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Aloha (I) (2015)
30 May 2015
OMG what was Cameron Crowe thinking? He wasn't during the making of THIS film. I love all of his films. Please explain what happen to the far-fetched film.

You placed some of the best actors in a film that was literally thrown together/apart!

Bill Murray seemed aloof/stoned whatever.

The "not talking" parts and then the subtitles were not really funny. Or was it suppose to be funny.

And, do you really think our military can be that stupid, or no one in Hawaii could figure out what was really going on? Maybe Mr. Crowe was trying to show how stupid everyone was!

WE all love Bradley Cooper's eyes. We get it. But how many times do you need to zoom in.

Oh yes, at the very beginning of film when they were zooming around Cooper and Stone with the camera. (I think hand held) I was truly getting Dizzy.

I am so sad that this film just did not connect!
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The Help (2011)
Best movie Oscar Award winning for 2011
11 August 2011
THE HELP movie captured so much of the book and the essence of the story. I believe there are several actresses in this movie will be up for academy award/s as well as the movie.

I truly felt the passion of each and every actor and the part they played. I felt I was in Jackson with the characters. I cried, I laughed, I felt empathy. I witnessed the ignorance and the stupidity.

Several cheers for getting it right. I will definitely recommend this film to all.

In this century we still witness racism. This reminds people of the hypocrisy we still have in our nation and what people need to do to stand up to it.
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Hustle & Flow (2005)
a must see
27 July 2005
I have only seen two great films this year. "Crash" and I just saw "Hustle and Flow". It just so happened that Terrance D. Howard is in both. Now that is absolutely great acting. Not just by him, but by the other actors too. What a raw and real film. After watching this, my husband said he has a better understanding of RAP also. There better be some awards around the corner for this film and this actor. Brewer has captured something both in the writing and directing. An athlete would call it "Being in the Zone".

Kudos to Brewer and the crew.

Jo Ann A. , Huntington Beach, CA
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