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Class: Brave-ish Heart (2016)
Season 1, Episode 5
The series continues in its failed attempt to appeal to teenagers
12 November 2016
Throughout this whole frankly disappointing series, the writers have tried very hard to make it appeal to teenagers. This episode especially tries to be "down to earth" and "streetwise" in its attempt to be relatable for teenagers, but its just incredibly cringy.

In no case is it clearer than when, talking about Lord of the Rings, they call it "some old movie my dad likes". I'm sorry, but teenagers don't view Lord of the Rings as an old movie that only parents like. That's stupid, and just one of many annoying cases where this series fails to be realistic with regards to teenagers.

This episode was just as terrible as most of the other ones. A series with lots of potential has been ruined.
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Class: For Tonight We Might Die (2016)
Season 1, Episode 1
Unbelievably bad,.. a great disappointment.
24 October 2016
I had been looking forward to this for months. I was a great fan of both Torchwood and The Sarah Jane adventures, and I also enjoy shows such as Skins. The writing in the first episode of Class was appalling. The characters are rushed, and the attempt to give them depth has failed miserably. The show is filled with plot holes and entire aspects are just glossed over.

Multiple people in the school see aliens, and multiple people are killed. Despite this, the police do not visit the school. In the next episode, nobody remembers the aliens, which is credited to the shoddy excuse of "selective amnesia". The writing is rubbish.

A promising show that has been ruined by poor writing.
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Fleabag (2016–2019)
Surprisingly Good
25 August 2016
When I watched the first episode, I thought it was terrible. It seemed like cheap comedy. I thought it was the crude adventures of a feminist bad-ass. But I enjoyed the second episode - and to my surprise I discovered that there were twinges of emotional depth to it. The characters weren't flat like in most comedy. By the third episode I knew that I wasn't watching crude or cheap comedy. This was well thought out drama, and surprisingly realistic.

What makes fleabag special is that it isn't set in a comedy world where all the characters are silly unrealistic people. They are believable people, in a believable situation.
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