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Low expectations meant the movie turned out to be good.
13 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I went to watch the Little Vampire without much expectation. As a matter of fact, the moment I saw the opening scenes, I said to myself "I don't like it". But I spoke too soon when I saw the picture unfold. The animation is pretty modern, I thought.

I'll try and retell the story in a way to me that makes sense, but without giving out specific details. So, beware, this is laden full of spoilers.


In the beginning the theme appears it might appeal to Harry Potter fans -- and I am not a Harry Potter fan. A particular character captures my attention, and ought to capture the attention of the audience. This character, our prime protagonist, Rudolph draws attention because his social behavior differs from the rest; radical individualism I suppose?

We learn that he is trying to break free from tradition; a tradition set for him to keep him safe. He wants change. He wants to grow. His older brother Gregory taking that charge of change, Rudolph is left to witness the price of breaking free from tradition, and soon the entire clan is unsafe; a certainly unfamiliar situation.

In order for Rudolph to get used to the unfamiliar situation he meets a boy Tony Thompson, a vampire enthusiast by accident. Rudolph also spends a lot of time flying outside, something his father has forbidden him to do. Although the difference between him flying then outside for fun, and his role in flying in the movie has its purpose to help the story move on. Rudolph also spends more time enlightening his family, kind of like the philosopher of the Plato's cave allegory.

Rudolph may have not seen it, but he learns a lot from Tony Thompson, and thereby help Rudolph achieve growth he earlier wanted. He learns stuff like "cool" and "sick", words which Rudolph at first takes too literally. Meanwhile, Tony Thompson's parents makes comments throughout the movie how Tony Thompson is growing and being mature. The friendship of Tony and Rudolph stimulates their own respective growths.

Rudolph may have gained so much growth, but in the process, he lost his home. It's a historic home of 300 years or more, thus the lost of it could be in human terms mean the destruction of heritage sites. Contrast the historic home being destroyed in seconds by modern technology.

With the help of Tony however, Rudolph and the clan were able to revitalize vamparism by taking over a Castle-Inn. To me, this is rather sad, because the couple who owns the Castle-Inn appear to be honest Christians. The owners however rarely have guests, so it made sense to Tony for the vampires to occupy it completely. Caveat for the vampires however is that the Castle-Inn has too much garlic.

With the vampirism revitalized by taking the Castle-Inn, the only difference with this sort of vamparism is that no humans shall be victimized; sucking blood from livestock (cows) suffice.


The film thematically presents cultures (Romanian Transylvanian and German culture) and its interaction to technologies (Maney's technological ingenuity being used and abused by Rookery's zeal to destroy Vampires which bordered on unethical; if it meant killing a human child to stop Vampires, Rookery would do so).

There also seems to be some sort of Romeo (humans) and Juliette (vampires) misunderstanding between humans and vampires. Rookery, hotel owners, and Tony's parents don't perceive vampires too well, except for Tony Thompson himself. The entire vampire clan maybe mainly Rudolph's dad and mom, don't like "mortals". Rudolph initially didn't trust mortals neither. The German uncles of Rudolph however were more friendly to mortals, having waved at Tony in the beginning.

The movie is funny. Lost in translation situations between Rudolph and Tony are funny. Maney and Rookery interactions are funny. Rookery trying in vain to capture but only to get defeated is funny (i.e. when Tony switched the alligator clips for a circuit, to destroy the source).
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The movie didn't necessarily make me into a brony but... (possible spoilers)
4 October 2017
The movie is great and is praiseworthy. The animation is engaging to the eye, and it enables to arouse interest in going along with the characters & plot.

The characters are great, such that there's a diverse disposition for each array of character. This is probably an exaggeration, once you realize in the end that Fluttershy is voiced also by the same person who voiced Pinkie Pie, and Apple Jack & Rainbow Dash being voiced by one person as well.

The main character is Twilight Sparkle (consistent enough with the movie poster), and we get to explore her power as a princess, which is Power of Friendship. The antagonist is a new/guest character named Tempest (Emily Blunt), a disenfranchised pony who has become calloused and driven. If you don't care about My Little Pony at all, Tempest is the powerful character you'd like to watch. The character of Tempest however will take you on a journey to an unexpected destination, because Tempest's interaction with Twilight Sparkle becomes very important. Another antagonist, Stormking is just as important as Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and Princess Candence.

There is a cat character, Capper, who you'd soon realize is a smooth talking cat. Capper would fall into the male prototype character category in the midst of female characters, worthy of their fancy, disdain and then fancy again.

There are various absurd situations (mostly because of Pinky Pie) the characters are put into, and as a group, you are able to assess, compare and contrast the reactions of each member of the group. Again, the animation conveys the situation well, and because of its comical effect, it engages the mind into hilarity.

The movie is quite an adventurous one, and would appeal to any audience other than young girls. The plot is a rather good one, and the pacing moves along quite well. For those who have seen adventure films before, one may realize that the movie captures recognizable thrilling, and momentous stages of an adventure. Again, the coloring of each backdrop, background, is lucid & vibrant, with a great use of acute hues.

The animation quality of the movie is good; it appears to be a mixture of rotoscoping, mixed with 2D hand animation (I guess by computer). The coloring is with a balanced saturation and hues.

I could digress about the movie in its trivialities, but in summary, the movie is great. I enjoy it. It didn't make me into a brony though (that's probably because I don't know what brony really is or what he does).
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