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CSI: NY: The Closer (2005)
Season 1, Episode 22
Micheal Clarke was the sparke
1 December 2015
The A-plot concerning the murderous baseball player did not engage me nearly as much as the B-plot of Mac second guessing himself forced to consider the possibility that Quinn Sullivan was innocent of the murder with which he was charged. Micheal Clarke Duncan deserved an Emmy for Best Guest Star Drama. His interplay with Gary Sinise was theatre on the small screen, a stage play with cameras. This was CSI:NEW YORK at Its nascent greatest. Not just a great sweeps episode, but a classic episode in every sense. Nowhere did this episode miss the marke, not with Micheal Clarke, he clearly was the sparke, knocked it right out the parke. When I heard he died, I popped in the Season 1, Disc 6 of the DVD & watched it again. A great loss on all fronts. I then watched him again in the film that was his big break, as Bear in my Criterion DVD of Armageddon. Micheal Clarke Duncan was a man of talent, a wealth of range.
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Cold Case: Soul (2009)
Season 7, Episode 4
Hit me up with that blues flavor!
23 November 2015
A gem of an episode. I found this episode to have been the installment to capture the Philly Sound. New York, Motown, Memphis, LA, Nashville, New 0rleans all have their musical signatures, but Philadelphia had a vibe all Its own. This episode did well in tapping into the feel of the 70s. It also had a great closing number with I'LL BE THERE by THE SPINNERS. A great song, a classic and a hallmark of the Philly Sound.

0n an unrelated matter, this episode was preempted a week because of football running long, supposed to air Sunday 0ctober 18th, 2009 but aired instead on the 25th. 0n the other hand it still aired in Canada properly without sports-related interruption and I living in New Jersey was able to watch it online on Monday 0ctober 19th allowing me to skip the rescheduled airing.
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CSI: NY: Vacation Getaway (2010)
Season 6, Episode 23
The end of the line.
4 November 2015
While most fans count this as a great chapter in the saga of Shane Casey, this episode's most significant aspect is the end for Stella Bonasera. I watched it when it premiered never thinking for even a nanosecond that this was the final episode for Melina Kanakaredes. To think her last scene was only 33 seconds long. 33 seconds, I think it takes longer to warm up my shower water. Emptying my dishwasher has taken longer depending on how heavy the load is.

When Season 6 was released on DVD, I fast-forwarded to her last scene counting how long it was on my cell's stopwatch. After I watched it, I used the stopwatch to time how long it would take me to pee on my next trip to my bathroom, it was a near solid minute. Vanessa Ferlito getting killed off in HEROES was the most heartbreaking moment until the news of July 2nd came out. Aiden Burn died a hero, but Stella was exiled & quickly was forgotten after the next episode. Hell, even after Shannen Doherty was fired, you never went any Season from 5 to 10 of BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 without at least a mention of Brenda Walsh. Between the screwing over of Melina Kanakaredes & the resignation of Peter Lenkov to go co-create the new HAWAII 5-0, this was the last real season of CSI:NEW YORK. I treated Seasons 7-9 like 90s METALLICA records, I disavowed them. I bought the DVD to round out the collection but they are the least watched, the least to occupy my Blu-Ray player. Seasons 1-6 however have had that blue laser running underneath them multiple times. Without Stella CSI:NEW YORK was rudderless. Sela Ward was the wrong choice. Clare Forlani should have been promoted, but I'm convinced CBS was out to sabotage this show.
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