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Excellent Fan-based Movie with a real Professional Polish!
10 August 2005
I am an original fan of Star Trek having watched the original series as a boy on my parent's B&W TV. Star Trek: New Voyages has released several new episodes based on the original series with new actors reprising the now legendary roles.

The special effects are excellent for a not-for-profit production and the sound effects and music are dead on the original. These facets combine with some good "campy" script writing to accurately produce a plausible mirror of the original Trek. The story lines capture many of the cherished elements of the original series that helped propel it into cult status. I especially enjoyed the rather well done repartee between Spock, Bones and Kirk. This camaraderie was always a hallmark in the original.

I see that Gene Roddenberry's son Gene Roddenberry, Jr, has joined the production as a Consulting Producer. This reinforces my opinion that the "Great Bird of the Galaxy" would look favorably upon these endeavors. Roddenberry was an extraordinary man who lived an amazing life that helped form his vision of a possible future, that vision became Star Trek. I see much of that grand vision present in Star Trek: New Voyages and I look forward to future episodes.
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