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Outsiders (I) (2016–2017)
The series
29 February 2016
We watch this every Tuesday. It takes first place to anything else we do. It's no Sons of Anarchy, but... what, exactly, is that? I love Asa; hate Foster (with a passion); Love Lil'Foster (Opie - and who wouldn't? Love him no matter who he is); and that girl between Asa and Opie? She's FANTASTIC! Hasil is the best. I love this show... although there are some discrepancies... like where DO THEY get their gas??? Whatever.. this is the only show we make sure to watch every week besides 'Better Call Saul!' Apparently I've only written 8 lines which is all that I care to write now. But, unfortunately some dumbass requires me to submit 1,000 words or a minimum of 10 lines. While I'm pretty sure I have now written 10 lines... the 1000 words can pretty much kiss my ugly frickin' ass!
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