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The Land of Unlikeable Characters
15 September 2018
Although Ben Mendelsohn does a good job, this movie is full of extremely unlikeable characters with no motivation whatsoever. I didn't really understand why Anders Hill did everything he did throughout the movie, and the same goes for every other character. The editing is pretty poor too; so many badly edited shot/reverse shot cuts. The music is fine and so is the writing, but it just tries so hard to be another American Beauty.
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13 Reasons Why (2017– )
An overrated mess
30 August 2017
13 Reasons Why is one of the most overrated Netflix shows of all time. Although Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford give decent performances, the show's pacing, writing and character arcs are terrible. Each episode is one hour long; primarily because of the fact that Clay will not listen to the tapes. This makes the show a ten hour drag, with each singular episode focusing on a different person related to one of the 13 tapes. This gives the person very little character development, and by the end of the show I didn't care for any character, except for Clay; slightly. The first episode is pretty decent, with the suspense and pacing being built perfectly. However, following this everything begins to go downhill and it becomes another generic teen drama. I do believe though that people are simply rating this a 10/10 because of it's importance, and not because of the substance in which the TV show lacks as a whole.
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