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Eve's Christmas (2004 TV Movie)
A second chance time travel MUST see movie!
9 December 2005
I love time travel and if you do too then this is a great movie. I think this movie makes you feel like all those times you wish you could go back and do one little thing different. Elisa Donovan is not as bad as other reviewer wrote.To me she fits the character of Eve in a very positive way. A little arrogant and selfish at first until she is faced with what really matters. I think that Cheryl Ladd is also good in this mother role. This movie kept me guessing exactly what choice Eve would make. Set at Christmas time makes this all the more charming with a twist of magic and miracles.This is just as refreshing as "Comfort and Joy"with Nancy McKeon,which I also recommend highly! If you like time travel and romance then watch this movie!!!
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The ending sucked!
16 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
OK,this was an very good movie until the last ten seconds. I liked the way that they showed Walker's little girl.But they did not show enough of Ranger Trivett.That was strike one. Strike two was no show of the lady Ranger that used to be partners with the blonde Ranger. And a BIG strike three was they let Alex get killed in the end,or did they? And what-NO one ran over to her.Where was Walker THEN??!! I mean before he always was there for her. So what should have been a ten movie goes way down to a five. HISS and BOO to the producers for such a crazy twist. It seemed like a part one movie when she was laying there on the floor. And your thinking "What the h--l? Isn't THAT a DUMB ending?! If they would come back and make another movie and NOT let her be killed it would be OK.
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Nightmare Street (1998 TV Movie)
ANOTHER GREAT time travel movie!
14 July 2005
I do not see why this movie should get any negative reviews!It is a movie that makes you think "what if time travel did exists?"How can past and future coincide? Mistaken identity? Evil twin?I think it is a clever plot and unique twists,as Joanna tries so hard to find her daughter,and to the truth of what dark secret Sarah holds.A mother's love endures across time and space,as this plot proves true for Joanna. If you like time travel,this is a MUST SEE and HAVE movie!It NEEDS to be released on video or DVD.However be warned that the book IS NOTHING like the movie and is dry,with NO LIKENESS of the movie!The book is trash and complicated with no characters from the movie but the movie is definitely a keeper!
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For All Time (2000 TV Movie)
One of the best unique time travel movies EVER!
14 July 2005
Uniquely produced time travel movie that calls you to a simpler time and place.Mary McDowell and Mark Harmon make the time era come alive to make you just want to be there.If you like time travel,Twilight Zone or Victorian times,you will just love this movie.It is one that has your attention from beginning to end. When I watched this movie I felt like I had to own it.It is definitely one that you can want to watch over again.A movie worthy of belonging in your library.I do not see why it it not out on video or DVD.It would surely be a BIG seller.10 stars plus...WATCH it for yourself and see!It is truly a MUST SEE,MUST HAVE movie!
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