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Agent Carter: Monsters (2016)
Season 2, Episode 7
Way to go - Wynn Everett (as Whitney Frost) and Briget Regan (as Dottie Underwood)
18 February 2016
Wow! We missed all of the 2015 season but have watched every episode in 2016. Very entertaining and refreshingly unpredictable. We especially like Wynn Everett playing Whitney Frost. She is such an adorable and beautiful villain, and now murderess. Would be hard to believe if she weren't such a good actress. We are also enjoying Bridget Regan as Dottie Underwood.

Overall the casting, sets, acting, and writing are great. It really does look like the late 1940s. Every aspect of the show is perfectly done.

The plot continues to be engaging, We hope that the Agent Carter series returns next season and the Whitney Frost and Dottie Underwood characters are seen again. They could have a lot of interaction seeming to co-operate but then betraying each other all the while giving Peggy Carter endless hard times.
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