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2 January 2006
Man, this movie freaks you out, no matter who you are, it does! And on most parts it really is scary. The girl who plays Emily on here is a very good actor, and you will definitely think so if you watch this. You really need to. And there is probably two funny scenes I think. But overall, this movie is amazing. It's just about a girl getting possessed by demons. And a determined woman tries to defend a priest because people are saying he practically did it to her, because he did an exorcism on her. Just watch it and you'll probably pee yourself! I know I almost did. And you'll probably have to sleep with one eye open the night you watch it.
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Searching for David's Heart (2004 TV Movie)
really good!
22 December 2005
I seen this movie on Disney, and it was so awesome. That took a lot of bravery to go about 4 states away just to find who got your brother's heart to see if he or she began to like what your brother liked. But then, she found out that they were still totally different. And I thought it was so touching, also. And I say if someone watched this movie, it would probably make them cry. After a long journey, a girl thought it was wasted, but then she found it in her heart to apologize to the boy who got her brother's heart for totally getting mad at him for supposedly "being stuck up and not appreciating what he got." So some people learned a lesson, and some would just not understand, but then again they did. So anyway you spin it, this movie could touch someone, and change their lives in a way.
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