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The Joy of the Single (2012 TV Movie)
Just great.
17 October 2015
Absolutely excellent documentary with real social merit. Viewed for first time today 17 October 2015 having recorded it on our television from latest BBC Four showing and it was absolutely full of memories.

Had the good fortune to meet some of the stars included many years ago - in the half- century range - either in Ireland or in London and of course often played most of them from that era on radio programs as well as personally. Probably still have some of the singles and hope to take time to search for them.

Couldn't find name for scriptwriter on merits (presume it was Christ Rodley?) and / or linking narrator (presume possibly also Chris Rodley?) - script was brilliant and without doubt will be quite educational for decades to come, especially for students of social history.

Well done and happy to have seen it even if some three years after its release.
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