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Downton Abbey (2019)
A fantastic trip back to a favorite place
13 September 2019
I have to say it's everything I had hoped for as a fan of the series. I'll try to stay spoiler free here, but all the favorite cast members get a new arc or a continuation of where we left them. From Lady Mary to Branson to Mosely, the gang's all here. The new cast additions liven it up, from the Royal staff to Princess Mary to a nice performance from Imelda Staunton, who's playing a role far removed from Umbridge as Grantham cousin Lady Bagshaw, another foil for Maggie Grace.

Go see it, please. If it does well enough we may get another one!
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Another good show cancelled before its time
18 November 2015
I was one of the few people who liked this show from the onset. I'll watch pretty much anything middle ages, and with other shows like The Last Kingdom and Vikings already on TV, it seemed like a ripe time for another one. While the show title was a little long winded (and might have something to do with the show's lack of appeal to some), the amalgamation of the conflict of Gnostic vs Roman Christianity set in 14th Century Wales made for an interesting premise. Maybe if the show was called Love's Crusade, or something, it would have caught on with a wider audience. I was impressed by the range of the actors, especially Katey Segal, who I didn't recognize until a couple episodes in! Stephen Moyer, Lee Jones, Sarah Sweeney, and the murderously brutal shepherd Darren Evans were all great to watch as well.
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