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Super 8 (2011)
-met every expectation.
8 June 2011
SUPER 8 Advance Screening Passes!!! FOR TONIGHT AHHHHHH It pays to be in the Spielberg-JJ Abrams fan club!!!

After the screening > 930 pm: I am so EXCITED to see SUPER 8. Steven Spielberg is the reason why I love movies. His blessing, influence, reminiscent of Goonies/E.T are all over Super 8. Just the music from the trailer gave me chills, took me back to the 80's. - incredibly nostalgic wild, adventurous thrill ride to follow these kids, who are fun, innocent with BIG HEART!!! -honestly don't expect big explosions, expect a hearty story. -it's not about the monster, instead it's about the characters, Love, loss, grief, fear and letting go. If you know, followed jj and his shows, then you know his central idea/subtext, LOVE. - ahh love interest....Speilbergian sentimental moments ....aww -Totally miss sandlot, stand by me -complete utter homage to 80's Spielberg E.T, Goonies - Cinematography by Larry Fong -monster designed by jj's regular make up Neville Page (star trek, cloverfield, avatar, watchmen...) -music composed by Michael Giacchino (alias, lost, fringe, cars, The Incredibles...) channeling Spielberg's music buddy JOHN WILLIAMS - Am I watching E.T No I'm Watching Goonies....AHHHHHHH -awesome feeling like I was watching E.T/Goonies for the first time. so much love in this film -Congratulations JJ and Spelberg for reminding us why we all love the movies! -E.T. Extremely Terrific. - The best sci-fi thriller of the year -They just don't make them like this anymore. -met every expectation.
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Fred Durst
27 July 2009
First of all, I love high school/college setting, dysfunctional family and coming of age drama. Despite having the elements in this film, it was missing lot of chemistry between the actors, the time period didn't fit the screen, wasn't really impressed by the lens/filter or the cinematography. It would be amazing if Gus Van wrote/directed this film.

Nevertheless, I do have to praise Fred Durst for evolving. He has come long way from directing music videos to the big screen. He displayed so much maturity through music choices in this film and long drone camera staring into the characters. Also, to get a dramatic gig like this film and to bring forth so much emotion off the characters/story was just good for Fred. He really tried to capture the mentality of teenagers/young adult. it was very good first choice for Fred Durst. I am very much impressed by his first attempt. (o yes I love the guy, he was so humble and awesome guy when I met him at TRL in 2003)
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