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The Simpsons (1989– )
the absolute Best Cartoon ever!
1 July 2005
Out of every cartoon, Movie, play, and T.v show I've ever seen The Simpsons tops it all. the Simpsons is the funniest show Bar None. American Dad, Futurama, and Family guy come in close but in my opinion the Simpsons is better than all of them combined. I have seen every single episode and i own seasons one through five and have Simpsons posters and action figures.i have not found an episode that i did not like., some of my favorites are the valentines episode where Bart puts Homers Beer in the paint shakers, and "Das Bus" season 9 "O' Brother were art Thou?" season 2. and any episode from the sixteenth season. they have made it to over three hundred episodes and I'm betting on three hundred more. THE SIMPSONS WILL NEVER DIE!
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Sin City (2005)
the greatest action movie ever.
30 June 2005
I'm only fifteen years old and granted i have not seen a lot of action movies but in my opinion i've seen enough. in my opinion Sincity is the single greatest action movie ever. the way that it was set up to fit the graphic novels was awesome. I don't usually go for black and white but it did not matter that the movie was in black and white because if sin city was in color it may not have been as good. the movie is in a word Excellent. Sin City is number one on my list, thats for sure. the cast was very well selected and the story line was very interesting. I have a short attention span but there was no way that i was going to let my eyes wander during this movie.If I could i'd give this movie a 100. it deserves every last point. I can't wait for sin city 2, and Sin City 3. on August 16 I'm definitely buying the sin city DVD.
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