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A perfect holiday without leaving home.
21 March 2014
My heart is still rolling from the escape to 30's Europe this afternoon, and without jet lag. This movie is an inspiration, a dream, a walk through a painting and a study of humanity.

Ralph Fiennes is a phenomenon as M. Gustave. his interactions with every cast member and especially newcomer Tony Revolori are fantastic. The later holds his own weight beyond belief and the entire film is an amazing adventure with James Bond style chases, a large murder mystery, the best placed cussing and of course the sensational cinematography. The sets, models, angles and even the most nondescript characters come to life each on their own and together as a symphony of beauty. It's freaking brilliant; The Grand Budapest Hotel.
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Dredd (2012)
One of my favourite movies...INSTANTLY...ACTION HORROR
26 September 2012
This movie had some slight fear attached, due to the crap they released back in the 80s or whatever.

DON'T even think about the other movie.

This hardcore butt kicking action horror movie and unbelievable and you want to see it in 3d before it goes to DVD. You will regret it.

We need a sequel, third and fourth. The acting was amazing, Lena Headley as the main villain was phenomenal. Karl Urban is just perfect in voice, character, never being too emotional.

Twists and turns and some of the best effects i've seen for a movie in a long time. Bullet time just got a new daddy.
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Lost: The Man Behind the Curtain (2007)
Season 3, Episode 20
Locke, SPOILER!?!
9 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This episode was crazy perfect. Flash backs from Ben's birth and then life on the island filled some holes as well as opened others. There was developments about what happened to the Dharma initiative, they are all killed by some island faction.

Then in a wicked twist which might lead to the end of Locke, as Ben shoots him causing him to fall into the pit of skeletons of the original Dharma initiative.

He mutters his last words, "Help me", a repetition of "Jacob" in the hut after a supernatural seeming confrontation between an empty chair and Locke.

It was crazy.
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The Winner (2007)
Give it a chance.
19 March 2007
Everyone seems to rip shows up before they even get to know the character. This show is different in that it's set backwards in time and they can line the plot with jokes about how time turns out...

It's got some great moments between Rob and the kid, some might find it disturbing, but it's life for this underdeveloped adult.

Just try to put yourself in a good place when you watch it, I thought it was pretty funny, with new predicaments they are being placed it popping up everywhere.

Don't trash this so quickly...Rob was great on The Daily Show and Seth has his hand in it. There is a lot of foreshadowing and perhaps the program will break through and get some new elements.

In the future watch pilots neutrally, not hurtingly.
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Stargate: Atlantis: Sunday (2007)
Season 3, Episode 17
Massively Important Episode
25 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This episode says goodbye to someone we love and it's a great tribute. Using flashes backwards and then to current time all within the span of a day, it tells the story of a "mandatory day off" in which the main characters find themselves in relaxed, social environments.

The unthinkable happens when an explosion rocks a main part of Atlantis and the crew works to find out how it happened and how to stop it. Then the events shift back to seconds before the ignition. All the main people involved in Atlantis are included in the tale. You get to understand a bit more the way of life, past times and love interests.

Be sure to watch this episode, a fitting end to a character's life in the Stargate Atlantis universe.

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"Human, realistic and grounded....very genuine."
20 July 2006
I worked as the festival coordinator for the Toronto Environmental Film festival in 2001 -- this was definitely the most powerful and entertaining piece to be shown on the screens. The audience response was very similar and I've watched it several more times over.

The characters, the conversations and the twists together form a genuine and intriguing film -- something we all could relate to and I truly believe some of the choice made are similar to reactions I would have in the same position.

This film is very human and very french - but worth every moment.

Please try it. Mitchell
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