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Not really that impressed
13 October 2019
This struck me as an extremely shallow look into the prerequisites for winning the presidency, and the continual lighthearted quips if anything only serve to reinforce that this is nothing more than an amateur's glance into what causes one man to win over others.

I'm not wholly surprised given its short length, but I had hoped it would take itself more seriously, perhaps focusing at the details involving a few select elections through history instead of grabbing mildly interesting facts piecemeal from across time. I suppose this is probably aimed towards non-American audiences, but even as a Canadian who never learned much of American presidencies in any of my schooling and more or less had to teach myself, this was simply not worth my time. Many of the pieces of information gleamed from this can just as easily be found in some US politics trivia book or website, and one wonders if the interviews had the actual meat of their contributions cropped out of the documentary for the purposes of keeping it easy for the layman to understand, or to simply cut down on run time.
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Don't Watch This (2018– )
They did warn you in the title
4 November 2018
The first three episodes are debacles even by amateur cinematography standards. The fourth is fairly basic and the writing is tolerable; it's a lot closer to what you might have expected in terms of quality.

The fifth is a Queer Eye version of the American Psycho opening scene and is hilarious, but I can't in good faith rate this above a 1 lest I encourage people to give the other complete wastes of time a watch.
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