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Yaya and Zouk (2015– )
Cute, Colorful But Not Entirely Correct
24 April 2017
When I first saw this show on Sprout, I find it cute and colorful. I was quite interested that I was close to embracing it. But when I start looking at the end credits, my interest and love for this show, dried out. Had they done it correctly, I'd still adore the show. Also, more episodes might have aired.

The show centers on Yaya and Zouk who are probably mongooses or weasels. Yaya is the big brown one, and Zouk is the little white one. The characters are also siblings who engaged in adventures at home which the show makes them look like going to strange distant worlds.

If there's anything incorrect with this show, that is the verbalizing of the little white mongoose was done by a tomboy. Using a real boy might have made more sense.
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I Never Thought He Has Kids
28 March 2017
I've been knowing the Pink Panther for over two decades. I first saw the character in a 1960s TV series back in the 1990s. Also in the 1990s, the character appears in another TV series where he spoke more often rather than being silent.

I later learned that the Pink Panther made his debut appearance in a live-action film franchise in the 1960s. In the those films, the Pink Panther mainly refers to the pink gem (which some characters try to steal) rather than the character. Overtime, however, the character became more relevant, thus spawning numerous cartoons featuring him.

While I have known the Pink Panther as an iconic character, I absolutely had no idea he has a pair of sons. This was until I came across this show while reading articles about the character in Wikipedia. I wonder, while the character is famous, why is this show in the realm of obscurity? Perhaps it had something to do with who plays who in the series. While the older son is played by a guy, the younger son is played by a bimbo. Maybe the show would have been much more appreciated if they are both played by guys. Therefore, we could have seen more of them in later shows. People who make such visual media should be 100% devoted to tradition.
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Roary the Racing Car (2007–2010)
A Long-Running Show That'll Never Be A Classic
29 October 2016
When a TV show makes its debut, it could run for a few years or more, depending on its ratings. If its first season generates considerable ratings, the show can be renewed for a new season, and more seasons could follow if ratings continue to be good. Otherwise the show would meet the end of its run.

But while shows end their run, some of them aged pretty well. And when I say aged well, they continue to be shown on TV stations occasionally, thus making them classics. Sadly, Roary the Racing Car isn't one of them.

Roary the Racing Car, as the title implies, is a show centering on an anthropomorphic race car. Although the show lasted five seasons, I can't say that it aged well. Why? It generated almost no merchandise, and TV networks seem to be uninterested in rerunning its episodes.This shows Roary won't even come close to being a classic like Thomas the Tank Engine.

As to why it didn't aged well, I can only wonder. Perhaps had they used a child actor to be the title character, things would have been a lot different. But for absurd reasons, they used a tomboy which is so untraditional and insulting to guys. Don't the people behind the show know that Roary is a boy? I guess they actually don't.
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The Bullwinkle Show (1959–1963)
How Bullwinkle Ultimately Won The Spotlight
19 March 2016
The show centers on two characters: Rocky the Flying Squirrel and Bullwinkle the Moose. But when the episodes were being produced, I guessed they were meant to focus slightly more on Rocky. That explains why the title of the show in earlier seasons was called Rocky and His Friends. But somehow Rocky faded overtime, and Bullwinkle began to shine, thus the show in later seasons went by the title The Bullwinkle Show.

How on Earth did the cute Rocky eventually lost the spotlight to the moose? Fans are likely to come up with one theory or another. But in my view, the problem occurred during the show's pre-production period. Too bad whoever chosen the cast didn't see it happened.

When trying to decide who should play a young male character, a child actor would be the best option. But in Rocky's case, they selected an old tomboy to do his words. If they can't find a child actor, they could have choose that baby-faced Walter Tetley, who played Sherman, to be that flying squirrel. But instead they choose an old tomboy. Because of that, viewers find it nauseating they way Rocky is performed and therefore eventually turning their attention to Bullwinkle. Bullwinkle may not be cute but his comical naivette makes him fun to watch.
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No Wonder Why This Movie Bombed
16 March 2016
For much of my life, I knew nothing about Rocky and Bullwinkle. In fact I never knew until I read about cartoons with similar styles, and some of the actors of the Rocky and Bullwinkle show.

Many years after the characters made a name of themselves in a 1960s TV series, some people who probably liked the show a lot decided to give Rocky and Bullwinkle an encore through this film. Had the film been commercially successful, the franchise would have been revived to a great degree. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case as the movie bombed at the box office.

Because I'm hardly a fan of the 1960s show, what become of the feature film almost doesn't mean anything to me. But if I were fan, I'd probably beg the filmmakers to make another film. And to make the film more appealing to moviegoers, my advise to the filmmakers would be that they should use a young boy to perform the role of Rocky.
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Ugliness Begins Here
11 March 2016
When Sonic the Hedgehog debut in video games, the games were such a hit that some studios went on the make TV shows based on the games. The early games and early TV shows were things done in the appropriate way, therefore making them like classics. But this "movie" marks the beginning of a certain ugliness the would eventually change the Sonic franchise forever. I'm starting to wish it never happened.

After appearing in successful video games, Sonic was picked up to appear in two TV series: Sonic SatAm, and the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. What makes those two shows good is that the selection of the cast is good. In fact Tails is played a boy in both series.

Then they made this movie which had little or no theatrical run. I wonder. Why was a bimbo selected to play Tails instead of a boy? Is a boy too difficult to hire? Whatever that is, it certainly started the ugly era where bimbos overtime take over the role of that fox in both video games and TV series. Such a sick thing that makes me want to quit my fandom in Sonic stuff.
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Conker's Bad Fur Day (2001 Video Game)
One Of The Ugliest Things I've Seen In Video Games
4 August 2015
As a child I began playing video games regularly when I was in first grade. I then got familiar with famous video game characters like Mario and Sonic. Although I knew many characters in my day, I never knew Conker. In fact I only heard of him only about two months ago. Why is such a cute character that's been around for more than a decade still in the shadows?

Conker first debut in Diddy Kong Racing. Like most Nintendo characters, he was initially designed to be family-friendly. His next game, Conker's Pocket Tales, would be his last outing being suited for all ages. Then came an announcement of another family-friendly game of his which would be released on the Nintendo 64. While that N64 game was only days away from hitting markets, critics already gave their reviews. Game developer Rare took the criticism personally and decided to give the squirrel a bizarre makeover. If there's anything I hate, it's turning a nice friendly critter to a deranged sicko. If Rare needed someone to be aimed at the adult market, they could have created another character rather than corrupting one that's targeted at children.

Yes, Conker's Bad Fur Day, which was aimed at mature audiences, got a lot thumbs up from reviewers. But all those praises would only matter a little when the game performed miserably in the market. Perhaps that other game Rare changed for this one might have sold better.

I wish Rare would bring back the nice family-friendly Conker. If Rare continues to present this deranged version of him, Conker will forever remain being an obscure character. He'll never even achieve half the star power of great characters like Mario and Sonic.
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