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Charming Prequel
25 March 2017
I think this film is a very charming prequel to the original Wizard of Oz with Judy Garland. Not every film in creation needs blood, sex, swears and gore. This film is well made, beautiful cinematography, great special effects and great story. Suitable for children as well. Give it a chance. I did and loved it.
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Ghostbusters (2016)
Loved it-hilarious!
25 January 2017
These four ladies are hilarious! You have to pay close attention to their dialogue in order to reap the benefits of their comedic skill. If you watch the film while on your phone or doing anything else that pulls your attention from the film, even for a moment, you will completely miss the clever banter. I think that is why some people may have given this film a bad review. There is no reason one would not enjoy this film, as long as you aren't picking apart the story and expecting it to be a masterpiece like Shakespeare. You don't go to a Ghostbusters film for great literary fulfillment. This film was designed to make you laugh and give you a moment of escape and lightheartedness. I believe one could find holes in almost every plot in films and television these days, so give yourself a break, relax and use this film to enjoy some quick wit and fun action. I loved the various nods to the original film as well. Some of the outtakes and extended scenes I have seen that were cut should have been incorporated in the film because these four ladies have incredible comedic chemistry. Maybe if it were edited a little differently, it may have drawn more good reviews. Oh and Chris Hemsworth was a hoot! Who would have thought "Thor" could have played such a humorous role!
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Van Helsing (2016– )
By episode 7 it has great potential
21 November 2016
Give it a chance....Yes if you watch only a couple of episodes you might say, "eh, can take it or leave it". However I like to put in at least a few episodes to see if a new show develops. Many now popular shows started out slow. Even the huge hit, Seinfeld was iffy the whole first season. In fact they didn't have their breakout season until season 4. It's a shame that shows are chopped so quickly these days. Sometimes it takes a few episodes to even start developing characters. I recommend just watching at least to episode 8. By then, you will see the characters are finally developing and there are also a few surprises. Now at episode 10, it's practically a different show. Hopefully you will give it a chance too and then by episode 10 you will know for sure if you like it. For me, it's a show I look forward to and I am hoping this will develop into something even better!
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