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Nine Dog Christmas (2004 Video)
an okay kids xmas Movie!
7 November 2018
Just to let you know that this Movie has animal abuse, dog napping and dog trafficking. I found that some of the characters and some of the scenes in the Movie to be a little to much the same has other Movies, like The Grinch, 101 Dalmatians and Oliver and Company. I just felt that it was all blended into one Movie. And I found The plot was kind of predictable and got boring at times. The animation was okay bit It did seemed slow and off-set at times. the music was okay, I think that it went well with some of the scenes.

I think It was an okay Christmas Movie, I wouldn't watch it every Christmas. I probably would of liked it a lot more if I had watched it when I was younger.

I liked the voice over throughout the Movie, it got the story going and it made the Movie interesting. the characters were cute. I liked that each of the dogs has there own character and personalty. i liked that the story was about friendship and working together.
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Transamerica (2005)
good but not much character developement
20 October 2018
Just to let you know that there is talk of sexual abuse and child abuse, a bit of nudity, underage sex and gay prostitution in this Movie there is also drugs, alcohol, smoking and talk of suicide.

I don't think the writers know much about transgender at times. I didn't really like the pacing, it was really slow, there was a lot stereotypes in this Movie which I didn't like and are annoying. The Movie just falls flat. it was a bit boring. The introduction to the characters takes a long time. I liked the last 30 minutes or so when things start to improve. I liked the storyline but I think The screenplay would of been better if it focused more on the aspects of every day life of a transgender woman and if it kept the 'newly found son story' in the back as more of a subplot. the characters were underdeveloped, making their actions seem unbelievable at times.

I found myself hoping that Bree would finally come clean with her son around the half way though the Movie so we could then see some growth and development occur within both characters. But it didn't

I found the ending predictable and it left little room for the characters to really grow.

this Movie has lgbt+ which I love and I think there should be more Movies. I was impressed by the actresses who played bree but I would of liked an actresses who's was actually trans, but I still thought that the performance throughout the Movie was good. i think the other actors in the Movie was okay but could of be better at times. I liked the music that was used and I think it went well with the scenes, I really liked the lighting and the scenery there was a quite a lot sunsets and things like that which I really like.
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An okay Movie
16 September 2018
This Movie had Language that lots of children would say like Butt, and fart stuff like that. I wasn't really a fan of the special effects, You could tell what was real and what were special effects. This Movie was only Meant to entertain rather than educate

I like that this Movie promotes teamwork, and standing up for others and covers bullying. I really liked the lighting and scenery, I think the music went well with the scenes. Most of the time the acting was good.

I liked the storyline but I think it could have been a little better if there was some changes to the script as there were many slow, low-energy conversational scenes that were a bit boring.
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Aliens Ate My Homework (2018 Video)
An okay Movie
9 September 2018
This Movie covers bullying and in a few of the scenes there are alive animals being squished into peoples hair which was disturbing

at the start Rod was afraid to stand up to Billy before, than has no problem fighting back when he discovers something about him. The whole school sees this, while there is clearly abnormal activity, yet nobody questions it. The teachers didn't even do anything about the two boys violently fighting in front of the entire school

Rod also never found out what happened to his father, I would of liked to know what happened to him. I think there is going to be another Movie where it will tell us what happened.

I liked the intro and the songs that were played though out the Movie, I think it went well with the scenes. I like how creative the Movie was. I liked the use of lighting and special effects. most of the acting was good, I found the Movie interesting at times. But some parts got a little boring. the aliens were both mysterious and funny. My fav character has to be mickey, he was funny and he reminded me of my friends.
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An Okay Movie, with bad research of eating disorders
3 September 2018
Just to let you know that this movie includes pro ana, bulimia and self harm There were some creepy scenes. It did have some old clichés, such as: Upper-class girl with distant parents and a perfectionist nature. and She Looks at thinspo once and suddenly becomes anorexic. I mean you don't see thinspo once and suddenly put down your pop tart, and things like not really eating for like a week and never binges, that's just not realistic and Is anorexic for just a few months then recovers, its not as easy as that. The fact the she's cured so easily is really bad for people who are watching the Movie for awareness of the disorder. Most people with eating disorders like this usually go their whole lives suffering from it.

The Movie is probably a lot more harmful than helpful. The use of those clichés only furthers society's view of eating disorders, which is also harmful to those who actually suffer from them. I really wished that the writer had done a better job of researching stuff. There is hardly any Movies that talk about eating disorders and tells the truth about them.

I would of liked more character development, There were plot holes - like Belle's mom who disappears with no explanation or resolution, the undeveloped supporting characters are just a few of the issues with the writing. I didn't like that we didn't see much of the Belle's parents either.

I really liked the Movie that was used, In this Movie we have actors the same age as the roles they are playing, and not 18 year old playing 14 year old. I think the acting was really good with what they had to work with.
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Good acting, bad script
1 September 2018
This Movie is inappropriate for children as it talks a lot about pornography and has inappropriate scenes of it. And also scenes of attempted suicide. I thought the intro beginning scene was a little to long and boring but I did like the voice over it give the Movie a type of documentary feel.

This Movie is said to be a comedy but it wasn't really funny, there was only really 2 funny scenes at most. there was little to the story line, it felt like the story wasn't really fully developed, and the Movie was boring at times. i think the Movie could have been better if it had been written better. I think there were too many multiple points of view in this Movie and at times hard to keep track of everything. There were just way to many different characters.

The characters all played certain stereotypes which they don't really have any personality. It tries to tackle other familiar social issues like porn addiction, unfaithfulness, anorexia, and video gaming by portraying how social media has changed the way we live our lives. It was also heavily one-sided and it never tried to portray the positive side of social media.

I think The Internet in itself is neither good nor bad; it's how it's used that matters. The Movie deals with some serious issues like pro ana and family issues which I think is good because we should talk more about things like that.

I really liked the cast I think they did really good with what they had to work with, I think the acting was really good.
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Watch the Sky (2017)
Good Movie
1 September 2018
I found the Editing wasn't very good. The scenes were a bit too long and in some places, I think it would have been a bit better if there was a little more character development.

The Movie started of really slow and a bit boring and ones I started to get into and it was getting more intense and interesting it then randomly ends. Which I didn't like. I wanted to know what happens next. Like by the time it got to the point of the story, it ends without knowing what is going on. It just left me wanting more. I find It ignoring when a lot of Movies don't finish properly. When it finished I got the feeling that it was a TV show and not a Movie and it turns out that it is a Movie. By the way If it was a TV show I would of watched the 2nd episode.

The Movie talks about lost of a family member. The things I really liked were the special effects, and I liked the mystery part of the Movie. I think it was interesting. The acting was good and I think The music went well with all the scenes, I really liked the lighting and scenery. They were my favourite parts of the Movie.
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Bad Samaritan (2018)
Good, will watch again
5 August 2018
This Movie has Strong language, Nudity, kidnap, Smoking, stealing, Death and murder, Guns and sexual content. It had a lot of violence which is inappropriate for children. It had predictable jump scares that where slow. I was watching this Movie late at night and because of that I jumped twice and at times it gave me chills. I would of liked to see more back story on Cale as there wasn't much. I liked the ending but I would of liked more, I think there should have been another scene to end it.

I really liked the music that was used and I think it went well with the scenes it was funny, good acting, I really liked how well David Tennant played Cale I found Cale really creepy. The Movie had good lighting but I thought some of the scenes could of used a bit more lighting as some scenes were a bit too dark.

I liked how the story was told mostly in Sean and Derek's point of view, it was interesting seeing it done like way. I have to say my fav charters were Sean, Derek and Katie. I would of liked to have seen a bit more Sean and Derek scenes. I think that there scene were really good. I liked a few of Katie lines, one of her lines I found was funny, I liked that there was a bit of comedy in the movie as it had a lot of intense scenes.
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Peter Rabbit (2018)
29 July 2018
There was a lot of explosions in this Movie, I think It could be classed as a horror Movie if they added a bit more scary scene. Peter Rabbit kills old man then sticks its paw in dead man eye before laughing and partying in old man's house. He then boosts about killing the man, then goes on to try to kill the second man, by an unfunny attempt at using his blackberry allergy against him. Forcing someone to ingest an allergen is definitely not funny, I don't How can people find these acts funny? What if children imitate these lethal acts, thinking it's fun? This Movie glorifies bullies. There was extreme violent in a lot of the scene, I know that people are trying to get young children to know about death Early on but this was just there was just bad also there was a lot of rude music and adult humour throughout Movie like There's a scene where peter was putting a carrot up someone's backside. Gregor was really nice either he kept trying to kill the rabbits and he did kill peter dad and even eat him with his wife and because of this I don't think this Movie is appropriate for young children. this Movie is better suited for children between 10+ but the problem is, the story and setting are more like for the 2+ age group. I found the Movie a bit boring at times with scenes with out the rabbits in, them parts felt slow.

I haven't read or watched any of Peter Rabbit other than this Movie, because of this I looked at the Movie reviews and they said that Peter Rabbit has undergone a complete personality transplant. So the real Peter Rabbit personality isn't like this which is good, I'm thinking of maybe watching and reading the other things of Peter Rabbit.

The thing I liked was that the Movie had a good message which was knowing when to fess up and admit you was in the wrong

I did like some of the scenes, they were creative, some of them made me smile and I like that's it was a mix of animation and real life. I think the animation was really good. The animals look so realistic. If you really focus you can see the detailed hairs on the animals. I would of liked it to be a little longer and to be more on Peter Rabbit. I really liked the scenery and I think both actors and voice actors were good and matched their charterer.
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Good Movie with Good scenery and the close ups scenes.
29 July 2018
I didn't really like the comedy half way though the Movie, the comedy just fell flat but the other half was really good and made me laugh

I think that this Movie was a little bit better then the first, which isn't always the case with sequels, I liked most of the action scenes I love how creative some of them were but I think it could have been a little better and interesting like it was in the first Ant-man Movie. I liked that it had connections to other Movies, I haven't watch infinity war yet so that is on my to watch list.

I like at the start of the Movie we have a scene with Hank and we have a little recap of the first Movie, I think it was a good idea for the views because of the year gap. the first ant man Movie came out in 2015 and this Movies came out in 2018. I really liked the imagination and creative in this Movie. I like Scott's relationship with his daughter, Cassie, there was a scene in the Movie of Scott playing with Cassie, were they went on there own mission, which was really cute. I found this Movie kind of relatable there was a scene where Scott was reading a sad book and he starts to cry. Which was me when I read that book.

I liked Luis he was funny and I really liked Scott's scenes with him, I liked the music that was used and the use of lighting, and the use of technology. I found the Movie funny, and I really liked Scott's magic and his singing. I really enjoyed Jimmy and Scott scenes I found them really funny.

I think that hope was good as the wasp, I did find the one villain, the ghost a bit creepy at times. I felt sorry for Ava because what she had to go though, I think that all the acting was really good. I enjoyed the scenery and the close ups scenes.
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Occupation (2018)
28 July 2018
There was strong language in this movie, it also had some intense upsetting scenes, with a scene that was inappropriate for young children. there was blood, death and murder which played a big role in this Movie. In one of the scenes there was a crowd of people that was wondering what the thing that was in the sky looked like a firework display but it was spaceships Nobody seems that concerned that aliens were invading the Earth, they started to run but did really act that frightened by the turn of events. Other than that the acting was okay, and I think if they had a little bit more to work with it would have been bester acting.

The only thing I found really interesting was when we first saw the aliens but after that There wasn't really any interesting moments. It got a bit boring at times and I think it would have been better if the paste was a bit faster. There was a few scenes that didn't really make any sentence and that was in a scene were aliens was attacking from the sky, looking down at the humans and the main Characters drives around and goes into "hiding" with their car spotlights on.

In this Movie it does skip 8 months which I'm not a fan of. If they really needed to do it I think it would have been better if we were showed a time-lapse. I think I would of liked it more if there was a bit more Character development, I think I would of liked it more if the main Character were my age. I liked the music that was used, and the Movie was funny at times. I liked the use of technology and how it showed us the text messages on the screen. I also liked how this main Character called Bella was a vlogger, I don't really see many vloggers in Movies, I think it made the Movie a little bit more realistic. I liked Jackson Character because he was funny, and Samuel was cute but he didn't have much screen time.

I liked the funfair scene, I really like funfair, I like all the lights and rides. And I think in this Movie them scene were shot good. I liked the special effects and make up. I also liked the aliens costumes. I think it was cool how the action scenes were shot it felt like I was there. I think the scenery was really good. I think the ending was good and I want to know what happens next.
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Paper Towns (2015)
Some may dislike how the Movie ends, it tells us not to imagining someone and that it can sometimes be destructive
25 July 2018
This Movie is inappropriate for young children as it had a bit of strong language, talk of sex and doing inappropriate things, kissing and it also has a bit of nudity and Underage drinking. sneaking out at night and doing things that can get you into trouble And it also had a little bit of bullying in, there was also a scene were there was a car accident which was a little intense. And in another scene there was a dead body and a gun that was fired in another scene. I feel like they rushed this Movie. I don t think They had enough time to let things unravel like they did in the book, I mean, of course they couldn't have included every little detail or else the Movie would be way too long. But, i think that they could have done a better job, by taking things slow and gradually moving the story line along instead of pushing through everything. The characters, not seem to have jobs, but they seem to have an endless supply of money. I would of liked to see how they get it because that the only thing that wasn't believable. I didn't like the parents they were clueless, and unhelpful.

I like how close it stayed to the book it had little changes. In the book Margo and Quentin go to Sea World but in the Movie it was only mentioned. In a YouTube video which John was in he said 'no one was anxious to pay Sea World for the chance to give them good publicity." We do get some scenes from the book but some charterers were left out of a few scenes.

I loved the music that was used and the voice over at the start, I think that younger Quentin and Margo were cute and they acted well. I also like that Ansel Elgort, the actor who played Gus in the fault in our stars was in this Movie but he was only in it for a few seconds.

I really liked the scenery and I liked the abandoned building scene that scene was a little intense but then it turned funny. I think it has good acting and casting. I like how it creatures and encourages living in the present and nurturing close friendships. I like Quentin's friends, Radar and Ben, they were are loyal, honest, and kind, and they helped him even when they thought that his plan was a little crazy.

I liked the road-trip and shopping scene I found it relatable and really funny. The scene with Ben and Radar in the car was funny.

I really liked Ben and Radar they were really funny and I would of like to be there friends. But I would of liked it more if Ben and Radar had a bit more screen-time. I think that Radar was a cutie and he looked cute with his glasses. And I liked it when Radar did the voice impressions. I shipped Radar and Angela and also Quentin and Margo

I think Some may dislike how the Movie ends, but that is the point of the story. The story tells us that not imagining someone complexly can sometimes be destructive.
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The Movie was in Swedish but there was a few lines that was in English. watch with subtitles
22 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Just to let you know that where was strong language in this Movie and there was like a self-harm scene. Underage drinking, talk of suicide and It covers anorexia and bulimia.

The Movie was in Swedish but there was a few lines that was in English, because the Movie was in Swedish I had to read the subtitles. I hope that this Movie gets dubbed in English so more people who speak English watches it.

I didn't like how Stella was like with her sister's 35 year old coach, Jacob though she kept staring at him and I found it creepy. At one point she even kisses him on the lips. Stella even tells her friend that she wants to be with a 35 year old. And I'm really against it. I don't believe that age is just a number. I think that there is an age gap in a relationship it should only be 1 or 2 years apart. 2 years apart at most. I didn't like how Katja blackmailed her sister into not telling their parents but when you have an eating disorder you would do any thing to hide it and even lie and things.

There were a few scenes that I didn't like and that was of kids laughing about others that looked different than them, it was really mean. The dad came off in away that he knows a lot about eating disorders. He was calm and more understanding then anyone in the family really. When realistic its women who are more understanding about mental health. The dad sounded more of a dream dad who someone imagined.

I found the laughing scene at the end a bit cheesy and a little long but it was believable. if I didn't know they wasn't sisters I would of thought they were.

The Movie doesn't explain the eating disorder itself, where, when and how it starts but it does focuses on what life is like when a close family member gets affected by it. Eating disorder's is a topic that I think people should know more about in order to be able to help someone who is dealing with it in a better and more prepared way. We know that the pressures from the media and society are harsh on girls, boys and young men and women since we live in a youth and beauty obsessed culture. What parents and siblings go through is difficult due to the fact that it is a very challenging disorder.

I felt sorry for Stella because all of the attention was always on her older sister, Katja but I liked the sister relationship Stella had with katja. And their parents didn't really have time for Stella. I like that Stella goes to talk to the counsellor to get help for her and her sister.

I like the lighting, close up shots, the ice skating, the dancing and the music that was used
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Movie of a true event but fells flat
21 July 2018
Just to let you know it does have scenes that were inappropriate for young children and it also has upsetting scenes of people crying. I didn't like the pacing. And I found it predictable at times. I think there was a lack of displayed struggle and character development give to an overall tone that just felt rushed. It's as if the writers were just trying to get through the most of the story as quickly as they possibly could, with no regard for making it interesting or gripping. I think it could have been a good Movie, I just think that the Movie never seemed to find the emotional punch it needed.

I think that the volley ball games scenes could have been shot a little bit better. It got a bit boring at times and there were parts where there was music and then not for a long period of time and it made it feel weird. I found This Movie was an account of a true story about the actual people involved. But it Just fell flat in many places. I did not know that the Movie was based on real life events until the credits rolled, were we see a few pictures and videos which this Movie was based on. By looking at the credits I saw The real family and I learn more about their story. I'm not really a person who likes real life event Movie's but I think Sometimes we need to experience life and what others go through at times to live more. I hope that this Movie get remade as I know it could have been better and this story should be told with good Movie and not a flat one.

I would of liked to see more of the boy who was in the Movie. The actor was in House of Anubis and played Eddie, he had a bit of screen time in this Movie and some lines to say but he way just there, Kind of like a cardboard cut-out.

I liked the music that was used and I really liked the cute dog that was in it. I think the Cast did a really good job to make all characters relatable and believable with what they had to work with. The acting was really good and I like how they showed how fragile a teenagers life can be and it reminds us all to live every day to the fullest.
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The Commute: The Arrangement (2016)
Season 1, Episode 1
Good TV Show, bit too short tho
21 July 2018
I wasn't a really big fan of Emma because she was quite rude to Hansen but I do kind of ship them. I don't really get when Emma says the bus will be late, and Hansen says it's pretty much always on time, then the bus is late and then he says it happens every time.

I did find the story was a bit predictable but I'm really starting to like this Tv Show but I think it would be better if it was longer

To be honest I watched this TV Show because I'm a fan of Steffan Argus on YouTube and I only just saw that he was in a TV Show, So this is the first time I have watch Steffan act. So in this Show he plays Hansen. I liked Hansen he was cute and really funny. I like that his character was a safe driver I also liked it when he was annoying Emma.

I haven't watched anything the actresses who played Emma has been in before but I think her acting was good, she was a badass.

I liked the shots, the scenery and the lighting, the music that was used. the scenes felt realistic but I think It would be really funny if right after they left the bus stop, the bus came. I really liked this episode and I'm thinking of watch all of them today because I liked it so much. So yeah binge watch.
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Duck Duck Goose (I) (2018)
Very Scary for Young Children!!! NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY AT ALL!!!
20 July 2018
There was a lot of name calling in this Movie, 30 mins in I wasn't sure if I sure turn it off. The pace was really slow. it was getting really boring but I carried on watching, so I could do this review and to know how it ended. I have to say that there was an evil cat with a red eye and yellow that could be really scary for young children and there was a lot of Inappropriate humour in this Movie. I don't think that this Movie is aimed at young children but pre-teens or something. there was only a few funny scenes and the end was cute. There was also a few scenes that were very violent fright and upsetting scenes that wasn't appropriate for young children at all.

I didn't like the main charter Pam that much he completely disregarding the rules of his group and showing off and his flying tricks. Pam was really mean to the two small ducklings charter he wasn't that nice and I only really seen a change in his the last 30 mins of the Movie.

This Movie definitely had good animation, the outlines were clear, detailed, and the colours were bright. I found that The voice casting wasn't that bad and I think it matched each charter well. And I like the music that was used, I think it went well with the scenes. There was some intense scenes more near the end of the Movie.
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I'm not a musical person, but i kind of liked this one.
20 July 2018
I didn't know that this Movie was a musical. If I had known that it was a musical I wouldn't of watched it because I don't like musicals. I mean I like high school musical as a kid and I think that was because it was more my age. But I don't like any other musicals other then that. I have been trying to get into them for years and its just not for me. I found them cringe and boring. I'm thinking about trying again as it might just be the Movie storylines that I'm not into. So I'm going to keep trying to see if there are any I like.

I kind of liked the music in this one but it had update songs so it didn't really fit the story's time zone. but I did like the songs and as soon as I came home I listened to a bit of the soundtrack. This Movie looked interesting when I first saw the poster and it popping up everywhere and I liked the decisions of the Movie. I just found it interesting. I like to see how people overcome their struggles by turning their problems into opportunities.

In the Movie a lot of the time an interesting twist was about to bring the story or a character some depth, but they broke into a forced song and everything was forgotten. The one thing that I really didn't like was the fact that This Movie tells a cleaned-up story of Barnum & Bailey Circus creator P.T. Barnum. The truth is that They were responsible for captured, beaten, and deprived animals and this Movie leaves out some important information while romanticizing a person who used any living beings he could get his hands on. animals that he kept in cages and trained through pain and fear. I'm a big person when it comes to animals, I love them, and I don't eat meat.

I think it would be a good family Movie if a few things changed like if they didn't use animals, if it wasn't based of P.T. Barnum and if P.T was nice and caring. anyway I think the acting was good, I liked the cast. and the dancing. I liked the costumes, the imagination and the creatively used in the A Million Dreams song scene. I thought that because It was a musical it would be boring but it wasn't really,

I was worried about how the Movie would show the importance's of having compassion for those who are different, and the effects of racism, and standing up to racism. I think it was Okayish but I really didn't like how P.T asked them to join the show. I liked the senses were they played ''this is me'' song, I find it uplifting and I'm happy they used it.
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Trailer Made (2016)
A good kid's Movie about imagination but it doesn't have any awareness of danger
19 July 2018
This Movie did have a little bit of bullying in, and a few scenes about how to brake locks and get into things. I did think that the music was good but it was a little overdone at times, I felt sorry for Daniel because his sister, Lucy was there at the audition and she kept teasing him about how bad it was.

The women at the airport really annoyed me. she put a bag that was like the same as Dan, and Peter's bag right next to there's. If I was her I would of put it between my ankles or something. Or kept it on my back.

I think that Peter was silly letting Dan look after all the passports and well everything. Dan was just a little boy and Peter was the adult. Peter just wouldn't let dan be a kid. And Peter left dan with a stranger that he only meet that night.

I liked the airport worker, she went out of her way to help Peter and his son, but after I found the whole situation creepy and strange. I do think that this was a good kid's Movie about imagination but it doesn't have any awareness of danger like going into a van with a stranger and following them.

I liked the intro and music and how it joined together with the flow of the Movie, I think the acting at times was okay. I like the first scene where Peter and his son, Daniel both were trying out for a type of audition, at the same time but different place. Both auditions didn't go very well, I like how it showed both of them how alike they were.

I liked that Asanda and dan became friends, I liked Asanda he was funny and sarcastic and I also liked jabo who was Asanda dad, talk with Peter, I know that Peter wants to give dan a better live than he had but he was doing it all wrong.
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The Gifted: eXposed (2017)
Season 1, Episode 1
Cool technology and special effects!!
19 July 2018
It started of kind of slow and it got a little boring at times. I think I would of liked it more if the main charters were more my age.

I really like the superpowers and I think the special effects were good. I liked that we saw a bit of the technology it was cool and creepy. As it looked and walked like a spider. I liked the scenes with John, Lauren and Marcos, the best they were funny and I really enjoy there scenes.

I like Andy, I also felt sorry for him, he had bad timing and people was bulling him. I liked when we saw his mutton power and that it scared his bullies but what came after was sad. I liked Andy's dad, he was really caring and understanding and i like jack he was in this episode a little, he was funny and cute but he didn't really have much screen time and I would like to see more of him. And to be honest I started to watch this show because I watch Steffen Argus, that the actor who plays Jack. I watch him on YouTube and he is one of my fav Youtubers. And I like his music and I wanted to see his acting.

I found that having Lauren's boyfriend Jack, and the whole high- school bullying aspect. added layers and made the show more relatable to others.

The opening scene kind of reminded me an episode in teen wolf with a police chase. And John when he was trying to find a women who was getting chased by police, kind of reminded me of a few episodes in wolf blood with eolas.

This episode ended on an intense scene and I liked at the very ending that there was like a join us message from Macros
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The Returned (2013)
A zombie Moive in disguised as a type of HIV Movie
18 July 2018
There was every little of blood and gore. I watched this Movie because just after watching the cured and reading reviews there was a lot of people saying oh the cured is a remake of The Girl with all the gifts and The Returned Movie and in the flesh TV Show. And I dont think it is really. Im not sure on The Girl with all the gifts as I haven't watched that yet but I will. With the cured, and The Returned I see that they stars of like years after the zombie apocalypse and it talks about having a cure which you have to take to become human again. its a little different with in the flesh as the zombie are people who has passed away and not just turned.

Anyway back to this movie and review I found that The paste was slow and it get boring at times. I just wanted a little more. This Movie was marketed as a zombie Movie, but There was only two senses with zombies though out the whole Movie. If you are expecting a Movie with zombies running around everywhere, then isn't the Movie for you. it was really a disguised as a type of HIV Movie. I found this out when the zombie virus first breaks out in 1984, which was around the time that HIV was first discovered. By a group at the University of California. The zombie infection in this Movie is to show us the fear that gripped the world back in the 80s, when AIDS sufferers were feared in equal measures.

I didn't like Kate that much, she made stupid decisions. In some scenes her charter was really good at thinking on the spot and was cleaver. But then in many scenes its like she's was a different person. Like putting important things in the front of the car in the seat and than rolling down that window.

I think the intro had a good way of telling us a little bit about the history of the virus and how it was like for Kate, I also liked how the first scene played out. And i think the acting was really good. I would of liked it more if it had young adult as they would be more my age.
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The Cured (2017)
Trigger an anxiety attack for some people as it has very heavy breathing, with the Flashbacks
18 July 2018
It has strong language, guns, gore, explosions, violence and talk of people committing suicide. The beginning could trigger an anxiety attack for some people as it has very heavy breathing, it started okay but half way though it kind of got a little boring, and it started to drag a bit. I just wanted a little more.

I think I would of liked the Movie more if it was a young adult that played the main charters as they would be more my age. (15-20) I think The costumes and make-up was really good. And the soundtrack wasn't overwhelming or distracting. And the flashbacks were very lifelike and acted out well. Many scenes were really intense and it had me jumping up and down in my chair in suspense

This Movie kind of reminds me of in the flesh. Which was a TV Show where people who passed away turns into zombies and the other people try to get them to live within the community peacefully. In the Flesh was about a Zombie outbreak being cured, but you had to take medication a lot and most of the community were racist against the infected. In this Movie I think it was the people who turned into zombies and not those who passed away. And the cured didn't relapse after being cured. So they dont have to take a lot of medication. So In the flesh its a little different from this Movie. I really liked that TV Show it was like the 2nd zombie Movie I watched. And now I love apocalypse, I don't want it to happen but I love apocalypse. I think its because all the action and survival.

When I was looking at the reviews of this Movie many said that its a lot like The Returned, The Girl with all the gifts and like in the flesh. I'm not sure about The Returned and The Girl with all the gifts as I haven't watched them yet. So that the next Movies that I'm going to watch.
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Incontrol (2017)
Confusing, and lacked tension and suspense
17 July 2018
It had strong language, alcohol, drugs, adult scenes, gore, murder, guns and sharp weapons.

I think it could have been more interesting if there was more developed. It had a slow paste at the start and quickly became boring to watch, the first half of the Movie was boring, and predictable, I found the characters developed was half finished. I would of liked a little bit more.

I didn't really like The main character, Samantha who used the device in a selfish way. She made her boss at work say things, so that she could have more time to be addicted to the machine. but I did liked that she tried to get her Mum out of the negative slump she was in, but we never really saw how that played out.

The Movie was kinda of choppy and it felt like there was too many gaps missing and that made it Confusing. I think it needed an ending that explained more about the experiment, and I found that there was a lack of tension and suspense in the Movie because that what I love about Sci-fi Movies that's what I look forward too. I would say if I watched another Movie with the same idea, with the technology but if the story was better, I would be happy to watch it.

I think I saw a little scene with an lgbt charter which I liked but I would of like to see more of it within the Movie. I liked the music that was used and I think it went well with the scenes. The other thing I liked was the acting. I think the people who played victor and mark did a really good job.

This Movie kinda of reminds me of a book which also has a Movie which is called everyday. Its about this thing that calls itself A and each day A wakes up in a diffident body, but with everyday its not A's chose. It just happens and A doesn't know how to stop it.
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Mad Genius (2017)
it was an Okay Movie
15 July 2018
This Movie does have strong language and it has drugs, smoking, sexual content, nudity were a backside was shown. And Technology torturer inflicted by another human. I feel like I've seen this Movie done before which made parts for me a little boring.

I loved the plot and the special effects, I think is was an okay Movie but I think that it would have been better if it was a TV show instead of a Movie. I think the Movie was explained well at the start with the voice over and I like how at the start of the Movie how it didn't just leave us and not having a clue what it was about. but as soon as that first scene was over, it lacked. The voice over got me interested in the Movie and then that part just vanished. I would of liked it more if it had the voice over though-out the Movie without making the scenes to easy to guess what would happen next.

I liked mason he was funny and I liked his style of clothing. I liked mason and finn scenes. finn is like mason's imagination hologram. Anyway I found finn funny too I liked the scenes that he was in.

I liked this Movie but I wanted more, I wasn't jumping up and down in my chair in suspense, I think if it was more engaging I would have been hooked. My number one genres that I love is sci-fi. And I just really wanted to love this Movie and at first I thought I would. But After the first few scenes it started to drag and I would of liked it more if we had more charter development and back story. Like how he got into all this and how he learn about it.
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Deck the Halls (2005 TV Movie)
9 July 2018
I love Christmas Movie but I got bored with this Movie and I just wanted it to end. I think that I've seen a lot of Movie with the same plot as this one. Which made it a bit more boring for me, It was slow pasted, and I didn't like the acting. I found its more of an adults Movie as we don't really see much of Ben. And it did talk about inappropriate things so its not really a family Movie, and I wasn't a fan of the music that was used.

I just kept waiting for something to really happen and there just wasn't any character development. The boy playing Ben looked to old for the role and the Movie had gay jokes which I didn't like and was not funny. it covers things like death of a family member, which I think should be more talked about in movies and books but I don't think its a good Movie to watch if you have lost a family or a dog though

I really liked The dog, the dog was funny-especially in a street hockey game But didn't have much scene time. :(
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Okay, but has dead animals and insets and them being eaten, Im vegetarian
2 July 2018
There was a few things that I didn't get why Angus did things like At one point he has access to a dead deer and a cabin, yet he continues on walking, my mom use to say to me if I ever get lost to stay put, and then see will come looking. But Angus just keeps walking farther and farther away from his rescuers while his mom and dad were at home worrying.

I did find The story was a little clichéd but that what I expected with a family Movie. we are shown shots of dead animals and insets and of Angus and yellow eating them which I didn't like, and if you don't know I am a vegetarian. And I found it upsetting. there were some intense scenes which at times i was like fighting to sit down

The plot line is very simple, you can pretty much figure out the whole storyline The bond between Angus and his dog sends a message of loyalty and love. I really liked the dog, yellow and it made me want to cuddle my dogs.

Angus was funny, my fav charter has to be yellow, the dog and Angus they was so cute together and they made a good team and I think there acting was good. I liked that it didn't have strong language, nudity, or extreme violence

im pretty sure I got this movie on video tape when I was little, just when dvds where starting to come out. I had it when my first tooth came out instead of a pound and I really it and I was trying to remember the name of the movie and I was on YouTube and saw the trailer and descried to watch it again. I really liked The landscapes. there was a happy ending, and I couldn't help myself from bursting into tears.
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