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Órbita 9 (2017)
super combination of love, mystery and Sci-fi
16 May 2018
I haven,t seen too much russian movie . But seeing this i am really impressed. The movie has everything that a Sci-fi lover wants. At the start it will look like an ordinary space movie with the loneliness of a beautiful lady. But soon the plot is twisted and takes turn to a different direction. All the way to the end it provides mystery and attraction in every aspect. It has free flowing loves and emotions , breath taking moments of struggle and misery and a lot of fireworks and actions.Clara lago in the character of Helena has done really good. She is pretty and has acted her part with no weak points.

The plot is the main concrete of the movie. It always changes to different direction and at last it has many surprises for you. I don't understand how a movie like this has 5.8 /10 imdb rating. This one certainly deserves more , at least 7 or 7.5 in my opinion.
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Battalion (2018)
A F grade action movie......sorry Sci-fi film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11 January 2018
You can barely watch this....rather can tolerate it.....only 10-20 minutes perhaps you will be able to watch it ...this is a real bad need to waste time on that. Ignore this one ....It has no science nor any real action...And the story is a nothing one...The acting is pretty seems that they have no idea about acting. I don't know how the director casted them. But they seem no nothing about acting. So from every side it is not a watchable movie.
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The Commuter (I) (2018)
A satisfactory thriller with a few distractions..........
10 January 2018
The movie is quite a good movie and i really think movie lovers should go at it . It is a thrill spiced movie with many suspenses and hidden turns in the story . The movie flows around a commuter train and builds all the potential actions and dramas around it. Nice to see Liam Neeson in the central role . He has done extremely well and he has delivered these stuffs to us for many times. Actions are pretty new and mindblowing. Action lovers will like it certainly. The only draw back is the monotonous story but the pace of actions and suspenses has overcome it at last . So my opinion is 8/10.
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The Post (2017)
Typical Spielbarg classic......
22 December 2017
After finishing the movie the first thought came to my mind is that it is another masterpiece from spielberg and his co. I have seen almost all the movies of spielberg and all those are always included in my favourite list. So i was eagerly waiting for another spielberg film as i know his ability and creativity . But this movie is far beyond the spielberg factor. Because the plot is a true event that discloses the original power and responsibility of press and mass media over our political and state life. It is a conflict that reminded us the true colour of anarchy and democracy, it's central effects in all sphere of life. It is a true inspiration of win of truth over power and bureaucracy. And who but Spielberg could have given this true motivational conflict into a proper dramatic figure along with Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep. Many will find this movie as a slow and old pattern movie but you have to keep in mind that these movies are to be opened slowly and steadily . The movie has gathered perfect pace with every minute and has created enough interest for audiences to keep them on their toes. This is a very furnished spielberg movie many other classics he has delivered....this one is a classic.
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A near perfect star wars of the best of this series......
10 December 2017
From all aspect this is by far the most attractive movie of star wars series to me. Not that i haven't seen all the movies , rather i am a real fan of star wars movies and i have seen all old and new movies very attentively. Also enjoyed those as well. But to me this is the movie of near perfection and ultimate action to go for.

This movie is about a suspenseful united adventure of rey and Luke with other companions after their entry to jedi world. This adventure is full of twist and turn and sets a real exciting space opera of high voltage conspiracy , actions including different space instruments and arms, and overall a composite world of fantasy and drama. Their adventure brings many past secrets to light and many hidden facts are revealed by this.

The movie is not absolutely concerned with actions and fantasy but it has a good build up of story around a very good plot and the acting as well as the direction , special effects are reasonably well performed.

Those who like to watch fantasy movie will obviously like it. But it is the star wars lovers who will enjoy the most.
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A perfect fantasy movie for all age.........
8 December 2017
Although this is a very enjoyable movie for the kids but i have enjoyed it quite a lot. A very good fantasy as well as adventure comedy movie.I remember an old jumanji movie of 1995 but this one is far better than that.

The movie is about the four kid who accidentally found an old game that took them into the world of game and full of quest to perform. Gamers will find it very exciting as these four kid runs through different experiences and missions to keep them alive. The movie moves forward along with the same pace of the game and finally reveals it's final stage.

The actions are quite acceptable. Some comedy scenes are very very amusing. Dwayne johnson has done really well along with his other three companions.This is not a serious type of movie at all. So please don't watch it seriously.Rather seat and watch it for fun. You will get lot of this from it.
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A classic movie.....Yes "Classic" is the perfect word.....
4 December 2017
Another masterpiece from the combination of Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis and reminded me about their last one " There will be blood ". But my opinion is this movie is even better than the first one .And i think most of us will admit this.

Why it is a classic?

I am referring it to a Classic as this movie has every answer to all of the critics. The plot is centered around a renowned dressmaker of Fashion era of 1950 in London.The movie has successfully shown the fashion types and patterns of London in 1950. It has all the classical designs of high society and it is very much amusing to see those in 2017.

Next the entry of a perfect quetie in the form of Vicky crieps. She has filmed the role of a glamorous women with all glows perfectly.Her dressing, impressions, expressions and activities around her own beauty is so eye soothing that it has added an extra flavour.

Now the main part of the movie which is an unequal affair between the dressmaker and the young lady. Their strong will, intense romance, breathless moments of pure expression all set in the fashion era of 1950 is very much mindblowing. The rest of the film is a real set piece to enjoy.

Daniel Day-Lewis is as excellent as ever in the central role. Direction is always perfect when Paul Thomas Anderson has responsibility of performing it.

When we say classic it reminds us "Godfather" or may be "The Shawshank Redemption" and so on. But you have to add this movie to that list surely.May be a fourth Oscer is coming for Daniel Day- Lewis....You never know....May be....
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A decent drama with glimps of mystery, action and family affair.......
24 November 2017
Basically this movie is a pure family drama involving the guilty father with his two siblings whose fate should be rewritten and rebuild after their misfortune. But when the movie slowly takes it's full course it seems to be a movie out of the regular dramatic boundaries. It has the mysterious search of a sister for her brother...has the story of battle between the society and two lone warrior ....has the actions of twentyfirst century...has the strong finish of total background.

Recommended to thriller lovers who love to see drama type thriller.
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Hostile (I) (2017)
An excellent struggle against all odds and ugly creatures of dark night.....
24 November 2017
Hail...Mrs. Juliette ....what a lone survivor...against all difficulties and danger...The speciality of this movie is this survival story with all those unfavourable conditions. Yes , I agree the plot is a bit more supernatural and superstitious but when you will see the movie you will find that it has been adjusted with the surroundings very well. Those unnatural power or killers or hunters coming at night for flesh and blood...Despite hunger and thirst her surviving for a longer period...A broken leg without any gangrene or complication inspite of not treated well...All will be very much possible to you..Such is the staging of this movie...

Another plus point is the director has been able to produce the suspense , horror mood or paranoidism whatever you say. So as soon as the movie starts it engulf you into a sac of attraction and you will find it very difficult to ignore that.

Lot of interest will be aroused around your mind about the finishing...about the after effect of juliette's life...her ultimate fate...these questions will draw you towards the climax of the movie...

This movie is a mixture of adventure...mystery and horror ...those who love any of this please have a go....
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God.....Save us from ordinary alien movies.....
22 November 2017
I am very much fond of Ridley scott's Alien and also james cameron's Aliens. But now i really hate these alien ideas as there are many real bad films have been made on Alien. This movie is the latest addition to this. The story is not too bad but the acting as well as the alien scenes are horribly maintained. No real drama or excitement in it. Rather you will find it boring just about 30 minutes after the start. Same old concepts of Alien invasion in the earth with those nasty Alien killing projects.

I suggest better to avoid the movie. It has no new joy or excitement to offer you. Alien fans will be disappoint if they watch this.
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An interesting story filmed by good hand.........
14 November 2017
Prior to see the movie i have never heard about this fascinating story of conflict and trade between Edison and Westinghouse. I found the story very much interesting and enjoyed every part of this. The whole team must be appreciated for their excellent try to transform this plot into a enjoyable , slow paced drama. There are many small battle which sometimes remain undecided..sometimes goes in favour of either one. With these personal and economic battle the movie moves towards the end. Good to see these type of drama movies in between other type of movies. This is totally different from many other movies of 2017.
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Another Masterpiece from Wayne enterprise and co.........
13 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Like many other i have waited eagerly to see the movie and truly i am not disappointed at all. Always love to see these super hero movies and their actions, adventures and supernaturalism. And it is a movie providing more than one of them. So i was so excited to see Batman,aquaman,The flash, Cyborg and my sweet prince Diana (wonder woman) all together under one umbrella. All those gadgets of batman, Raw power of cyborg and aquaman and soft , volatile touches of wonder woman...Man these are really fascinating.

Apart from superhero angle here are many positive side of the movie to be discussed.

The Plot :

sometimes it has been seen in the past that these movies concentrate so much in actions and special effect that they put little concentration on the plot. But this is not the case here. It has a good solid plot with a violent villain and his large team of warriors. The story has enough to give the movie a perfect concrete base.

The suspense :

There are not a lot of these as it is not a thriller. But enough to keep you at the edge of your sit while you are watching this. Many turns and twist present in the course of it to overwhelm you.

The Action :

Always the strongest X factor of these superhero movies and this one is not an exception. Those actions consisting of our favourite heroes against Steppenwolf and his army of parademons..Man i have really enjoyed them...You imagine Aquaman stabbing enemies with his Trident of neptune, Cyborg smashing them with mass power, The flash hurting them with electricity, Wonder women gal gadot destroying with gymnastic move and Batman with new Gadzets to surprise the enemies...There is all to go for.

The Bonding :

Most of the movie has shown a settled and perfect relation between batman and wonder woman to save the humanity. Batman has performed his role of a leader perfectly by keeping them like a bird's of same feather.

Acting :

You can never complaint about acting when there are Ben Affleck as batman, Gal gadot as Wonder woman and so with others.

Excitement :

Believe me the whole movie is a nutshell of excitement and pure joy.All the way to the end when boss fight occurred the movie brings much more excitement than "Batman vs Superman."

Special effect :

Always like to see those special effect in warner bros superheroes.Mindblowing action scenes with newer weapons and artillery is well documented by the producers.


considering all these aspects of this actionpacked assembly of superheroes we finally can say that this is a much more admiring performance comparing the latest antecedent " Batman vs Superman " . It is much more satisfactory and enjoyable...Rest is the fatal attraction of our superheroes...You can not ignore them...Can you????????
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Wonder Wheel (2017)
A good thriller with female agenda of conflict and love.......
7 November 2017
Good to see kate winslet finally in a role that has snatched every aspect of her acting ability successfully. Earlier in October i saw the movie " Mountain between Us" in the hope that after a long time i will be able to see something good from kate. But you all know it was disappointing. So at the start i was not so much positive about kate in this movie. But soon i realize she has done a descent job as a wife of carousel operator, as a secret lover of a lifeguard and a opposition of a teenage love mind seeking the same man for love.

Apart from kate other actors and actresses has also done well. The plot set against an Amusement park in Coney Island is real good and it has got good depth in both writing and executing emotions from them.

The time of the plot was in 1950.Always like to see those past times,their existing fashions, motions,life styles,thoughts and backgrounds in films.

Over all a good drama or thriiler you can say that has ability to capture you and your thoughts. Only faults can be said are it is not a fast movie with lot of incidents happening rather it is a movie of friction between minds with a descent angle where you will slowly sink into the moving waves of it.
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Sweet virginia- A tale of betrayal and violence.......
5 November 2017
Starting with violent crime scene the movie slowly gains pace and entrance into it's main plot. The plot has great depth with lot of facts hidden into it. It is a complicated story full of layers containing many many unpredicted truth. Those are the main attraction of this whole film. These type of thrillers are always slow and some may find this a bit boring and lenthy. But it has much more compact resources to overthrow the slowness. It can draw you into complete sense of joy when you will finish it.

But there are also some limitations. Some dialogues and scenes are too long and unnecessary regarding the context of the movie. Some times the movie is out of tract with unrelated characters. Overall the movie is average with some glimps of thrill in it....
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Thelma (II) (2017)
Super women with super suspense.......
5 November 2017
A wonderful combination of mutation, mystery and revolutionary scientific thoughts and ideas. All the way to the end it blasts through some premature human reflexes along with their dreadful consequences on the mind of a young female student. She suffers from several unwanted and uncharacterstic cellular actions that totally destroyed her life.These changes sometimes organic and sometimes mental..Those are beyond the limits of medical laws and equations..Only can be explained by some complex rules of science. This is where the movie stands extraordinary to me. As it slowly created the background where the plot has reached it's peak and then has revealed whatever thoughts and answers it can provide the audiences. The director has done efficiently the full work of creating mystery and then unfolding it. And this excellent work has been accompanied by the ruthless as well as splendind acting of the participants.

Those like to watch sci-fi movies specially super hero or mutation like X-man movies will enjoy it surely.
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Singularity (I) (2017)
Rise of machines with ultimate judgement day.........
3 November 2017
In many thoughts this movie is a combined idea of Terminator the Rise of machines and the judgement day. Only the time machine part of terminator is absent here. It also starts with the applied use of a supercomputer to control human beings. But as we know the machines always rise above the humans it is also not an exception.

Although many audience find boring to see these type of robotics Sci-Fi as they all share a more or less common idea. The first part of that belongs to the Machines and their domination and the second part reflects the fight back of man. This Sci-fi also goes in the same orbit.

But some things are different here. It is more concern with human bondage and it lacks of heavy machinery apparatus that frequently unloads the movie. It has made a good combination of action and slow rising tensions between computer and the survivors of human being..So you will not find the movie as only a sci-fi rather it is a mixture of drama, romance and hardwares and softwares also.

Those who like to see Robotics Sci-fi will enjoy it surely. The Terminator series..Ex machina..Blade runner..Robo these are liked by you then you are the candidate for this movie...Rest of all i am not sure.
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Agatha Christi's "Murder on orient express " Novel (10/10)......Kenneth Branagh's Movie 9/10
3 November 2017
We always do the same mistake when a movie is made following a best selling novel is that we compare the novel and the movie. But we must keep in mind that novel is always superior than movies in many aspect.So my earnest request to the audience please don't compare it with the novel. When you compare you will loose the momentum of the movie. Because it is an excellent movie...A pure crime thriller of pre modern era. It has suspense as well as buried past mystery of all the passenger's life. This made the detective process more complicated.

The movie has many aspects to cheer about. It has a good portrait of some 18 th century look with all those etiquettes and manners. The movie is fully loaded with the part part story of different suspects that made it difficult for the audience to guess the final answer.

As you know most central roles were done by excellent actors and actresses there is no complaint about the acting. All the acting was very much splendid. Only it can be said that they have done it a little heavy. The dialogues are sometimes a bit too much for the audiences to capture.

Over all the movie is a little slow..Like the thriller movies of early 1960's or 70's . But it has many good things to offer. A group of excellent actors together with a fine plot and diffuse suspense has made it a good enjoyable movie. But as i said it is a bit slow and dialogue dependent movie some viewers may experience it as a boring time. i have to say you had better show some patience and you will find the gold. This is A movie that can shake you when you will watch it even for the second time..Imagine what will happen when you go for the first time??????
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2 November 2017
I tried to write the summary of this movie for three days and still i have not found the correct words to connect them in order to make a sentence capable of expressing the quality of it. I have written the summary many times and i have erased in every occasion. So i decided to show some dots in the summary. That is the symbol of how excellent the movie is.

The plot :

The plot is very much uncommon. it has so many facts that it offers you a guessing 2 hour while you goes through the movie. It provides enough backbone to the rest of the element of the movie. It creates a concrete base upon which the movie stands firmly.

The mystery :

As the movie deals with a murder it contains enough mystery to shake the audiences. Scene after scene all this unpacked. But they have to wait till the end to solve the puzzles.

The resistance :

The movie is about the resistance of a mother. It starts with the desperate mission of a mother to bring the killers of her daughter to light. Those billboards, the sudden attacks, burgaining against the local authority.. all these are the part of a resistant mother which is also the part and parcel of the movie.

Acting :

Acting in my view is up to the mark. Frances Mcdormand is exquisite in her role as a mother seeking justice. Others have also come to the party.

Direction :

This is the characterstics of the movie i was most impressed with. Although the plot and the acting is out of question but it is the director who has the sole credit to connect all this. He has slowly but cleverly unfolded all the sector available. He is good enough to make the movie what it looks like in the projector. He has turned the raw materials to a mature masterpiece.

Questions and answers :

last of all the main event is the answers of the question that were aroused during the first session of the movie. You have to wait to find the answers. This waiting makes it more attractive.

So clearly it is a movie of great quality..a bit older type..but you know old is gold..
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Mayhem (2017)
quick start.....Dull finish...
1 November 2017
The movie starts with a good activity and sudden accidents. An unknown virus spreads quickly across a office and along the virus the movie kicks off very quickly with some real firework..all the events occurred within first hour of the movie..all with great pace and creates much much interest in the mind of audience..

But soon the diversity of action and thoughts diminishes..chaos and violence begins to take the upperhand..More and more ordinary killing scenes appears..scenes of flesh and blood.. many will find them intolerable..hence the movie loses it's track.

Towards the end some glimps of brightness and good climax arrives..But not enough to really surprise the audience..

But if we see overall composer of it then we find this excellent start is neutralized by the sudden drop at the end. Still it remains in the positive marking. If we substract the bad and good of this film the answer will be + . so i suggest you to see the film and make your own rating
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An immigrant and dark thrill and Ana Asensio complete package.........
31 October 2017
This is a different type of movie all together. Not a normal thriller movie of recent time. With lot of mystery it involves the misery of a Spanish immigrant and her struggling life. She suffers to meet her daily needs. She does anything to earn money.

This movie is associated with the dark side of rich people of Newyork city. Along this it also creates an interesting environment and lot of suspense about the torturing process of the rich people. All the way you are not sure what is going to happen next. What violence is going to grab her.

Ana Asensio deserve a lot of credit as she is the writer, director and the central role of the movie. First of all she has written an extraordinary script mixed with sorrow, pain,sufferings,horror and violence. Next she has directed the movie pretty well as the movie starts with the simple story of the immigrant girl but soon reaches it's pick when the original game of shadows started to flourish. And finally as an actress she has created perfect moves to draw the figure of the emotions and tears of the central role.

Some audience may find the movie a bit harsh as they may find it difficult to tolerate the cruelty of human mind arising from the darkest side of our mind. Some may find it a notorious movie as there are several near nude and seminude scenes in the film. But apart from all this it is an excellent movie of saddest aspect of the immigrant life with a lot of appeal and mystery as well as thrill in it.
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A story of success , Struggle and love..........
27 October 2017
A movie of passion, occupational conflicts and real contradiction. As a real life drama it is very good. It reflects every corner of human life. A life full of uncontrollable emotions..A mind with ups and downs..A thought without proper destination. This type of dramas need a good submerging plot and this movie has got it surely.

It starts with the story of a female architect. Her successful carrier and her decorated life. But soon the life is doomed with her several conflicts..Conflicts regarding her work...her personal relations..her personal life...her struggles and frustations. All these makes it a complex form of daily life. The ultimate question arises about her survival against all odds..all these negativity of her life.

Those who likes to see action and thriller movies will find a little interest in it. But those who like to see dramas and also like to explore the human expressions and emotions will enjoy it. It has no mystery or high voltage special effect to entertain you. But it can make you really nostalgic. It can touch your mind and can produce emotional outburst from you.

Stephanie Beatriz has done well in the central role. I have never seen her before. But in this character she is quite well tolerable and her expressions, cry, dialogue delivery all make the film more attractive.

Most of our life are full of success and struggle. This movie is also such type. So in a nut shell it can be said that it is a movie of our life..It is a movie made for us....
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1945 (2017)
A high quality western by hungarian hand........
27 October 2017
Always like these western movies. They deliver such a different taste..a unique environment..a stylish set of actions with different artillery.. a bunch of heavy dialogues..over all a movie of high intensity and motions...

This movie is of no exception but it is a pure western set in the nature of hungarian soil. It is about a two strangers and their series of actions to override the current situation.

Not much western movies are made now a days. Some made are not pure western. Rather they are mixture. But this one is a pure western with all the heats and posture that we saw in great western movies.

Western have to put this one in your watchlist.....
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Lady Bird (2017)
Love Bird.......
27 October 2017
Lady bird is a movie about a young woman and her struggling mother. Saoirse Ronan has done the central role of the movie. She is very free flowing actress and has transformed herself in the character of a teenage girl having full of dreams , fluency and lot of life. Her activities and reactions everything has made the movie a good comedy drama. Director Greta Gerwig has directed the movie very well.

Those who likes to see comedy drama will enjoy it. It has no hard actions but it is full of small emotional fights of mind. Good to see this type of movie in this high action packed era of films.
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The Bachelors (2017)
Average......But Enjoyable......
26 October 2017
A father who is also a husband looses his way of life as her beloved wife suddenly dies. He and his son tries to overcome the sorrow. So they decided to leave the place where their memory haunts them. The father took a teaching job in an institution and soon they recover the tragedy. Two young women become intimate with them and they help them in their rehabilitation process. In short this is the plot of this comedy drama.

The story is a common one . This is why i have told it an average movie. But when you will watch this you will find inspite of it's ordinary plot it is entertaining. The activities, dialogues,actions,and total combination is quite good. There is a lot of fun as it is a comedy movie also.

Small incidents that occur in the movie has been chained in one frame by the director. Acting is also not bad. Together with all these factors it is a pure comedy drama with full house fun.....
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Jigsaw (I) (2017)
Zig Zag saw.......
26 October 2017
Although IMDb has demonstrated it as a crime , Horror and Mystery movie after finishing the movie i personally think that it is a psycho thriller movie. It has all those elements of madness and violence that a psycho movie has. But still whatever may be the genre it is undoubtedly an excellent movie to watch. One of the best in 2017.

When i first saw it in the upcoming movie list it attracted me with the name. Then i have waited for it to release and finally after a long waiting i have the opportunity to see the film. And truly after so many expectation the movie is quite capable of fulfil those. Always expected movies are not good and sometimes they really fail to hold the audience , their expectation. But this one is exceptional.

The movie is about a man named Jigsaw who has been dead for ten years. But soon he comes to the light as a murderer as many bodies are found all over the town. The mystery around the death of jigsaw and also the causes of mass death is the main attraction of the movie. It leads the movie to a breath taking climax full of action and surprise. You can not predict the ending and this is the beauty of watching it.

Apart from all of its excellent aspect the movie has some limitations also. It is full of some violent and bloody killing scene...Many audience specially female may find it intolerable and nasty. The director has tried to give it a horror flavour but failed to elicite it. This movie has no need to be a horror movie . ..It is a thriller they should have avoided this horror try.

From all these discussion we can come to a decision that Jigsaw is another success of 2017...
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