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Inspector Lewis: Reputation (2006)
Season 1, Episode 0
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31 July 2006
I can't improve on "brainbiter's" comments except to say Robbie (Kevin Whatley)showed great emotional expressions again as he did in the Morse series. You want to be a friend and console him in his loss and explode in quiet anger at the new supervisor. Proud when he shows his hand with the wedding band still worn. How well he brought back the respect and honor due to his lost partner but showed a willingness to accept a new partner even being threatened by a scholarly mind. Well done to you new writers and cast members. I look forward to new shows. How fortunate we are to have Laurence Fox playing DS Hathaway, another believable partner to Inspector Lewis.
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New Moon (1940)
Not the best but still a very good movie!
22 July 2005
New Moon is filled with great music and lyrics. Nelson Eddy's fine looks and body language will turn on the ladies in my opinion. Only in hindsight of the full collection of their movies I found this movie looking like a training ground for both actors. However their embraces and smiles at times told me they enjoyed each others company. For a while many thought of them as lovers outside the films. I have often commented to my wife in saying "How could you not fall in love with a leading lady like Jeanette MacDonald singing those wonderful songs." I would highly recommend "New Moon" and all other of their movies. My favorite is The Girl of the Golden West.
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