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Charmed (2018– )
Not bad. Not great, but not bad
9 December 2018
To be honest, the swathe of one-star reviews seem to be a result of your typical keyboard warrior campaigns. I feel sorry for any content producers these days for having to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to these forms of dedicated campaigns to ruin any and all attempts to make something.

The complaints seem to come from one of two places; people that liked the old Charmed and are taking offense at the existence of a reboot that doesn't meet their lofty expectations, or incels from 4chan and Reddit who are upset that it has strong women, lesbians, a black woman, and feminist themes.

All in all, the series so far is interesting. Greatest weakness so far is that the acting is a little wooden, but it has its moments - I put it down to actors finding their feet. If you don't like the new Charmed and prefer the old one, go watch the old one. I like this one just fine.
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Stargate Origins (2018– )
Utterly deplorable
25 February 2018
I love Stargate. I saw the original movie in the cinema when it first aired, and I've watched all the TV series. The cancellation of SG:U was regrettable, especially given that it was just starting to get interesting again.

So it was with much joy that I saw this pop up.

I couldn't be more disappointed. It's not the changes to the canon that I dislike - I don't care if new writers make changes. New Star Trek, new Star Wars - whatever. As long as the story is good.

It's the utterly deplorable acting, bad set design, and bad writing that disappoints me. The only saving grace is that the episodes are so short that you don't have to see a lot of it. This screams of being an amateur production with a high budget. I've seen better on amateur YouTube channels.

If this is the start of something new, they're off to a very bumpy start.
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Good start. Will keep watching.
24 September 2017
No one hates Star Trek more than Star Trek fans. For every new series, we see a new generation of 'fans' bellowing and moaning about how this series will spell disaster for the franchise.

Lucky for me, I only started watching Star Trek in the last three years, catching up on something I never really saw before, so I get to come to it without decades of seething hatred for the smallest change.

Most of the complaints seem to be because it features an Asian-American woman as the captain and an African-American woman as the first officer, calling it a cliché, liberalism, or tokenism. I can't imagine a worse reason to dislike a series - because of the nationality or gender of the lead actors.

As for how I felt the first episode went? Well, it's a promising start. First, it looks gorgeous. This new generation of Star Trek is the realisation of fifty years of improved graphics, and while the shine and shimmer of the constant lens flaring is a little on the nose, it does look good.

Acting is a little wooden, but like a lot of things, my guess is that well see improvement as they settle into their roles a little more. The first episode contained a lot of exposition, of course, but they had to set the scene with the length of episode and amount of episodes they have at their disposal.

I look forward to seeing where this all goes, and unlike other 'fans,' I'll do so with an open mind and heart.
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The Orville (2017– )
Very promising
22 September 2017
I had a read through the reviews, and I'm just gonna say it: people that dislike the series that badly most likely expected Family Guy In Space, or don't understand that humour can be subtle.

The Orville isn't Family Guy In Space. You're not gonna see the same banal humour that McFarlane is known for; dick and fart jokes, stupid flashbacks, etc. What you get is, so far, a well designed, fleshed out science-fiction show, which takes itself less seriously than Star Trek, and adds a small amount of humour to lighten the mood.

The acting isn't the best, but the CG, sets, costumes, and makeup is pretty good. It's not as highbrow (or attempted highbrow) as Star Trek, not as low-brow as Family Guy (etc), and not as action-adventury as Stargate. It's a great combination of smart, funny, and action, and it works well.
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DuckTales (2017– )
A fantastic and faithful reboot that goes even better.
18 August 2017
I grew up on the old Disney universe cartoons, before they started getting weird with mid-nineties and beyond. Your classics, like DuckTales, Chip 'n Dale, TaleSpin, and Darkwing Duck.

Like a lot of people, I eyed off the idea of a reboot with suspicion, but my fears were put to rest with the very first teasers to come out, and with the actual release, I fell in love with the first scenes.

The new DuckTales looks and sounds different than the old one, and that's okay. Die-hard old fans who can't abide by the smallest adjustments are just dinosaurs waiting for the comet to hit.

The art style is great. It's more reminiscent of the comic art style that the series is based on, and more smooth than the old series. It's not CGI, which makes it stand way out.

The voice acting is perfect. It's not the same voice actors as the old series, but again, it doesn't matter.

The characters have been given more personality than before, which is great. Huey, Dewie, and Louie are finally three different kids with personalities. Scrooge is more than just a trillionaire. And it seems we're going to see Donald as the adventurer and find out more about the kid's parentage.

I'm absolutely beyond excited for this show and look forward to following it. I hope the success makes for some more additions.
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Not bad for scripted tripe.
7 September 2011
With vampires well and truly done with this season, there's a lot of agencies looking for something new to help stand out from the crowd - some bright spark came up with the idea of 'cat-people' as a foil to the previously overused 'werewolf' option, and Nine Lives was born.

For scripted, obvious, plodding teenage pap, this isn't terribly bad. At least, not as terrible as Teen Wolf. From the get-go, every actor in this series has been handed a card with a one-line description of their role, and likely expected to work with it. Most of the actors aren't bad - they all more-or-less adequately fill their roles as Teen Girl With Super Powers, Funny Best Friend, Evil Bad Guy, Bitchy Mentor, etc. Grace Phipps keeps changing her role from Wacky to Bitchy to something else. Ben and Grey (almost as unfortunate a name as 'Skyler') are possibly the worst young actors I've come across, though. Grey can't act for the life of him, and for a 'love interest,' there absolutely nothing there. Ben, similarly, can't pull it off, and can't seem to settle on an accent.

The plot plods along with no definitive structure. There's an attempt at some overarching plot, and occasional tries for one-off plot insertions, but they conveniently forget things here and there. There's things mentioned and never touched on again, questions left unanswered, and answers left unquestioned - I can only assume that budgetary or time constraints meant that they had to add and remove stuff without cleaning it up so it made sense. Hell, even the point of the show - the girl with cat-like super-powers - is reduced early on to some basic super hearing, sight and empathy. Perhaps the budget for 'running and jumping' ran out?

All in all, I wouldn't be surprised if season one was the last season altogether. Silver lining? It's not as bad as Teen Wolf.
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