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Abby Hatcher (2018– )
A fun series of colorful creatures
6 January 2019
Following the success of the Pokémon series of Japan in the late 1990s, various studios started making shows about creatures with special abilities to rival it. We got Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Monster Rancher, Digimon (and its many spiritual successors), and the Lilo & Stich series.

As the Pokémon series is still relevant today (not to mention that Pikachu has a film which will be released later this year), some studio working for Nick probably decided to make a show as an answer to it. Thus we have this show Abby Hatcher which happens to be made by the same people behind the successful Paw Patrol series.

The show Abby Hatcher centers on the eponymous character who's tasks involve rescuing unique creatures called Fuzzlies whenever they're in distress. When I say the Fuzzlies are unique creatures, I mean we have a blue rabbit that could fly, a raspberry with long flexible arms, two felines with extendable bodies, etc.

At a glance, the show looks a little feminine in style. But because the characters are balanced, I'm sure both boys and girls would appreciate it.
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002 Video Game)
One of the toughest Xbox games I've ever played
7 July 2018
Over the years, games in the Grand Theft Auto series have enjoyed large sales. Because of this, I got a little curious in the franchise. After briefly researching about the game series, I played a Game Boy Color version of the first installment online. The game was fun but my interest dwindled because it has a lot of bugs.

Some time after I bought myself an Xbox 360, I got the Xbox version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. I was slightly disappointed that the game cover is just an orange background with the title instead of the one featuring faces of some of the characters. But anyway, the game is pretty much the same as in all platforms.

While Xbox 360 is backward compatible with some Xbox games, the software-based compatibility isn't perfect in some of those compatible games. As for this one, things like missing vehicles at the save scene, and freezes occur once in a while. But those didn't stop me from enjoying the game.

As with all games in the Grand Theft Auto series, the player plays an antihero, which in this case Tommy Vercetti. Missions in the game include slaughtering certain individuals, bombing certain places, and doing theft. I guess that's okay considering, a lot of people in Vice City are lowlife.

Something tells me that whoever designed this game probably likes the color pink. I mean the title "Vice City" is pink. The aura that you'll enter to play a mission is pink. The radar that tells your position is pink. Even the message that tells you if you fail or succeed in a mission is pink. I don't know why but I like it.

Of all the Xbox games I've played, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the toughest. Difficult missions in the game include having to gun down a dozen armed thugs, using toy helicopters or toy airplanes to bomb things, or trying to escape a lot of cops who want to play bumper cars with me. However, I was able to complete it.
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Peter Rabbit (2012–2016)
Where are the shoes? Are the animators blind?
20 October 2017
Looking back at the original illustrations by Beatrix Potter, you'll notice that Peter not only wears a jacket but also a pair of shoes. After Potter's book became such a hit, various versions of the tale where made. Some very faithful to the original, and some not so much. While the creators of this show did a good job in giving the rabbit his iconic blue jacket, I was disappointed that they (probably) forgot to give him shoes. Where are the shoes? This obscene flaw is something that has been done in a number of renditions of the tale. I suppose those who made those renditions have bad eyesight, and didn't notice Peter has shoes in the original story. It also doesn't get any better in this generation as Sony will release a feature film depicting Peter Rabbit but also following a similarly obscene direction.
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The Ultimate Test Of Skill In Platform Video Gaming
16 October 2017
Platform video games are games where a player controls a character to move from one surface to another. The controlled character attacks enemies either by jumping on them or attacking them in some other ways. Anyway, if there's a platform game that really test a player's skill to the limit, that would be Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind. Why do I think that? Well, because a single hit will cost you a life, this means you'll need masterful maneuverability and reaction for this game. Memorization is also required as enemy projectiles can come unexpectedly. While this may sound too challenging, it's not that hard once you get accustom to it after taking it slow and doing things one step at a time. As an advice I would like to give to those interested in playing this game, the glide isn't just for going down slowly or reaching places that are too high to jump but for a number of things (too many to say). And as to what I can say about the graphics and sound, it really good for games of its time.

PS: I once finished the last four levels of this game without using a continue which is why I wrote this review.
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The NES Game
28 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Before Rocky and Bullwinkle enter the 16-bet era through Genesis and SNES, they made their video game debut in the 8-bit period through NES. Despite sharing the same title as the Genesis and SNES versions, the NES version has different gameplay and different storyline.

In the NES game, the story starts where Bullwinkle finds out that some late rich relative of his has cash waiting for him to collect. As he sets off with his buddy Rocky to collect his cash, obstacles on the way include some villainous couple who will try to steal it. In playing the game, the player controls Bullwinkle but can also switch to Rocky. Both playable characters attack enemies by hurling bombs.

I for one am not a fan of the Rocky and Bullwinkle TV series. I don't think I'm interested in seeing any of the episodes either. While Rocky has a voice that isn't very authentic due to being played by some old trollop, I'm so happy that I don't get to hear it in this game which lacks voices. While I have played a few NES consoles in the past, I played this game online. During the early times I played this game, things were tricky, and I had to do a lot of saving. Though I completed it, I continued to play the game a few more times. But as I got better over several weeks, I managed to complete the game again but without doing any saving. With regards to the game, it's not perfect, but I do find it enjoyable.
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Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 Video Game)
The Beginning Of When Some Childhoods Became Permanently Ruined
5 May 2017
After displaying greatness in the fourth generation and sixth generation of video games, the game makers of the Sonic franchise went on to create a Sonic game for the seventh generation. Bizarrely, they used a title that was used by an early 1990s Sega game. Well, it's amazing that the new game didn't cause any confusion.

Although this is just another 3d Sonic game, the game also marked the beginning when certain things are changed forever. And that change certainly isn't a favorable one.

When Tails started speaking in early Sonic TV series and games, his speaking role was done by young boys. It's really traditional and best to use boys to play boys to reflect them. But when Sega took the absurd step in using old bimbos to be Tails, it was never the same. And that absurdity started in this rubbish. Once a bimbo took over, more bimbos took over to this day.

As a gamer who adores Tails, it's really disheartening to know that Tails, who is a boy, will have his speaking role done by undesirables who aren't boys seemingly to no end. Oh Sega, why are you doing this?
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Conker: Live and Reloaded (2005 Video Game)
Gamers Will Never Adore This Mangled Character
22 December 2015
Conker used to be a very decent character, and was featured in games for all ages. But for some irrational reasons, his creators corrupted and turned him into a demented freak. Perhaps turning that rodent to how he is in Conker's Bad Fur Day was a mistake. Perhaps the sales would have been far different had the programmers stuck to the more family-friendly Twelve Tales: Conker 64.

A few years later, the programmers created a remake of the dirty game and titled it Conker: Live and Reloaded. Here they try to clean things up by censoring the ugliness from the early game. I'm not sure if any of that helped as the remake did not achieve best-seller status (selling 1,000,000+ units). The remake didn't even achieved Platinum Hit status (selling 400,000+ units within its first 3 quarters of release.

I guess all these show that the idea of turning a nice decent critter into a dirty psychotic is nothing more than a disgusting travesty.
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