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Supernatural: Safe House (2016)
Season 11, Episode 16
Absolutely Fantabulous
25 March 2016
OK first let me start by saying this is episode just made it to 2nd place in my top 2 favorite episodes of season 11. The Baby episode of course makes the number 1 spot. I absolutely love when they take it back to the beginning and it sort of feels like seasons 1-4 again. I love that sense of nostalgia I get when watching an episode like that and both Baby and Safe House took me there. First let me start out with why Baby is my favorite and then we'll get to Safe House. Baby is at the top for me because we got to see them relax and have fun together. We all know Baby is their "home" but in this episode it kind of makes it concrete...solidifies it. It made Baby a sort of safe haven for them, an actual 3'rd character. You see Sam and Dean laugh more than you've seen since season 2. And lets not forget when Sam called Dean, "De". We've always heard Dean refer to Sam as "Sammy" and I love this because it gives the characters history. "Sammy" is Sam's childhood name, you hear it in the flashbacks and according to Sam, Dean's is the only one who gets to call him that (Season 2, Episode 3 "Bloodlust") if you didn't get that reference lol. But in Baby, Sam returned the favor and spoke Dean's childhood nickname, "De". And even though we've only heard that once in 11 seasons, it came out of Sam's mouth so easy and natural that I can actually imagine Sam using that nickname over and over when they were kids and Dean doing whatever Sam wanted. It was just a great all around "bromance" episode that we've all been itching to see again for some time. Every scene from them washing the Impala, to them singing "Night Moves" to them having the "broment" in the car where Sam told Dean the truth about getting infected. The whole "Goodnight, Bitch" "Goodnight Jerk" bit we've all been waiting to hear. It was all perfect. As we know Supernatural is all about these two brothers so its only natural that this episode be my favorite of the season. Trust me though, Safe House is a VERY close second place--- Safe House is number 2 on my list because of course, its another nostalgia episode. Bobby was like the a father to the boys. Bobby was their go to guy when they were stuck on a case. Bobby was their counselor. He was their everything and he was everything to us as fans and it felt good to see him as himself and not some ghost or hallucination. His friendship with Rufus is the best. The shout out to Lethal Weapon as Lieutenant Riggs and Lieutenant Murtaugh had me dying of laughter! Their constant bickering is so refreshing and funny because you know they only do it because they love each other and you can literally feel their history when they are together. I loved the scene where Bobby goes "Are you getting soft on me, Rufus?" and Rufus goes "Yeeeaah, "soft" this!" and hangs up on him. LoL! I also really enjoyed they way they jumped back and forth between Rufus/Bobby version of the case and Dean/Sam version of the case. It was so seamless and easy. Also, I love when they throw in answers to questions from seasons LOOONG past but so far I haven't seen anyone else comment on the bottle of Johnnie Walker Rufus left in Bobby's seat at the end of the Safe House episode so I'm guessing I'm the only one who noticed. Does anyone remember Season 7, Episode 12 "Time After Time"? It was right after Bobby died and Jody Mills and Sam were going through Bobby's things trying to find info on a case they were working. They found a bottle of Johnnie Walker in a box with a note attached to it that says "Fine, you Ass! You win for once. Enjoy. R" and they were trying to figure out what bet Rufus lost to Bobby and now we know! They bet on whether the creature they were hunting was a ghost or a baku and Bobby won. I guess Bobby kept that bottle all those years because it was probably the only bet he ever won against Rufus lol. Both Baby and Safe House are just two all around good, solid, heart warming, tear jerking, take me back in time episodes. Sorry I get long winded when I talk about something I'm passionate about
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