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Roller-coaster of emotions
23 April 2016
This movie has one of the best acting I've seen on-screen since a big while and it was certainly a very welcome surprise coming from newcomers! They even manage to get you crying at the cheesiest lines. This movie is that depiction of true love that gets you through roller- coaster of emotions, loads of bawling (keeping a tissue box nearby is recommended!) and gives you hope that talented people like them still exist in Bollywood! The characters of the leads also seemed to be inspired from the Beauty and Beast pair; with the guy as the "Beast" type - emotions hidden inside and tough-looking outside, and the girl as the "Beauty" type- the intellect with the hidden virgin beauty. I do not agree with the Aashiqui comparison though because this movie got me crying whilst Aashiqui didn't as such but then that's my personal experience. This is very under-rated!! I highly recommend this; make it a must-watch ^^ ~
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Shadowhunters: Bad Blood (2016)
Season 1, Episode 8
Getting better and better!
4 March 2016
Even with all the supposed complaints and how bad this show is (reviews of people who watched only the first few episodes) I feel like this is so much more now. Wished more people would give it a chance. As for, me,i'm already a hooked fan. You can really start to feel the chemistry between Jace and Clary. There were rather interesting Malec and Izzy- Magnus moments. It was also a nice touch to include the falcon story and Lightwood family history. Dialog getting way better along the way too which is a great plus for a book-fan like me. Book-fan or not, it think everybody will be able to enjoy this.

I'm also posting some into the quotes section, check them out ;)

Thanks :D and happy shadow-hunting! :3
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Shadowhunters: Major Arcana (2016)
Season 1, Episode 7
Officially fan of Shadowhunters!
26 February 2016
Sure the first few episodes had me skeptic about this TV show (also owing to the fact that I've read the books!) However, I think it has finally found itself. I loved this episode! Kat definitely got better at acting (her acting is now very less cringe-worthy. Loving the TV Jace (yes he is kind of different than the book jace but he's still just as awesome). Alec.. Do i need to add more? *__* (love love love!) Emeraude's doing Izzy real time justice (finally!). The dialog is better now ( I added some quotes in the Quotes section,feel free to check them out^^). Overall, this was a nice episode. The only thing that needs big time revamping is the special effect (but then,this is TV..). I am hooked and looking forward to the next episode! xo

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Shadowhunters (2016–2019)
I've reached episode 7 ....
26 February 2016
Annd I'm loving the show! I don't want it canceled!!! I am also a fan of the books and I think the show is doing good in its own. Well there are changes but if you just ignore the obvious ones (FBI quarters for the institute- overwhelming technology), you'd find it is a nice watch!. Sure the actors did take their time in the first few episodes to get the characters well but they are now! Even Kat's gotten way better than the first episode. EXit the mushy dialog and welcome a few lines from the books and some other great (more like the characters) dialog! I assure you that this has gotten better since then. I want this show to continue for other fans out there like me please. Haters do not let this get canceled because you do not enjoy it. If you don't,just ignore it. Thanks! xo

#Go #Shadowhunters
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Shadowhunters: Of Men and Angels (2016)
Season 1, Episode 6
Best episode so far..
19 February 2016
This is the best episode so far!And it did a good job at answering everything a TV-show fan (not someone who's read the books) could have been curious about so far. WE get to see a younger and fierce jocelyn, young Luke and his transformation as well as Valentine before he became 'astray'. also some awesome Malec moments <3 and i think it would be fair to say the Lightwood family stole the show here! Kat still remains the weakest actor on set but i do see her improvements. Max was really cute and just as i imagine him to be (except for the glasses).I also really enjoyed the Simon and Jace moments- with simon being more daring than his usual self (but we already know why). So hooked on this show now! Def looking forward to more *__*
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Shadowhunters: Moo Shu to Go (2016)
Season 1, Episode 5
Shadowhunters is definitely on a good (as if way better than the pilot) track!
9 February 2016
Shadowhunters is definitely improving whether it is acting-wise or concerning the plot or concerning the dialogues(yep it certainly does help to include the lines from the books!!) I know I've said this time and time again but tbh the (FBI headquarters like) institute still gets me cringing and wanting to forward that image away. I've grown quite comfty with the cast but i think Kat has still yet to become Clary for me. I'm loving Simon,Alec,blue-eyed Jace and not to mention this was the first episode(for me) when i saw Emeraude finally demonstrate her acting skills!I don't really like that they're dragging the arguments between Jace and Alec into every episode but i can get over that since its not half-bad. This episode introduced the werewolves and Maryse Lightwood(Alec and Izzy's mom and the head of the Institute). Again the special effects really need a good revamping but it was still acceptable. The werewolves actors were not that bad. Maryse Lightwood came to me as being too cold,like way too cold but she was fairly portrayed so there's that. Additionally watching some Malec and Climon is always enjoyable, plus Clace's kinda getting better.(This is kinda hard for me to say since in the books i was all for Clace!) Overall, this episode was not better than its precedent but more-or-less the same level. Shadowhunters is proving my decision to continue watching it right and I'm really glad for that. #TMI #Shadowhunters #BookFan #TMIfan
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Shadowhunters: Raising Hell (2016)
Season 1, Episode 4
Best episode so far..
5 February 2016
This was by far the best episode. It is definitely improving and on the right track now. Acting is less cringe-giving. The only complaint i have is the weak dialogue now. And it still feels weird to see the FBI-like quarters as the Shadowhunters'institute but its kinda ignorable i guess.. In this episode, i loved Alec, his timid smile , his Alec-shrug, Matt's definitely a way better Alec than the one in the movie and he's doing Alec justice. I'm disappointed they're letting Izzy be like just a fashionista,no acting improvement from Emeraude (she only talks and smiles basically .-.) Simon was already the best from the start and Jace's kinda growing on me. Kat's acting is kinda getting better but she's not really Clary yet to me. Harry's getting there but not quite as good as Godfrey was but i'm willing to give him time since he's not the worse on the show. We finally get to see some Malec action,a tad bit more Clace(less cringe-worthy than the last episode!)and Izzy-Alec moments. My fav part of this episode was definitely Malec <3 I still don't absolutely love it but i don't hate it either and i'm a huge fan of the books. I'm def gonna be giving it time. Watching this now i want more!! #Shadowhunters #TMI <3
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Shadowhunters: Dead Man's Party (2016)
Season 1, Episode 3
Shadowhunters seem to be improving ..
26 January 2016
Tbh the first episode of Shadowhunters was a huge turn-off, with the overall bad quality of the acting,effects, among others. The changes(like making their place be like a background from FBI quarters,like seriously? x.x) didn't really help either! However it seems that gradually the acting and the effects are improving, which goes to show that they are getting to know how to exploit the potential over there. As a big fan(the books had me hooked),i'm content with this and continue to hope they'll keep on improving and not stray too much from the books(and maybe try to amend the óverly 'çrowded FBI/mission impossible quarters background'and all the tech,which in my opinion is just too much) I was really skeptical about Camille and Raphael but the actors did justice tot the characters :'] Finally some chemistry(sparks?) between Clary and Jace,Milliorn was not as bad as i thought he''s be and Simon's being pulled off great!Im giving this a generous rating also because i want this to continue(hopefully will keep on improving) #TMI <3
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