th (9/9/99) was a day I will always remember. With; Kid Rock, Korn, Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, TLC, Limp Bizkit, and a slew of others the show served as a personal reflection on "my" personal year of music. Though as expected many of the artists have since faded away, there is no denying the impact that they had on; MTV, the record industry, and myself. Not since has MTV had such a powerful year of new music and artists with such an intensity as my favorite era, 1999.
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Greatest Cinematic Film Of All Time
19 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Despite the feelings of most "Star Wars" fans, in my opinion "Return Of The Jedi" is the greatest cinematic film ever created. Ever since the first time I saw it, it's depth, intensity, special effects, and moving story have overwhelmed me. The film was so well put together that it has been able to stand the test of time over the last 20 years. Filled with powerful action, as the climax of the original trilogy, George Lucas gives us a rousing finish of the "Star Wars" saga in "Jedi".

Film Summary (Contains Spoilers For Those Who Have Not Seen It)

After "The Empire Strikes Back" left us hanging for 3 long years we finally find the end of the story in "Return Of The Jedi". Darth Vader, in emotional turmoil makes a surprise visit to a new uncompleted Death Star to oversee it's construction. The Emperor is first seen in this film as he has the ultimate plan to destroy the Rebel Alliance and bring young Luke Skywalker to the Dark Side. Luke, Lando, Leia, Chewie, and the droids all travel to Tatooine to rescue the frozen Han Solo from the crime Lord; Jabba The Hutt. After Han has been rescued, and Jabba defeated, Luke returns to Dagobah to find a dying Yoda where he learns the awful truth; Darth Vader is in fact his father. The rebel heroes regroup with the Rebel Fleet. Now joined by other species and races including the Mon Calamari the Rebels must make a all-or-nothing plan of attack to destroy the Death Star before it is completed. While Lando heads the space attack in the Millennium Falcon, the Rebel heroes must disable the Death Star's shield generator on the Forest Moon Of Endor. It is here that the Rebels happen upon the furry, but mighty Ewoks. During the the two part intense battle, a third battle must take place as Luke willingly delivers himself to Vader in an attempt to convince him to leave the Dark Side. In emotionally charged sequences Luke must face his father as the Emperor lures out his dark emotions. As young Skywalker is about to face his death at the hands of Palpatine, Vader turns on his wicked master to save his son's life.

Filled with a deep timeless story of good vs. evil, "Return Of The Jedi" is a spectacular, emotionally charged film that redeems the good in all of us.
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