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Lost potential from the over-convoluted plot-issues-filled writing
19 October 2018
It's a shame this film lost major potential to be great from the over-convoluted plot-issues-filled writing.

Was this a sci-fi? Was it a horror? Was it a mystery? Was it a romance film? It tried to be all of the above, but failed miserably by taking the novel by Daniel Waters, and hacking it into disabled screenplay by actor turned writer Jason Fuchs.

The 98 min length was too long and should have been edited down by cutting the unnecessary plot issues and fill in some missing gaps, and had the pace sped up a little.

The directing by Scott Speer however was excellent, the cinematography great and the acting fairly decent. Location/sets were amazing and the visuals on point.

Sadly, it's only a generous 7/10 from me.
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I couldn't see myself liking this film, but I did.
17 October 2018
This film had none of the traits I look for in a film - suspense, thrills, drama, action, fast-pace, etc... or in other words, your typical big budget Hollywood blockbuster. Yet I was still drawn to it for it's complexity of the four very different yet typical, oddball and not really even ordinary people.

The pace was very slow, but the interesting story, spotless directing, decent cinematography, great acting and perfect score were enough to keep me drawn in.

This is clearly a low budget indie film with C and B list actors - the only big name actor being Jeremy Irons (and Jane Seymour in a very small role), but Alex Sharp and especially Analeigh Tipton, were just perfect in portraying their characters in this film, as was Jeremy Irons.

This film is not for everyone (it wasn't for me), but I still enjoyed the romantic and character conflicts. It is heartfelt and heartwarming with some dark humor here and there. Reviewer zoeparry-94573 basically took the words right out of my mouth. I would still recommend it to those who enjoy a film with substance.

A surprisingly well deserved 8/10 from me.
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The Rookie (2018– )
Wow, much better than I was expecting - thus far.
17 October 2018
At first I thought "no please, not another cop show" and I wasn't sure about Nathan Fillion as a cop. But I must say, the directing is spot on, and the writing is refreshing - especially the relationships of the rookies and their T.O's, their relationship with each other, the conflicts they have to deal with, and the use/views of the body cams. Also surprisingly, Fillion is perfect for this part and nails his role, and all other actors were perfectly cast and also are great in their roles. I especially appreciate seeing the various parts of L.A. and the different people/conflicts the LAPD has to deal with - outside and within the force. So far so good, let's hope the writing progresses as good at the pilot was throughout the season. A well deserved 9/10 from me.
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Cheesy writing with lame humor but still fun only because of Kunis
16 October 2018
Mila Kunis saved this film as best as she could and was way more funnier and entertaining (also not a comic) than comedian Kate McKinnon who was stale, annoying and "a little too much". The writing and humor were lame but some fairly decent action scenes. Enjoyable if you're bored and have nothing else to watch. 6/10 from me.
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It's ok, nothing extraordinary.
14 October 2018
This was a low budget weakly produced film that is highly predictable. If you see the trailer, you've seen the entire film.
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Look Away (2018)
A surprisingly well done low budget psycho-thriller
13 October 2018
Novice (only his 2nd full length film) director, writer and producer Assaf Bernstein did a fantastic job with this film. Outstanding directing and cinematography, perfect score, and great acting by all cast especially India Eisley in her double role. Sure this story has been done before in many different ways, but I still enjoyed the constant thrill and tension throughout - even during the predictable scenes. The set locations (home and school) were great as was the winter scenery. I felt the length was too long for the pacing, and should have been edited down from 103 mins to 80-90 mins. Otherwise a great low budget production by Assaf Bernstein. A well deserved 8/10 from me.
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Unconventionally entertaining and Cage nailed his role!
12 October 2018
Not sure why everyone is hating on this film.. I tried to, but just couldn't hate it. Instead, I got into the theme and started to enjoy it.

When it started, it certainly looked cheaply produced, but as it progressed, I could look past the flaws and it grew on me as a cult comedy thriller. People need to compare apples to apples.

Clearly this is not a big budget Hollywood production, but instead a cleverly written and well directed film, and gained my respect when I found out this was amateur writer/producer/director Maria Pulera's only second film she's ever made. I've seen much more seasoned writers and directors unexcusabley fail on many occasions. Yes, her inexperience in directing her cast is evident, and the screenplay could have used some tweaks, but the directing was on point and the story itself rather unique in a raw, funny and sexy way. Kudos to her for creating something so entertaining on her only second film.

This was the perfect role for Nicolas Cage, and I'm glad he took the part. I can't see anyone else playing his character as good as he did. This is not a blemish on his resume but a victory. Bravo Mr. Cage for entertaining us as you did! Penelope Mitchell was also great in her role. I did however find it odd that half way through the film, Franka Potente developed an accent. Something the director should have picked up on. The cinematography and editing were also done well, but the score however was annoying and very out of place in certain scenes.

Otherwise, this film was surprisingly entertaining. Ignore the wannabe critics, watch it with an open mind, remember this is an amateur filmmakers 2nd film, and don't nit-pick. I'm sure you will be entertained and enjoy it as I did.

A well deserved 8/10 from me.
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Searching (III) (2018)
Outstanding story uniquely directed
11 October 2018
Novice director and writer Aneesh Chaganty make his first full length feature film debut and hit it out of the ball park. With only a handful of directing and writing credits being short film, the story and how it was uniquely told was outstanding.

This film is a great story shown in a FPV format as a viewer would see it in front of a computer. The twists and turns are perfect and displayed really well.

This film was much better than I expected, and even though it's no huge Hollywood blockbuster, it certainly is a suspenseful low budget thriller produced perfectly.

A well deserved 9/10 from me
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Knuckleball (II) (2018)
One of the better B-grade low budget films I've seen in a while
10 October 2018
This film was better than expected. It certainly is no Hollywood blockbuster, but clearly a well made low budget film that used its budget wisely.

The directing was great - especially the camera shots and angles. The cinematography was perfect for the landscape. Even the score was surprisingly great for a B-grade film. The 89 min length was perfect as was the pace. The writing was good, as the tension was constant throughout the story, but I would liked to have seen a bit more 'pow' in certain scenes - maybe more of the creative Home Alone antics.

Nevertheless, novice director/writer Michael Peterson who's resume is mostly short films and documentaries did an outstanding job with this film.

Aside from well known actor Michael Ironside, the rest of the cast are pretty much C-listers as I've never heard of them. All performed quite well, with the exception of Chenier Hundal as the dad who I felt was too bland and seemed as if this was his first acting role.

Otherwise a very good film that I do recommend. An honest and well deserved 8/10 from me.
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Black '47 (2018)
So slow I had to fast forward 2x-4x and I didn't miss a thing
8 October 2018
96 mins felt like 3 hours in this film. The scenes were way too long and the pace way too slow. This film should have been a 1 hour TV film. The authenticity of the characters and sets/locations looked great, but the character development I was looking for was absent. Directing was adequate although poor in some scenes. The cinematography bland - was it a B&W film or washed out colors? Either way, it could have been done better using filters and better lighting. The story itself was good, but the screenplay was flawed with major plot pacing, omissions and issues. Editing could have also been much better. Would I see it again? Nope. Would I recommend it? Probably not. 5/10 from me.
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Ozark (2017– )
Perfectly cast and brilliantly written thriller
4 October 2018
After watching season 1 I gave this amazing series a 9 for the somewhat slow pace in the beginning, but from the last two episodes of season 1 and the rest of season 2, this deserves a 10/10. The writing is outstanding right down to every detail. The cinematography on point. Every actor was cast perfectly and performed great. Directing was excellent. Can't wait for season 3+! A must see series!
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Molly (II) (2017)
When a bunch of amateur filmmakers decide to make a film, a 5th grader can do better.
1 October 2018
I've heard enough whining/whimpering sounds from a teenager in this film to last me 2 years. What was the point of this film? Most of this film is irrelevant dragged out ridiculous fighting scenes with the worst choreography I have ever seen.

A teen girl named Molly has this deadly power simply by yelling/screaming, yet only uses it a few times, but instead she manages to beat up/kill every adult 3x-plus her size and weight throughout most of the film - and makes constant whimpering sounds in doing so. 75% of this films dialogue is her whining when fighting, walking and breathing. The other 25% is the lamest dialogue you have ever heard. Who wrote this garbage?

And the the horrible acting by everyone else in this film... total amateur hour! The directing was such a mess that even two directors Colinda Bongers and Thijs Meuwese didn't even know how to hold the camera. Fake schoolyard fighting with half the choreography missing! Scene shots with the bottom have of a relevant scene missing. I could go on and on.

This film had the dumbest plot to go with the worst writing, lamest acting and atrocious directing I have ever seen. This seems like the worst high school drama class won the lottery and made this garbage. We don't know how Molly got her power, and we see some irrelevant flashbacks that don't conclude.

I get this is a low budget film, but where did any budget go towards? It wasn't the acting, choreography, wardrobe, effects, writing, directing, editing or sound... I'd say $100 maybe towards some 1970's robotic arm and some green "quarantine" tape. I've seen an entire film made in a phone booth that was Oscar worthy.

Ignore all the fake reviews above a 5 and don't waste your time with this horrendous mess. I give it an honest 2/10 only for decent cinematography.. that's it!
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At First Light (I) (2018)
A very well made teenage sci-fi/romance film
29 September 2018
I'm 49 and saw this with my teenage kids and I must say, I enjoyed this as much as they did. If you're expecting a huge Hollywood blockbuster production, this isn't it, but it was still a surprisingly very well produced overall low budget B-film. It was very well directed and fairly decently written - aside from a few plot holes and issues. The cast were all excellent and convincing in their roles. The cinematography was on point, and what little SFX there was, it was done professionally, not cheesy like some recent sci-fi's I've seen. This is a fun and entertaining film for the entire family. It certainly leaves the door open for a sequel, and I hope they do make one. A well deserved 7.5 rounded up to an 8/10 from me.
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The Padre (2018)
All around fun in this cat and mouse drama
29 September 2018
Director Jonathan Sobol nailed this film with exceptional directing, as was the screenplay and cinematography. The scenic photography stills were great for showing the landscape, but I feel the images were too lengthy and some unnecessary that added to the somewhat slowly paced 98 min length of the film. Had the pace been slightly faster and the film edited down to about 80 or so mins, it would had been more suspenseful. The flashbacks where well placed, but should have been a little more detailed.

Tim Roth, Nick Nolte, Luis Guzmán and especially Colombian actress Valeria Henriquez nailed their roles, and I don't think this film could have been cast any better.

This is one of those films that was done so well, you really couldn't decide who to route for, and I found myself going back and forth quite a bit. A great fun film that is well deserving of my 8/10.
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Inhumanity (2018)
Too long, slow pace, convoluted plot, C-grade film
27 September 2018
With the 8 reviews, I'm probably the 2nd honest review as anything above a 5 is a fake review with a new account and only this film reviewed. I can't stand when the producers think their viewers are stupid enough to believe the lies they are posting. I may have given this a higher score, but need to even the score, so it only gets a 3 from me.

This is a low budget C-grade film with no name actors. The film is waaayyy too long at 2 hours and the pace is ridiculously slow until some of the action starts. The plot is very convoluted and needed to be cut/edited better. The directing and cinematography were decent, but the writing was flawed. The ending makes you feel unsatisfied that you wasted your 2 hours for nothing.

Pass on this film unless you enjoy reading fake reviews and want to laugh at them after seeing this film. It's a 3/10 from me.
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Hotel Artemis (2018)
I really enjoyed it... better than most of the garbage coming out lately
27 September 2018
Shocked at the low score and haters for this really entertaining film. Writer and making his major film directorial debut Drew Pearce, did an outstanding job on both fronts. The all star cast where excellent, funny and entertaining. The cinematography was perfect and the sets where on point. The story was done really well considering it was primarily based inside one floor of a building. Much better than I expected. A well deserved 8/10 from me.
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I want my 109 minutes back!
26 September 2018
Shocked at all the great reviews and high score. This film was just plain stale and boring with no background story nor introduction, climax or resolution.

The only decent acting was by Thomasin McKenzie. I'm a fan of Ben Foster but he did not shine in this film. He was unconvincing as a loving father and the bond was just not there as it was coming from his daughter. Perhaps that's how his character was written, and if so, that's a huge writing flaw.

The directing was ok but flawed with the overly dragged out scenes. The writing however was terrible. Perhaps it was the sleepy pace and way too long run time of 109 minutes for such a boring pointless story. This film would have been better off as a short. The editing failed as well, as this film needed either major cutting or more back story - if it was edited out of course. If not, then the writing was worse than I thought.

I get that he had PTSD but the story could have been told much better and in a shorter time such as one of my favs, Man Down with Shia LaBeouf.

A generous 4/10 from me.
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Intense and produced/filmed really well
26 September 2018
This is not your typical Hollywood production, but wow was it produced really well.

The score was perfect. The setting outstanding. The cinematography on point. The acting by all cast - even extras (mostly ex-convicts) was very convincing and intense, and Joe Cole nailed his role. The directing was fairly decent although the last fight scene was just too many close ups.

My main beef is the writing - either bad editing or cutting by the director. There were too many scenes that were missing info, such as what did the letters from his dad say? Why even have that in the film if it wont be elaborated. My other beef is the lack of subtitles where subtitles were needed (90% of the film). I'm not sure if it was my copy missing all the important dialogue subtitled, or the actual film, but I was left unsatisfied not knowing what everyone was saying, or at least many important scenes.

Nevertheless, a really intense film based on a true story, filmed really well overall. A great watch, especially if you're into the martial arts and Muay Thai. A well deserved 8/10 from me.
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Final Score (2018)
Not too shabby!
23 September 2018
Good story, great directing, decent action, perfect length and pace, adequate humor - most of the time, and mainly good acting, although Bautsita should have shown better combat fighting instead of sorrowful sighs when getting hit. And the chicken and life story conversation with Brosnan whilst his daughter was caught was a little lame. A fun lazy-day watch nevertheless. It's a 7/10 from me.
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Never read the book or saw the first film, but this story was dumb
22 September 2018
I'm not sure what the budget was for this film, but I'm guessing it went towards the cast and not the sets. For a futuristic sci-fi, there was noting futuristic except visuals on buildings. No effort to even make the fire truck look modern. Then there was this story about burning books. I've read reviews that this film failed the book and original film, and I hope that's the case, as this story was just plain dumb. Going after dilithium crystals so Scotty couldn't get the Enterprise going would have been more interesting and exciting. The acting by the leads was good, but I fell they could have done better... maybe lack of direction. The camera work however was very good as was the cinematography. But the pace was too slow and the 100 min felt like 200. This was a very unsatisfying story with only the ending being submersive. 4/10 from me.
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Mandy (I) (2018)
Outstanding film near perfection for being only the second film by director and writer Panos Cosmatos!
21 September 2018
WOW! A perfect blend of arthouse and grindhouse horror by newcomer (only his second film ever on his resume) writer and director Panos Cosmatos! I'm confident we're looking at the next Quentin Tarantino!

The directing, visuals and cinematography were sheer perfection. Yes, the story is nothing original, but to play it on the screen as he did was simply outstanding visual art. Even down to the details of attire, costumes, set details, locations, camera angles (even inside the car driving through the woods), gore, S/VFX, etc were all on point. WOW.

At first I wasn't getting into the story as the score was too loud and obnoxious and I was getting tired of the slow pace and slow motion scenes. I feel the first half of the film could have eliminated these features until the thrills had started - enough to make this seem like your typical story until the need for revenge act started, and then BOOM, hit the viewers from all aspects that made this film what it will be known for, a cult classic. But when the thrills started, wow did everything fall into place! Aside from that, this film would have been perfect in every aspect.

It was perfectly cast and Nicolas Cage nailed his character that I feel it's his best performance ever - even Oscar worthy! It's been over an hour and I still can't get this film out of my head, it was that good! I sure hope there's a sequel or two or three as this film has enough of a following to demand more of it. It simply thrills all your senses and leaves you wanting more.

A well deserved 9/10 from me and 10/10 for both Nicolas Cage and Panos Cosmatos!
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Race and politics aside, this prequel was awesome!
19 September 2018
I can't believe all the hate this film has over race and politics. People need to chill out, sit back with a beer and popcorn, and enjoy a film for its merits. All these 1's and 2's are seriously undeserving.

Firstly, the writing was on point and probably had a better story than the other installments - all of which were written by James DeMonaco. It was a great way to set the stage for how the purge all started. This one actually had a full blown story with lots of action, thrills, suspense, horror and romance. Sure, there were some cliches, but still very captivating and entertaining.

Then there's the directing which was great considering this was novice director Gerard McMurray's 2nd full length feature film behind two short films. He did a better job than some seasoned directors messes I've seen lately.

The acting by all cast was excellent - not one actor was unconvincing. I also enjoyed the fight scenes and the VFX and cinematography were all on point.

I hope they come out with a sequel to this prequel on how the purge finally became mandatory nation-wide leading into the first film.

I'd watch this film again and recommend everyone watches this with politics and race aside. It's an all-around great film with a perfect pace and length, and it's a well deserved 9/10 from me.
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Warning Shot (2018)
Convoluted writing and less than adequate directing leaves you unsatisfied.
18 September 2018
This screenplay was a mess. Boring and unnecessary dialog that will leave you shaking your head. Who cares about water rights? Why did the one guy want to be a Dr. Phil and psychoanalyze the mother with "who cares" questions? How many times do we need to correct "gun" to "rifle"? Was this supposed to be humor?

Novice writer Breanne Mattson should just stick to short films, or at least needed to edit this down to 65-70 mins, not the 90 mins that felt like 120.

There was no real plot to this film, just a bunch of useless conversations with poorly acted "thrilling scenes" which I'm guessing novice director Dustin Fairbanks' inexperience failed to direct his actors.

David Spade wasn't bad for a serious role, but Tammy Blanchard and little Onata Aprile nailed their roles. James Earl Jones and Bruce Dern's small roles were decent but nothing extraordinary.

You'll probably want to pass on this film, as the trailer was way more exciting and pretty much is the entire film. Otherwise be prepared to fall asleep from boredom.

A generous 4/10 from me for the only 5-10 mins of good tension and the gals' acting.
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Well alright, alright, alright.
17 September 2018
This film was just alright. Its pace was way too slow and the writing was sloppy and all over the place. But what do you expect when the writers only have TV series experience and suddenly have to fill 110 mins in their first full length feature film.

Director Yann Demange also has limited directing experience only having directed '71, of which he did a great job, as he also did in this film.

Had the acting not been as good as it was from the lead cast, this film would have been a flop, although I feel Richie Merritt's character should have been played by a more seasoned actor with some personality. Perhaps the producers where more interested in upholding the real life Rick Wershe Jr.'s personality. However, Bel Powley as Rick Jr.'s sister nailed her roll.

Nevertheless, even with the overly slow pace and lack of thrilling scenes, still an interesting and enjoyable film based on a true story. It's a 7/10 from me.
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The Predator (2018)
When Black & Dekker make a film, my power tools are more exciting
15 September 2018
Shane Black (director/writer) and Fred Dekker (writer) wrote a film about as exciting as a power drill. This is by far the worst Predator film I've seen, and it's a shame it will be a smudge on some of the all star cast, as even they couldn't save this. From the opening scene into the first 5 mins, I knew the writing was sloppy and convoluted. Plot issues everywhere. And the lame humor... I'm a huge fan of Keegan-Michael Key, and maybe they cast him for the humor, but even he couldn't make the lame comedic writing funny, never mind the rest of the cast and their one liners. The score sounded like a 5th grade production. The directing and editing was sloppy, but what do you expect when one of the original Pred actors decides to write and direct. No wonder Arnold turned down the role unless the script was re-written. They should have chosen a different name for this film and changed up the alien costumes to have avoided the failure and embarrassment calling it The Predator and insulting the franchise. A very generous 6/10 out of sympathy for the all star cast wasting their talents due to a lousy director and writer(s).
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