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The Real (I) (2013– )
Boycott Tamar!
17 November 2015
I gave this show a 5 because Tamar really brings down the value of this show. Tamar and her ghetto-ratchet personality drives me insane and I really want more for and from this show. It has so much potential because I LOVE Tamera, Adrienne and Jeannie. Loni is OK, she kind of corny but she reps for all the plus size chicks with a sense of humor. But Tamar really takes away from the show. Her character is not 100% clear. She tries to mix classy and ratchet and ghetto with the lame lip smacking and it's just all confusing and annoying. I want to be able to relate with what she is saying and/or understand the point of view she is trying to convey. She needs to either be replaced or they need to make that seat a rotating guest. Her seat seems like a character that brings the rough around edges type of opinion with the ultimate, blunt "REALness" the show is going for. A few good recruits would be: Da Brat, Keisha Cole, K. Michelle, Lil Mama, Lauryn Hill, Brandy, Janelle Monae, Keke Palmer, Tatiana Ali, and Kristina Millian. I chose these ladies for the fact that they are artists so they can bring that "entertainer/singer" perspective. Also, the actresses I think would be a good try because they would just make it more interesting. Please consider and reach out to these women!! I'm sure the rest of the world would rather watch any of these ladies instead of Tamar. That's all!
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