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Well Wishes (2015)
Great movie, but...
30 June 2016
...too much music! For me several scenes could have gone without a song carrying the thread, somewhat unnecessarily. There's an almost near constant soundtrack at work, which at its best works in support of the story and at its worst acts as a distraction. Mostly good creative musical choices, though. Simply a pet peeve! Overall, Well Wishes has the feel of a 90's fantasy comedy. It's a story unafraid to embrace its innate quirkiness and (sometimes cloying) optimism. Still, definitely a refreshing change of pace against a recent spate of all-too-cynical films, or many too clever for their own good. There's a high level of craft and attention on display for being such a small film. I'll let it sit for awhile but I believe it to be worthy of repeat viewings. Funny, bizarre, completely unique unto itself...aside from a few quibbles I loved it!
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