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A Barber that aspires to be a Drycleaner
18 February 2015
The Coen Brothers don't make bad original films, some of them are not as strong as others, but they all have well crafted interesting scripts, usually involving someone ordinary getting themselves involved in something criminal, usually with devastating results and some macabre humour just to keep things relatable.

The Man Who Wasn't There is a great film, beautifully shot with every frame being meticulously crafted and iconic. Ed the Barber utters few words throughout the entire film yet he steals every scene with his 50s style film star stares and constant smoking. The smoke is one of the best actors in the whole thing, adding layers of movement to every black and white frame.

The plot does get a little predictable at times, but this doesn't detract from a solid interesting piece of cinema, and the whole thing is peppered with Coen Brother traits which make it a must see for any fan of their work, and maybe even a good place to start for any Coen virgins.

This is one that does improve with subsequent viewings, but might be a little slow paced for someone looking for more popcorn drama, there are some tense moments, but overall this is a character study through a 50s noir pallet.

Worth a watch
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South Park (1997– )
The finest Animated programme ever?
19 January 2007
Yes. I believe this truelly is the finest Animated show ever. It is consistently funny, morally acute and down to earth in the most far out way possible. I refuse to miss a single episode, and am always surprised that Trey Parker continues to produce some of the most thought provoking, intelligent stuff on the mind control box. When South Park is on top form it can deliver a powerful message with the simple facial expression of a minor character. Given the depth of most of the central characters, it's always fun to get an insite into one of the lesser known ones, allowing characters like Butters to become as indespensible as the rest. So hats off to Mr Parker and Mr Stone for creating something so profoundly funny and enlightening. Long live South Park
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A mind worth some sense
7 January 2007
Although much of Wilson's work "is" only either glossed over quickly or not mentioned at all, this film still contains a fitting overview of a fantastic writer.

I am an avid fan of Mr. Wilson and advise anyone who has either had brief encounters with him or none at all should see this piece and then read some of his books. Well worth the time...

Open your mind and let the multitude of information nuggets that Wilson has collected over his life of study flood in, taking you through the magick of language to quantum pycology, round conspiracy and politics to astral plains, reality tunnels and the persistance of the idiot...

Love optimistic and keep smiling...Why can't we write shorter reviews for IMDb?
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Farscape (1999–2003)
The Finest Sci-Fi ever????
6 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I personally believe that Farscape was the finest Sci-Fi show ever put out on television ever. I hardly ever watch the beastly box, but this show was both fantastically written and visually in a league of it's own. The aliens were really alien, not just your man with a Cornish pasty on his head of the week kind of alien. The characters were excellently realised and in almost all cases excellently delivered... ... I highly advise watching it... .... .... .... ....... ........... ........ ....... ... ..... ..... ....... .... ......... ...... ..... I don't have any more to say, stop wasting your time reading this thing and go and watch Farscape already... The story really builds....
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