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A movie that actually matches and lives up to the (uncensored) trailer
3 October 2018
First let me say, I DO NOT know any person affiliated with this film. Just finding out about it was by chance. So don't let my current South Carolina location fool you into thinking I'm supporting a buddy or buddies affiliated with this movie somehow. With that said...

This is quite a good movie if you like indie movies & exploitation films, especially one that at times seems like it could have been a lost gem from 30 or so years ago, though it's actually a new movie. The movie being one that was made in South Carolina, USA (Inman & Columbia) shocks the heck out of me after now having watched it twice. There is no CGI, at least not that I could see though if paused, there is one scene I noticed they erased digitally some small thing out of the picture. Good luck finding that though, it seems to be in one frame only in something that happened fast.

Here's a warning for some and for others, a heads up for more reason to give this watching. It has a good bit of nudity and it's full frontal at that at times (male & female too), there's a good bit of blood & also some gore scenes that are sick, some extreme deaths (I thought WOW on some), "drugs" and seeing young people not only doing "drugs" but doing what young people do when out having wild fun, some wacky religious freaks appear and become rather unpleasant to others and there is a strangeness at times in the sense like you get in the Japanese House movie but different (trippy, odd sort of thing at many times, hard to explain).

This had a small budget but one where they got creative with what they had and knew how to stretch a dollar but do keep in mind this is the director's first time trying to make a movie (a newbie at this though hard to tell when watching). Anyway, so this is not always perfect but most flaws are small things and/or fits with the look anyway (only 2 or 3 things really jumped out at me at first), so the small flaws that do exist usually work with it's style it went for and could even bed excused as purpose for most of them.

I've watched this twice in the last few days and I've had more fun with it than I have any big mainstream movie in quite some time. If nothing else, it's a great weekend fun flick.

You get some good extras though for me, the bloopers reel ruins a part in one of the deleted scenes I enjoyed a good bit though the blooper reel in of itself was enjoyable. You get that reel, 2 deleted scenes, the two songs played from the "live performances" see/heard in the movie but in full with watching them act it out as was in the movie though I don't quite get why the video footage for the one song was made to look so terrible (on purpose) and small. I guess to imitate a bootleg look. You the trailer for this and also for the Teenage Caligula trailer that was made just to get support for making Theta Girl and also you get commentary on how they made such a film like this with so little money & knowledge in a effort to help you do the same.

My least favorite part of the movie was what they used for the drug in the film and that's a small gripe to be the least favorite thing. Go to YouTube and see the uncensored trailer. It's just like that but more and the movie lives up to what you see in it and has the exact same look.
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Immature, absurd, ridiculous, hilarious dirty fun of an adult comedy for us men.
21 March 2018
If outrageous dirty comical fun that's full of ridiculous antics, tons of dirty innuendos, immature dirty humor, the scrotum made into aliens chasing some not so smart & hilarious women through the galaxy that happen to land upon the "alien planet" Earth, a rocking soundtrack and hot smoking women (with a healthy dose of T&A) sounds like he making of a good time, strap yourself in for this movie. It's a ride you won't want to get off.

I laughed so much at this Spaceballs sort of film for adult men movie (but not a Star Wars parody). I have laughed so very hard and still am laughing as I type. I've laughed at this more than a film has made me laugh in a looong time and it's fun and it's sexy!

If you are a guy, you gotta at least rent this (I GOTTA OWN THIS!, my viewing is currently only a rental). This movie is NOT a porn, not even softcore porn despite that it seems like it would be at first glance. It's straight up adult comedy aimed at men, well, many of us men and you don't get a chance to stop some of your laughs before others are piled on.

The trailer doesn't do this justice, not even close but I suppose to do that would kill the experience of your first unexpecting watch of it. Often a trailer for a movie hypes you up for the movie but leaves you so disappointed after watching the movie but this, this is the opposite of that. I wasn't expecting much after what I read and saw in the trailer but after just 10 minutes of viewing I was already like, I can't believe what I am seeing and I LOVE IT!

The only thing that could add to how much fun this is, how hilarious it is, for me anyway, would be watching Beavis & Butthead view it. Just the thought of that kills me, just like the pissing scene did in this movie as that scene had me in stitches & losing my breath in immense laughter. This is on that level of humor too (Beavis & Butthead) but much sexier and much more adult comedy type.

I'm not quite at the end of the movie yet but I needed a moment to catch my breath, so I'm doing this review while I do so. Even if the rest of what's left for me to see for some reason sucked, I'd still give it 10 stars just for all I have seen thus far though I have a very hard time seeing this doing anything but getting better as I finish my viewing.

While there's A LOT of nice T&A in this to see, that's not the strength of the film nor what it relies on, just as the rocking soundtrack isn't either but both help make the experience a great one. The humor is what makes this so great and the other pleasant things are just delicious sweet icing on this cake. The ridiculous dialogue will be immature stupid to uptight people, same with the silly antics but it's this absurdity of it all that is the real strength of the film, which will make you love it (or hate if you are one of those types). This is the far, far, far opposite of a classy film and I love it for that because it does it so hilariously well.
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It's so teasing but in a most excellent way.
29 November 2017
Loved this 3 minute morbid, blasphemous short film from Sodom & Chimera Productions. It leaves me wanting to see more of what they can do, a lot more. It's extreme but without using violence & gore to be so. Religious people be warned, you will probably hate it.

Be sure to see the description they put with it on Vimeo, where it's currently free to watch.
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Far cry from the type of movie to woo the critics but IT'S SO MUCH FUN!
20 November 2017
The movie starts off with a little bit of character development, to give some more story to the insanity that will be following. Expect a major shift a little ways in, some very good times to start when it reaches the point in the movie where it starts to deliver the goods at about a half hour or so in. Oh the glorious insanity & fun that comes up soon after (w/a lot creative ways to deliver the loads of blood & gore). This movie also fills your screen with full on frontal nudity from both men & women though it's nothing sexual happening, just people playing the part of nude cult members except one woman that gets, uhm, eaten, lol. It has a fun plot that this revolves around. The plot plays on a connection of drug use & drug dealing that's tied to an evil religious plot from the villain. This movie dips into a little blaxploitation and gets into a bit of religious exploitation you could say but not to be confused with being a blasphemous film though, darn it, lol. But hey, you get to see a woman with demonic horns for nipples. ;)

Many people will notice influences from various past films, so much so that it will feel like it's giving a nod to a lot of other good films that came before it but yet, remains to do it's own thing and not lose it's creativity while showing it's influences and/or nods.

The gore in this is spectacular and off the charts, just wild, creative, insane and over the top fun. I can't stress that enough. Often you will have your screen filled with "disgusting" scenes but so entertaining/humorous that you can't look away and will be wondering "what the heck is this going to throw at me next" on screen. A lot of the story and things I could describe would sound dark and morbid but it's actually more comic book like, really over the top and far from seeming like something dark & morbid though there's a hint of such in some scenes of some darker elements but nothing too long lasting or deep in that way. And that ending, that's probably the most dark/morbid part of the whole movie and you won't be expecting to see that when it comes but I don't want to say more to spoil anything. It's just off the charts as well but a bit in a different way than how the film had been.

Some example hints of what you will see in the gore dept here include a full on nude woman being eaten out, in both meanings of that saying. Another is when they pull a part of man's a** insides out through his a**hole and it's humorously sick to see. Another involves what I think was a sanding machine and another is a Gwar looking birth scene that's disgustingly fun and what happens after the birth is something a movie will rarely do due to being too much taboo for a film maker wanting to get into. I can only think of a couple films off hand that many people may have heard of that such a taboo thing wasn't shied away from.

Another thing worth a mention (especially because of the title) is that this movie uses some different neon color tones of lighting in some scenes that add more flavor to this. There's also some computerized effects used as well but only briefly in a couple scenes it seems. Don't worry, such is minimal compared to all the practical effects and it truly does add to the experience where used. You won't see much of that though except for the KILLER ending where it does use such more heavily but you will be happy they did so when you see that ending.

Oh and the movie has a few black actors, something I felt was nice to see in this type of film. I truly found that to be enjoyable (having at least a few black actors), especially with so many all white meat gore movies that are pouring out. Those actors did a good job in their roles too and added another level of entertainment to this. A couple of actors I didn't care for their performances and of course some people did way better than others and the one guy was great with his role.

Get with some buddies, light up the green stuff, pop open a beer, shoot up some "Neon Purple" into those veins ;) and have a good time with Dreaming Neon Purple. Even if you don't do any of that stuff and heck, the Neon Purple isn't even a real life thing, you are still in for a fun, wild ride. Now how that drug is made in the movie, that is quite an interesting concept. I wouldn't be shocked if some religious nut thought that stuff could be real just like some think the earth is flat, lol.
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