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The Wall (II) (2017)
The Perfect One-Man movie .. One of the Best Thriller movies before being A War Movie of the year by far
24 August 2017
This is what you can call The One-Man Movie , Way way underrated movie .. Aaron Taylor-Johnson ( Isaac ) makes a tremendous effort in this movie , Perfect performance and I really give him most of the credit .. Laith Nakli ( The Sniper ) also does a great job in performing the mysterious man of the show even by only his voice !

The movie itself is intelligent thriller till the last moment of it . I liked the dialogues , the convincing acting , the way Isac's thinking was portrayed and his insiders were shown . I mean , I really could feel him and found myself in his position

The Location , The Shots , The Directing and The General Atmosphere were all perfectly carried out

The Absence of music nearly the whole movie gets you living it in a more focused way

Important point to consider is that this isn't mainly a war movie , It's a thriller one .. So Don't expect finding battles , fights , tanks and helicopters and so on

Such a low budget film , few cast and under 90 minutes is considered in my opinion as a very pleasant experience which I heavily recommend for any fan of thriller genre movies .. Just keep it running till the end , You won't regret it
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Pilgrimage (II) (2017)
Strong , Bold and Mind Provoking ,, Good Adventure through past
13 July 2017
I've gone for this movie with no expectations based on its rating ,, but I was really surprised .. This movie is really Powerful that after its end it would make you think for a while about your convictions or the principles of your beliefs . * maybe not going wrong with them but just questioning *

It discusses things not about religion but particularly the way of Religious speech and people who may control the message of religions in general ( Not Christianity in particular ) and how politics also may affect how things work ..

The acting is very good especially that of Jon Bernthal ( The Mute ) .. The music is well played as well as the picture ,, Great Atmosphere of that period of time ( 13th century ) with bloody violent action scenes which were really well performed

This is my first movie of the director Brendan Muldowney and I think it won't be the last .. Great Job

Overall I liked nearly everything about the movie . If you're interested in that period of time and historical movies , Just go for it ..
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Gifted (2017)
Mckenna Grace is truly " GIFTED " .. One of the best kids performances I've ever seen
11 July 2017
This is one of the finest movies of 2017 I've seen till now .. The Acting is really good starting with the marvelous Mckenna Grace ( Mary ) , Octavia Spencer ( Roberta ) who shines " as usual " as a powerful dramatic character and Chris Evans ( Frank ) whose performance is also good .. The music is nice and the cinematic work is outstanding . This is a nice movie that " I think " it's really adorable to watch with your family ,, It's about choices and our different points of view for options we might have ,, About how to raise a kid no matter how different he/she might be . I found it a good experience I don't regret and even ready to watch it another time ..
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Revolutionary , Pioneer & Creativity in Space movies .. But Extremely boring and non sense
7 July 2017
This is The most Boring Movie I've ever seen in my life .. Yes It's a major jump and maybe The first of its kind in space movies but it's only for its time . The Camera work is very good as well as the music . ( those are the good things )

Why I don't like >> The factor of enjoyment and excitement is totally lost in the movie .. The events are too slow in progression and they aren't even related to each other in a descent way .. You seem to be watching more like a documentary than a movie to enjoy ,, I mean Come on where is even the story line ?!! Silence was overwhelming in an absolutely non justifiable way , Really !! 25 minutes to hear a word !! I started to think it was a silent movie

This is Kubrik's way always , I'm not a big fan of him by the way .. So I wasn't expecting much But I found much less than what I expected ,, I mean it's 2:28 hours movie all boring and for nothing !! I need more than imagination and camera work to enjoy a movie

The only way for me to love this movie was to see it at it's time and be a Stanley Kubrik movie lover I guess , other than this no way I could enjoy it
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Logan (2017)
Needed more details but still solid , very entertaining and enjoyable
26 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Logan is a proper continuation of the X-men Franchise .. The most admirable thing is the Acting ,, Hugh Jackman's performance is OUTSTANDING as well as Dafne Keen ( Laura ) .. The story is good and the music is really nice

Though , The movie needed some more explanations for some vague incidents like the Westchester's , how or why he became so vulnerable and what happened to Dr.Xavier ( disease or just aging ) .. You can make guesses or just bypass that and go on i know but I think it would be better if they mentioned some details of those things

Another thing , I'd have liked to watch the kids fighting more than running at the end of the movie especially as it was stated that they were trained to be killers in special facility where they hadn't left ever ,, I know they're kids but C'mon they do have amazing superpowers , don't they ?! :D

Overall , The movie is entertaining and enjoyable really that you can't feel the time but not reaching the level of my high expectations I made when I heard it's the best part of the series

Very good but not a masterpiece
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Visual and Music are BEAUTY , but Acting isn't quite BEAST
20 May 2017
This is a great stunning adaptation of the tale .. Fantastic Visual effects , Costume Design , Songs & Music .. I believe Beauty & The Beast will take part of the Oscar awards ceremony . Yet , The acting was fine but not reaching the level of the expectations or the same level of the other aspects of the movie ( music , visuals , etc .. ) The movie is really outstanding and breathtaking .. I enjoyed every part of it , It's like a painting that is amazingly painted . Surprisingly , I liked it more than the old version .
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Good in many aspects , but still missing something
10 May 2017
I liked this movie in many ways . The Atmosphere , The picture , The Music , The mysterious line of the movie that makes you wanna finish it no matter what the result is ,, I felt kinda like it's a video game

What I didn't like was the acting in many situations especially when it comes to action shots , although I liked the acting of the main characters ( Jonathan Rhys Meyers & Cam Gigandet ) in their dialogues they are doing a good job

The story line is good and thrilling but lacking something maybe more details or that's how I see it

Overall , This movie isn't bad and I really enjoyed it .. But It could have been something way better if you fill those missing parts

My rating 6.5/10
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XX (2017)
Not connected , Not smart , Not Powerful .. What's the point !!
8 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Okay I understand every story is separate , but why bother gathering them in one movie if there's no connection between them ?! They could do something like Sin City at least making any kind of connection even if tiny

Second , The stories are so dull and not even making any sense .. You don't know what was in the box / You can't get why and her husband was dead / Maybe the place is cursed in the third story which is by far i find the best / and lastly You have to guess what the hell happened in the 4th story with the mother ( I think something evil made her pregnant ) the best I can get from those story lines

The Acting wasn't convincing to me and okay at its best unless maybe the mother in the 4th story i found her better

The Picture and Music were fine

Overall , I don't regret watching this movie it wasn't a horrible experience ,, As I said it lacked any type of connection to strengthen the movie as every story alone wasn't that strong
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Give it a try , It's not that bad
23 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I don't watch Madea movies , this is my first but it's really a good one .. I had a nice time and it cheered me a lot . I just don't know why it has all these bad ratings and critics , It's not perfect we get it but it's a good comedy movie The story is good , The humor factor is fulfilled , Music and picture were fine ,, and above all the movie has a meaning and a message that was well served .. What I didn't like in the movie was just the acting of the girls and some parts of the movie i thought they were little boring mainly the first half an hour

But overall , To me it was a nice pleasant experience that worth time
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Rings (2017)
OK thriller but not horror enough
21 April 2017
Rings is not a bad film , but it's just you can't call it strong horror Maybe Thriller or Mystery .. The story is good and could have been served better to increase the scary content of it . I consider it a good continuation of the Ring series Although I'm missing Naomi Watts . Acting was okay . Music and Picture were fine ..

Overall it's not as bad as you might hear , and not better than the first two parts ..
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Love , Hatred , Jealousy , War , Sacrifice , Patriotism and More . Everything you might need in a movie .. A True Classic
21 April 2017
This movie is one of the best movies I've ever seen , if not the best . The picture is awesome , really this is 1939 !! Unbelievable .. The actors are doing a great job . The story is quite amazing that you can live it through the whole film moving between different aspects of life from peace , war , social life , feelings and emotions . Can't describe it in words .. This is PURE CLASSIC , What ART really should be .
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Rear Window (1954)
Hugely Disappointed by the Ending , Good movie though
23 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie could have been much better with some change in the ending .. Not that it's very predictable and having no twist at all , but also not convincing .. I mean he really used flashlights to defend himself !! and they worked out for real !! why did it take the bad guy too much time to enter the room or he just wanted our man to get ready for him .. Also it was too fast for the police to get to them in time looked like they were just waiting for the right moment

I don't know but I expected a lot more , before I start the movie and even after I started it .. I built high expectations while watching waiting for the final conclusion which turned out to be more than simple ..

On the other hand , Acting and Directing were quite good .. I guess it was really hard for James Stewart to perform the whole movie on a wheelchair ..

The film was pretty good in every possible aspect , but the ending was really frustrating ...
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Each Man's life touches so many other lives , when he isn't around he leaves an awful hole
20 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This film is Great ,, Although the title maybe misleading .. Life is really Tough . It's wonderful Life and that you made to other people not necessarily for you ( Like a candle burning yourself for others to shine )

This film is about how a man can affect others lives , But in real life this isn't necessarily for good .. If he were to be a bad guy we wouldn't have got the same impression and affection of this movie ..

Another thing , I think the build up for the ending of the film was quite long that may make you feel little bored , Although it was necessary to show his achievements but I think the final part with the angel should have been much longer .. But anyway The idea was strong enough to hit me in the face and keep me thinking about what my life means not for me only but for other people as well

This film is quite unique and I don't regret watching it although I may felt bored in the middle of it

Acting was superb , Music was good , The Idea was impressive ( reminded me of Cloud Atlas by the way )

Appreciate your small details that you may think They are NOTHING , because for others they might be EVERYTHING :))
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Passengers (I) (2016)
Watch and Judge , Don't rely on critics or other opinions
1 March 2017
I saw too much negative opinions and critics on the film , Maybe because it's compared to films like Gravity in visual effects .. or maybe to Interstellar in the plot and music ! I don't know , It's better you see the film without pressures or giving it high expectations or comparisons ... WATCH IT AS IT IS !! This isn't Gravity or Nolan's masterpiece Interstellar

The film was very good , I really enjoyed it and didn't feel bored the whole movie and believe me " If you saw the trailer and u thought it's spoiler , you're definitely mistaken " .. The acting was good , The plot was quite unique . Visual effects were very good , Music was outstanding .. I see nothing wrong with the movie , There you'll find real adventure and romance although I'm not fond of romance movies :"D

This is a very amusing film I highly recommend for you
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The Shining (1980)
Jack Nicholson's performance Mainly that makes it up to good to me ; Music and camera following , Just that . But HORRIBLE story telling
9 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I have many problems with the movie .. First of all maybe the high rating made me over-expecting what I was going to see and I haven't read the book ; But never mind . The story doesn't make sense to me : Is he crazy and hallucinating ? or there were real ghosts back there in the hotel ? who the hell opened the door for him if he was hallucinating !!! who were those Shelley Duvall ( Wendy ) saw in the hotel rooms ? Dead people ? if yes who killed them ? Jack ?? or they were ghosts and she was shocked !! So many other things which are unexplainable to me ..

But on the other hand I found that Jack Nicholson's Performance was really remarkable .. It was the main thing I liked about the movie .. The Music was good , The camera work was very good

The story telling really needed to be done better .. As a horror film , I can say this movie is barely good .
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21 Grams (2003)
Amusing like a Puzzle
9 January 2017
I liked this film so much .. The story is good but Iñárritu style of telling the story makes it more interesting .. I didn't feel bored during the movie . You try to catch up with the events and what happened first and last , Who the hell are those guys , Are they good or bad !! makes you think the whole movie and even in the middle of it when you think you've got the event sequence and the story is told , it's still interesting , you can just enjoy the acting of the actors especially Naomi .. The film gives a meaning about what death and its circumstances bring to everyone around .. The story telling style is different and interesting ; it's not pure backwards ( like memento for example ) .. Scenes are shuffled in a way that makes you work your mind and enjoy this piece of art .. The only thing I wished it had been better is the music , That could have been more and more touching than what it is already

Absolutely watchable , no regrets ..
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I just don't feel it !
5 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Well , It's my first review here , I really couldn't resist .. I just watched the movie because it has a high rating and Julianne Moore . I really was shocked of the film , gave it 2/10 only because of the last scene that I felt some comedy about it . Rest of the movie I saw no comedy at all . The story isn't that powerful and didn't sound interesting enough to me or maybe it could have been done better. I don't know why it has that high rating or what the people liked most about it but everyone has its taste for sure ..

The most boring film that I've ever seen till now .. It's my first time to leave a movie and go to sleep then continue it later ..

As for it's genre ,, It's not mysterious as it looks like , not enough crime and Surely not Comedy ..

I was expecting much more and I am really disappointed about it
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