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Screwed in Tallinn (1999 TV Movie)
A small film about solitude
30 January 2006
One of the best movies ever produced in Sweden.

Of all the movies I've ever seen this one stands out as the most unerring description of loneliness. The characters are all incredibly well directed and thought through and they all contribute to the pictures uniqueness as a whole. The movie is about an arranged date-trip to Tallin; 20 some lonely swedes takes the chance in hope to find the love of their life.

Even though this movie contains numerous classic one-liners and solid dialog the honest reason of this movies wide popularity (in Sweden of course), especially among the youth, is probably that we are able to laugh at something so tragic. We all fear being single our whole lives and we all fear being in the situation that these men are. It's a comic relief. And it's absolutely brilliant.

I sincerely think it's one of the best movies ever.
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