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Good, but far from great (one little detail in this review is potentially a spoiler)
15 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Although this movie is enjoyable, I found the story to be a lesser copy of one previous film in this franchise.

All the actors were good, the characters were amazing I felt attached to them at some points. especially the new ones.

The villains are interesting but Kylo Ren looked like a whiny wimpy teenager. I really didn't like him.

The androids and Chewie are the best. To be honest I found them to be the best part of each and every movie in this franchise...

I will be waiting for Episode 8 to see what this franchise is going to offer, but I totally disagree with the general audience. This movie let me down quite a bit.

6/10 Because I still find it fresh.
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Decent Young Cast & Excessive Nostalgia
13 August 2016
The movie has its flows, but I don't think that it's rotten.

One major problem is the excessive nostalgia for the old movies. It is OK to make an homage at some point, but it's not acceptable to make a movie fulled of it! It took away from the story, and took way too much time from the movie; this precious amount of time could've made the movie way better.

The young cast shines although they were giving little to do except for JEan Grey maybe... For once we saw glimpses of shadows of a possible true X-men team...

The old cast is OK, but their story felt redundant... The director should've focused on the young cast who btw are playing the real X- men members...

The villain was well established, but lacked true motivations. Same goes to the Horsemen. It's a shame because in the comics there's lot of good materials & valid motivations & backstories, singer & Kinberg should've been easily inspired.

The ending felt rushed, it was a huge CGI mess, nothing made sense. It was underwhelming.

To resume all of this, the x-men played supporting roles in a movie called X-men... (ONCE AGAIN). The villain is a mere shadow of his original material counterpart.

The only positive I found is that the young cast did a good job, & they are potentially good for a future movie that focuses on them. the old cast did a good job acting-wise, but their story isn't new.

Although the movie is still enjoyable, it is not as good as it can potentially be (knowing what the original material offered)...

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Bad movie with surprisingly good reviews in France! WHY??
12 August 2016
Boring story, and frozen movie.

If this was a stupid D-class series on some ignored channel, I would've rated it 4/10!

It didn't need to be made as a movie. SOme of the actors did a good job, but the whole thing is empty, weak and annoying.

For some unknown reason, french press gave it high reviews! Is it because of the big names? I went with few friends none of us liked it although some of us like this kind of slow movies, but this was EMPTY!

And quite honestly, I have seen lot of series on TV that addressed this kind of stories, and even compared to these series the move still is weak and pointless.

This movie wasted the talents involved in it! And shouldn't have been made.

Extremely disappointed. 1/10
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Suicide Squad (2016)
disappointing plot less movie
12 August 2016
This was huge shocking surprise.

I had high hopes for this, and I was extremely disappointed.

The movie had its own style but it fell apart.

The plot was almost absent. Very little story, and when there's one it felt a highlight of a story rather than a real one.

Hence, the scenes felt rushed, it is kind of a collage of scenes and soundtracks and misplaced music.

The actors are well cast, their portrayal of the iconic villains is spot-on but it's wasted in this movie.

I respect the style of this movie and the risk they took, but the movie as a whole was surprisingly boring and poorly executed. The idea is there but the story isn't.

I definitely didn't see this coming, but "Suicide Squad" is neither the movie we wanted nor the movie we deserved (pun intended).
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Café Society (2016)
Classic plot but amazing execution
12 August 2016
The plot is classic and looks unoriginal at first sight. But don't worry this movie shines and proves itself worthy of your money and time.

The acting is good, Kristen Stewart proves once again that she shouldn't be judged solely on the twilight movies.

The image is mesmerizing! This movie is beautifully shot and incredibly directed and executed. Woody Allen didn't lose his touch yet.

The rather simple plot make this movie easy to follow. On the other hand the writing is strong.

All in all, this is a gorgeous movie, be sure to check it out. 8/10
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Weak mash up but enjoyable
12 August 2016
I kinda liked it a bit. but the two stories seemed to be way too different and separate from each other. Each part deserved a stand alone work.

I liked the batgirl part as its own, but not as a part of the whole thing. There is one detail that is way too creepy in it but it wasn't bad as a whole.

The killing joke is an iconic graphic novel that deserved more respect. It could've been easily developed and elaborated.

The voice actors were cool, the animation is pretty.

I give it 6/10 because it looked like 2 mashed episodes of some series... But I still enjoyed it.

A better title would've been: "Horny Batgirl & the killing joke"...

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